The desire to change others cloaks your desire to change yourself.

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A Boy who is just 18 years old,a time ago he went to Dubai for vacations and visited many places.
He had traveled with his brother for some days, His brother had a job in Dubai. The boy loved to sit on the beaches he spent vacations in Dubai and then returned to Pakistan. One day he went to Karachi’s sea side and he was sitting there with a thought in his mind, why beaches of Pakistan are so dirty and beaches of abroad countries are quite clean.  He thought for a long time, but couldn’t find a solution. He came back home and was discussing about dirtiness of beach to his mother. His mother said to him a very beautiful line

“if you are seeing beach is dirty, so go and clean but stop complaining the society”.

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He realized, mother was saying right why I am complaining the society or people if I am doing nothing for the cleaning of beach. He called his school mates and friends and discussed about this to them. They made a plain to clean the beach on weekend. They put efforts, spent complete day on beach and cleaned just 10 or 12 percent of dirtiness of the beach. He and his friends realized that this is not an easy task we have to put more and more efforts to done this. He was thinking, there are so many places in Karachi like this,If he loses hope to done this, how he will clean all the places. He finally decided, they will go every weekend and clean places.Time is running out and they kept trying each and every week.
Every week they would get tired, but the happiness and joy they got after cleaning, it always gave them courage. They clean up every week and people do shit all week, people don’t stop and they don’t give up. They could not clean the whole city or all the places properly, but at least he and his team tried once and they are keep trying each and every week.

We always talk about, this thing should be chang e in the society this is not bear able. But we are no body to say because we are doing nothing for the change we just criticize the society just talk shit about society but we want so called change. How can we be sure that society will change itself?

Non Profit Organization In Pakistan

Change yourself, society will begin to change itself automatically. If we really want to improve society, we have to stop making excuses and accusing the government. We live in democracy, and the meaning of democracy is collaboration between government and public but what we do? We just take our part in election after that the whole period we just complaint the government, government is doing nothing but the point is what we are doing for the betterment of the society.

To change the world around us, we need to change ourselves first.”

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