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Stone Restoration Services In Massachusetts

Here at Stone Sealer & Restoration Services, we offer splendid granite and stone sealing offerings during Greater Boston and Nashua, NH surrounding areas. We are a small, family-owned enterprise, so that you could have complete self assurance that you’ll acquire friendly, personalized provider while you paintings with us! We provide stone cleansing and sealing, floor recovery, tile or grout offerings, and more.

Focusing at the Natural Stone industry, We Maintain, Restore and Repair all kinds of Marble, Granite, and different Natural Stones. Life Stone INC turned into based in 2006 and on the grounds that then, our strives for perfection and difficult paintings have led us to 100% – 150% boom annually. From a small enterprise at a privately owned residence to a big enterprise running with famed groups in our community, Life Stone INC will constantly offer the expert provider you deserve; we promise you a revel in of an entire life with Life Stone INC.

We are Natural Stone recovery specialists who’ve over ten years of revel in. Let us supply our modern day residential and industrial stone recovery offerings for your house or enterprise and we can make your stone shine again. Life Stone INC makes use of the trendy gadget and up to date stone recovery & restore strategies to supply lovely consequences and get your house or enterprise to appearance bright and new.

The idea of installing marble stone and granite stone in houses excites everyone, especially when designing the kitchen. Marble stone is expensive and can easily stand any stain or exertions. However, a minor scratch can affect the beauty of natural stone, making you feel disgusted about it. It requires maintenance and polishing continuously that can only be provided by professionals. Life Stone INC is a leading stone sealer and restoration service provider in Massachusetts, focusing on the natural stone industry. If you are looking for a marble restorer near me, we are the best for you.

Stain Removal

Marble has always been one of the most widely fancied and highly valued materials for accent pieces in a home’s decor. Marble surfaces add charm and style to surroundings and can stand the test of time when properly taken care of. Despite its strength and durability, marble is very porous and highly susceptible to stains and scratches. Even when professionally polished and sealed, this beautiful natural stone easily soaks up liquids that can leave appalling stains on the delicate surface.

In order to preserve the gorgeous look and smooth polished feel of marble surfaces for a long time, you need to know who to contact to help rejuvenate the stains on the marble. This is where we come into play. We are a team of professionals specialized and equipped to deal with rigid, old and new, marble stains. There are a considerable number of companies that offer the process of eliminating marble stains, but we will tell you why we are your best choice.


  • Oil-Based Stains from Marble Surfaces – Grease, creams, cosmetics, cooking oil, peanut butter, milk, and other oil-based products easily penetrate the porous structure of the marble and leave tenacious marble stains that darken the stone’s surface.
  • Organic stains – Stains from coffee, wine, tea, foods, and other organic substances are pink to brown in color, resulting in the dirty appearance of stained marble.
  • Soap scum stains marble as well.
  • Rust stains – Metal furniture, flower pots, cans, screws, nails, etc. can stain the marble surfaces and permit rust buildup. Bronze, copper, or brass items embedded in the marble can also result in greenish or muddy-brown metal stains that are extremely difficult to remove.
  • Ink stains – caused by ink and ballpoint pens can be difficult to eradicate and stains marble
  • Paint stains
  • Soot buildups
  • Smoke damage
  • Etch marks – Etch marks are usually caused by acidic juices (fruit juices, vinegar, tomato-based sauces, etc.) or cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals.

Anti-Etch Coating

If you are looking into marble countertops then there is no doubt about the fact that you must have heard about etching, etch stone, and marble protection because some of the designers would always talk about etching stone before installing marble in your home, especially for marginal protection. Basically, etching is known as a surface that is generally damaged by dull marks not just on the natural stone but also the marble stone mainly contains the calcium carbonate.

The Marble sealant and refinishing marble floors are also very important to consider while installing marble in your home. People use multiple strategies to get over with etch marble, but these strategies generally result in corroding marble. But, the stone sealer is the platform for you where you can look for the best options to get over with etch marble because these certified professionals and experts are properly trained on how to take care of these things without damaging your marble.

Scratch Removal

Have you bought expensive marble and furniture but due to various reasons such as house shifting, they ended up scratched and looking dull? Feeling like all hope is lost and the money spent has gone to waste? Well, worry not! Because we promise to remove scratches from marble and any other furniture. Thousands of scratched furniture are discarded every year as the owners lose faith in its restoration. We bring a new light of hope to this furniture and floors as we make it our mission to restore its originality.

Process of clearing out table scratch

  • Firstly, we dampen the specific sandpaper with water.
  • Then we carefully sand the surface where the scratch is located. We make sure to follow the direction of the scratch. Our experts make sure not to over-sand the surface as this is a common mistake seen in unprofessional workers.
  • Once the scratch is removed, we apply to paste wax and buff with steel wool to bring back the glistening surface of the table.

Process of marble polish

While we might sweep and mop the marble surface weekly, it still seems to lose its lustrous look. Good and professional marble polish is all it takes to rejuvenate your home. Guess what? We offer exactly that! The opportunity to breathe new life into your old and dull floors.

  • Our professionals begin by sweeping the floors and then thoroughly clean them with an infiltrating chemical that helps loosen dirt and oil that may have soaked into the stone. The chemical is removed using a specialized vacuum.
  • The advantage of this step is that this gets rid of the dirt which is harboring different kinds of bacteria and fungi, ultimately making it a safe zone for you and your family.
  • Then we use a combination of abrasive chemicals, sanding disks, and polishing pads to strip away a very thin layer of stone to minimize the surface blemishes.
  • The resultant marble floors seem to be glistening and look like how they did when originally bought.


The array of services offered by our company include:

  • Remove scratches from marble
  • Marble scratch repair
  • Eliminating table scratches
  • Marble polish
  • Buffing scratches
  • Smoothening tabletops and various surfaces
  • Retaining the original form by getting rid of scratched marble and revealing its gleaming surface.

Marble, Granite & Permanent Sealing

Stone Sealer And Restoration is now a top trending name to work with. We not only offer sealing granite countertops permanently but also provide afterward inspection and scheduled maintenance. We are available 24 / 7 and we have no extra fees for weekends.

As trends changes over time, countertops are also very up-to-the-minute. New and enhanced techniques are launching day by day in the market. The process of permanent granite sealing by using catalyzing polymers was developed by Craig Phillips in 2002. There is a different application process for every unique type of granite, e.g. light, dark or medium.

Each of them has a different process of application. In which they have to apply with different catalyzing polymers by applying permanent crystal carbon sealant. After that, it bound the stones with the catalyzing polymer. Granite makes a molecular bond with carbon crystal sealant. It makes a strong granite sealer that can’t be detached. This procedure provides you a lifetime fasten bond with quality, smoother, sparkling, service free and up to the mark. Granite sealers are plastic-free and do not include resins, silicone, and epoxies. They are neither scratched nor turn yellow. It is non typical. In fact, with sealing granite you get a granite shield. This shield allows you to staining free sealing granite. It allows you a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Sen:

  • Superior stain protection by premium water and oil repellence
  • Class 5(highest class) resistance to stains, following ISO 10545-14 tested.
  • For long-lasting protection, permanent bonding technology (unique super penetrating) is applied.
  • Re-application free.
  • Applicable on all types of surfaces (granite, marbles) with all types of stones like concrete, pavers, tiles.
  • Weather-resistant i.e. freezes thaw, efflorescence, and spalling damage.
  • Stability of natural color, unlikely other conventional sealers.
  • Applied areas are easy to clean and quickly dry even after heavy rain.
  • The surface is not absorbing external effects likewise water vapors escape freely and easily.
  • Suitable to use at all residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor.
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