Taxpayer Authorized Representatives

In order to appoint this authorized attorney, the taxpayer must produce a letter of approval, duly signed by the proprietor, partner or director of the company or, business, to be submitted by an authorized representative before the judicial or appellate tribunal authority.
The following persons may authorize the taxpayer to refer the taxpayer before the judicial authority and the appellate tribunal
·      The taxpayer is a full-time employer, at least with a bachelor’s degree.
·      A practicing lawyer
·      The person who holds the bachelor or
·      Masters degree in commerce.
·      The retired officer of the department of sales tax, customs or federal excise does not provide at least 10 years of satisfactory service beyond the post of the assistant collector.
·      Accountant.
·      A person convicted of a criminal offense.
·      A person gets forced out or retired from work.
·      A person who is not insolvent.
Upon receipt of a complaint of misconduct by an authorized representative, judicial officer, appeal tribunal or board may disqualify the taxpayer.
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