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The best Instagram Influencers for luxury

To Become Best Instagram influencer  is much important factor to grow your audience. Due to the proliferation of new products and services coming to the market online nowadays, consumers find it difficult to make a choice, especially since they have found that the information they see in pop-ups sponsored are mostly incomplete or inaccurate.

As a result, influencers which have most number of Instagram Followers have taken a more important place in digital marketing in social networks. In this article, we’ll take a look at who are the best Instagram influencers for luxury.

What are luxury influencers doing on Instagram

First, to be an influencer, a person must have notoriety, some acquire it more easily than others according to their own methods.

Take the stars of show business as an example: a famous singer only has to post one or two of her photos with the product in question on Instagram for her followers to talk about it.

While for others they buy the product test it and only after they give relevant reviews. We can measure this influence by the number of its subscribers, and the likes they get or the number of comments and also their Media Impact Value. We can be grow our Followers family. will helps to grow your audience and give Media impact Value.

To always be in the spotlight, they need to keep their accounts lively by posting videos or photos of something that might be of interest to their fans.


The best Instagram influencers for luxury


Ranking of the best luxury influencers on Instagram

Luxury influencers can be categorized by the kind of product they promote, which is generally around fashion. We are not going to focus on celebrities, but especially micro-influencers of which here is a list.

Jodie  @Jodielapetitefrenchie

She describes herself as a French fashion lover and regularly posts photos of her outfits, daily routines and other passions such as decoration for example. With her 467,000 subscribers and an average of 30,000 likes per publication, she has already offered her ambassadorial services to major brands such as Chanel and Milano. She stands out from other influencers thanks to her recent collaboration with the LANCASTER Paris brand on the “Jodie x Lancaster” trotter bag that she co-created. ”


Aurelie  @Blackwhite_loving

Founder and owner of, a jewelry sales site that she creates herself, of and other sites, the mother knows how to highlight her profile by daily publishing her complete outfit with details and without forgetting the recommendations to its subscribers. From the top of her 122,000 followers, she has an average of 2,500 likes and has already worked with Daniel Wellington, Zara, Mango, American Vintage, Sesane, Céline, Cloé, Golden Goose and Addidas.


Axelle @Chroniquebordelais e

Content creator with a boundless thought as she describes herself, blogger uses her talents to talk about fashion and her lifestyle and almost everything. The photos that her 118,000 followers are waiting for the most are those of the places where she has fun testing offers and products. She has also worked for well-known brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Puma, Henessy and others.

Justine @Lapetite_Lyonnaise best Instagram Influencer

As her name suggests, the blogger who comes from Lyon doesn’t just adore fashion and travel, but she is also a food-lover. There is nothing more normal for her than posting sober photos of every place she has been. She also regularly shares her style and lifestyle to her 57,200 subscribers, 2,500 of whom react regularly.


Josephine @Josephinemeisberger best Instagram Influencer

Having been elected Miss Alsace in 2017, she is a real hard worker, she went to a management school in Strasbourg. Besides reading, she is passionate about beauty and fashion. Thanks to her notoriety, she can easily get 3000likes from her 42000 followers on her photos and videos. She realized her dream of working with big brands like Daniel Wellington, Zara or even Abott Lyon.

Mathilda @Mathildegaunoux Best Instagram Influencer

Like Axelle @Chroniquebordelaise, Mathilda claims to be a content writer. Her publications are more sober and more natural and she likes the art of living. She demonstrated this by sharing photos which for the most part are not very sophisticated, but reflect the emotion that inspired her. She has collaborated with the crème des crèmes like the giant of French haute couture Yves Saint-Laurent, Zara Claude Pierlot and many others. And her 27,000 subscribers benefit from her recommendations on the products she uses.

Marta  @ Theparisheroine best Instagram Influencer

The heroine of Paris tells her 12,000 subscribers of her passion for travel by posting photographs of her journeys between Paris and Dubai. Her images show her taste for luxury and also that she pays attention to every little detail. His taste for planning allowed him to be noticed by Givenchy, Old Celine and Yves St Laurent /

Charlotte  @ Charlotteweeterings best Instagram Influencer

Facial care professional, Charlotte treats her 10,000 subscribers with her glamorous photos. His talents opened the door to collaborations with Maybelline cosmetics and Yves St Laurent.

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Benzema, an influencer in high demand on Instagram

Benzema is a well-known influencer on Instagram. But it must be said above all that it is about a famous French footballer. During his career, we know very well that he wins a good fortune like all the other sports celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo.

On Instagram and other social networks, this sportsman exposes his luxurious life through photos recounting his home which costs around 5 million euros and beautiful car.

Many brands choose to collaborate with Benzema on Instagram.This footballer has a large community on social networks.

These millions of subscribers will all see his publications and this constitutes a real advertisement for the brands.

Benzema’s follower engagement rate on Instagram is higher. Its subscribers leave thousands of comments and “likes”, which is huge for a brand.


Visibility on social networks is a must for any business that wants to be seen by millions of people.

The cost of the sponsored publication of Karim Benzema

Talking about the salary of an influencer on the social network is a rather delicate subject, especially when it comes to a celebrity like Benzema.These posts on Instagram are already good proof that this athlete earns a lot of money.

Playing in a prestigious sports club like Real Madrid has already allowed him to make a fortune of up to 150 million euros.To know the amount of money that Benzema earns on Instagram, there are several points to consider.

It is essential to know the engagement rate of followers as well as the number of reactions and comments on the influencer publications.

For companies, points such as the main topics of the subject and its partnerships are as important as the number of subscribers.

To find out the cost of publishing Benzema, you must first count its sponsored posts and add the price of each post.

But we must also take into account the costs that he will pay to receive his salary. However, counting the salary of an influencer is not easy.

Other categories of Best Instagram Influencer

Other than these influencers who touch a bit of everything, there are some who excel at recommending products in particular: accessories.

@Blackstoneskod is one example of a fashion blogger’s top rated by employers when it comes to attracting the interest of his community to the accessories he wears. He is the owner and founder of the “blackstone’skod” brand and shares images of his outfits with his 87,000 Instagram followers, specifying the brand of accessories he wears.


There is also @equationdutemps which specializes in the sale of luxury watches. He gets an average of 2,000 likes from his 124,000 followers and is one of the most requested influencers.

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