T-shirt printing black ink black t-shirt on frustration


It was a nightmare for me when I first started printing white in T-shirt black. I couldn’t work out why printing a dark color on a white T-shirt was so easy, yet white printing in black is so hard to get a good result. Occasionally by the flu, I got a nice flat finish.

But most of the time the end was really rough mainly due to the fibers of the garment pulled by ink. One of the reasons it’s so difficult to be right is because you can do a lot of things wrong. If you follow these T-shirt printing tips, you should be able to get your print exactly how you want it.


To get the perfect T-shirt printing results you need to print flash healing then print. I have been advised in the past that it is possible to get results without any flash with just one print and two passes using some ink like tiger white, although I agree bright tiger is a great stand-alone ink that will give you great results, printing flash curing then printing your results would be 100% better than just putting a white print down.

One simple way to get ink to clean your screen is to add thickness to your ink, it is beating the object of using white ink. The thicker the ink the more pigment and thus the brighter the ink adds you are diluting the pigments and losing brightness If you get your technique correctly.The thickness of the ink will not be a problem.


It is recommended to use 2 screens of different mesh sizes to get the best results. Use a low mesh count like a 43 for the first white and then a 77 for the second. You can use 43 for both prints, but while it’s the best way to get perfect registration the link will be very heavy on the dress and will feel very hard, using a 77 for the second white you will get a soft feel.

Once you line up the registration to make sure that you adjust your closed communication gap between the screen and t-shirt, remember with the thickest ink of white ink you will use your off contact to be slightly more than normal at about 4 mm, just enough to lift the screen t-shirt clean when you run the Squeegee on it.


Many T-shirt printing newcomers tend to force ink through nets with all their strength, and then when they use more energy without achieving the desired results. This is obviously wrong; The four main parts of your strategy should be pressure, angle, speed, and release. If you set up your screens correctly and correct these 4 branches, you will get the perfect white print.

You should be at an 80-degree angle, you should try to put on the when you push through the ink, if you stand back from the screen as much as the goes away from your body light pressure will lead to uneven printing. If your speed is too slow. You won’t get a quick release that enables the net to come back from the screen cleaning and a crisp printing garment, running over the image to avoid slowing your pressure to keep it even and firm, while you cross the image by clicking the enable your wrist to release quickly.

Flash Healing

It is very important to get the flash time right. It is also important to let the ink cool down after the flash otherwise hot ink can stick to your second pass screen and pull the shirt. Your goal should be to heal your image flash for 3 seconds then let it cool for 5 seconds and then apply the second pass using the same technique as above with a higher mesh screen.


T-shirts are all related to printing practice. Trials and errors will play a big role in getting perfect white, but if you follow these tips you will be on your way to get the last one that you’ve been eluding.

The Black Tea

Everyone knows, (by the way) that black slimming, that black is a flattering color for most skin tones, gives the illusion that black is actually less heavy than one. So this is that most people have the ubiquitous black tea in their wardrobe, whatever the T-shirt design. In fact, most people probably have more than one of those black T-shirts tucked into their wardrobes.

T-shirt printing black ink black t-shirt on frustration

There are many reasons for the significant popularity of black T-shirt designs. ‘Black slimming’ must be without reason; Black tea is very popular because black is a wonderful backdrop for most T-shirt designs and patterns. A pattern using the opposite color is very attractive and will look very visible on a stark black background.

Even when you consider lettering in a black T (virtually endless the possibilities of what you can write on a T-shirt), the effect is very instantly visible and attractive lettering.

The black woman’s T-shirt design is particularly versatile when you think about potential breeds: simple circular neck. Sexy plunging V neck that can be formally dressed with a smart neck piece added, a statement of the hoodie which is trendy but casual. Then there are different lengths of sleeves that provide a lot of variation slots in basic T-shirt design.

The fit or shape of the T-shirt is also very important for the kind of look it will project:

The loose one gives a casual or comfortable look, whereas fitted, the snooze is another moving look. Then of course the ingredients you use for t-shirts determine the appearance of the T-shirt; Casual or formal.

Basic black T-shirt design can only be greatly improved by a few ornaments. Such as a line of sequins at the edge of the neckline or hemline. The addition of the application or an embroidery motif can instantly increase the appeal of a simple black tea. The truth is that black lends itself very well to all kinds of ornamentation.

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The writer has been involved in the T-shirt business for more than 20 years and is the managing director of Buy t shirts Online Limited.

Black shirt – a shirt for each event

A black shirt can make a casual or dress and can be worn with almost anything. Some jobs require a simple black top in their uniform, as they are still easy to wear and refined and bring the look of the staff. Depending on the type of events you often participate in, you can choose a black tea or a black button-down. It is always useful to have a black shirt or two hands that can be worn in different types of events.

A black T-shirt and jeans are fine for any smart-casual event. A button-down can be a preferred option for some and may look very smart when left open. A smarter casual can choose a black turtleneck sweater, especially if it cools down. A pair of clean black sneakers will work right.

Dark or black jeans look best with a black shirt, and should only wear a black belt. Night slot for work picnics, bowling, and pizzas, visiting a cinema matinee. A museum will be good candidates for smart casual clothing.

More dress ceremonies, such as wedding receptions, a ball, or a dance, may require a black button-down. Men can be wearing a white, yellow, or red tie against a black shirt. A pair of black dress pants are required while wearing a black button-down. Also, don’t forget to wear only a black belt. Some beautiful black shoes should be worn with a black button-down dress, and perhaps a jacket.

A black turtleneck looks serious and poetic

Many men are not comfortable with turtlenecks, but those who wear them look very smart. They look especially presentable on men wearing black, horn-rimmed glasses. Black turtleneck poems can be worn on readings, concerts, and coffee shop dates.

For those whose personality suits well, it’s a wonderful wardrobe staple. If someone brings a date, a woman’s black shirt together makes a great match for a quiet evening.

As a gift, a black button-down or turtleneck is universally useful for recipients. It can be placed in a gift box with a beautiful colon and wrapped for holidays or birthdays.

You may have also considered wearing a black shirt with some kind of jewelry. Silver or gold is fine, and if you wear an earring, it should be the same metal as the chain. Only a chain is needed, and it can refine the whole look.

Any black shirt [www.fitlectic.com] on which there is no print or design can be dressed properly. Don’t forget to avoid wearing items like brown belts, even if it matches your shoes.

It is also important to avoid wearing dirty sneakers that can throw off the whole look. It doesn’t take long to look smart in the next big event. Only a black top and a few accessories will always suit. ‍See More: Ways To Tell You’re Suffering From An Obsession With Fashion

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