Stick to The Best Ways for Business Contact Management

Proper contact management is an immensely important thing as it helps to keep your business productive & organized. No doubt, in the era of advanced technology, there are certain solutions to effectively manage your messy contacts list quickly. You should look for an optimal blend of process & technology through which you can improve access to manage the critical information across the business-board. You can see marketers use different sources to manage their contacts such as business card scanner app, business card reader and organizer, etc.

Also, when contact management processes break down, the team members from the organization may be stick to paperwork or DIY solutions. For contact management, they start noting down contacts on sticky notes that at the end result in loss.

Read on to know some best-proven ways for business contact management.

Best Ways for business contact management:

These are the tips that assist you to improve your organization’s contact management systems and increase your business productivity.

Clean Your Data:

When it comes to contact management, the crucial thing is to determine which data is valuable and which isn’t. You should eliminate the bad data which doesn’t help you to deliver the right message through the right sources.

Bad data including outdated or the information detail that you are not supposed to retain. For better outcomes, you should make sure: that your contact data is properly cleaned and organized. Once contact cleaned & organized, you can use the best business card scanner app for android & ios that organize the business card data and transform it into digitizing form with online OCR.

It seems like a daunting task to clean data manually for large organizations that have thousands of contacts. So, for convenience, you could use a smart system for unifying multiple data sources and say goodbye to outdated information. Simply, scan business cards with a business card organizer app that uses optimal character recognition to extract business card contact details digitally & store it in your phone.

Centralized Your Contacts:

No doubt, business contacts play a crucial role in every department of every business. The challenging phase is that how the different departments collect contact details in different ways.

Typically, the sales team organizes their data in a CRM, while marketers import and export interaction details by using the best business card scanner app for android & Iphone. Other departments like HR uses a business card organizer for managing contacts as well. Contact management processes become more complicated in the larger organizations where different departments use different tools.

To alleviate contact management problems, stick to a centralized database that all the right people have access to.

When it comes to the large strength of employees: it’s ideal to end up having your business contacts spread across multiple business card reader apps. Hence you look for cloud-system CRM like HubSpot, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

Segment your Business contacts:

Unless your organization has a very niche audience, there’s no point in sending out the same message to everyone on your mailing list. Even if your business does cater to a broadly similar demographic, you may still need to group contacts into existing customers, leads, internal contacts, suppliers, partners, etc.

Audience segmentation is a crucial factor for email marketing. You need to segmenting your mailing lists and using personalization as it increases open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. By doing so, the email will become more relevant to your audience.

The idea way to segment your mailing list entirely depends on your business nature and the sort of individuals it caters to.

Prioritize Security:

Protecting the business contacts and enabling your clients to trust you are referred to as the most crucial aspects of business contact management.

However, the data such as email addresses and names isn’t always considered sensitive information, but it should be subject to data protection and privacy laws such GDPR or CCPA.

Also, you ought to implement an opt-in that allows subscribers to give their explicit permission for you to send multiple kinds of emails, including marketing communications. Well, you could aim for the best business card scanner app for the phone that scans cards to stores your business card information safely by using OCR.

Sync Your Data:

Well, maintaining customer information across cloud-based business card scanner apps and services can be a daunting task. But, a centralized and synchronized database solves that to a great extent of a level.

However, an ideal approach to limit the number of apps you use in your business. You just stick to the tools that help you to get the job done.

For instance, you might be using:

  • Mailchimp to conduct your email marketing campaigns
  • HubSpot for your CRM
  • Zendesk for customer care
  • ClickSend for SMS marketing

These all business apps get contact details in different ways, so there you will end up with a different number of databases that take lots of time to manage separately.


Hope so the above-mentioned ways work best for you to manage your business contacts. Get your best business card scanner app to organize your business contacts in a digital manner.

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