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SEO Content Writing Strategies For Beginners


Wherever and whenever you work on commerce online, it is only key to enhance the business’s market to the greatest possible extent. This holds significant and vital importance to trade. For such enhancement, marketing techniques exist which are daily broadened by an abundance of creative ideas. However, this broadening holds a place within the scope of some key fields and areas.

The key area upon which we will throw the light is SEO.

SEO acronyms as ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It means strictly; to undertake such tactics as to bring the intended website or mobile application to a higher ranking on the search engines such as Google, Bing, Safari, and/or the rest. To understand it better, let’s reiterate in simpler and less complex words. It can be understood as the boosting of a website so that it’s reach grows, which in turn brings traffic to your website and, consequently, heightens the website in the search engine’s eyes so that your website is shown on the top (intendedly) wherever relevant search is made by a user.

This is not a child’s game, nevertheless.

SEO can be very tricky, it is popularly said that, if not done correctly, the badly executed SEO can demote the website or the application to an even lower status and/or ranking, which results in loss of website or the application into the ever-growing whirlpool of abundantly lost websites which nobody or only insignificant number of people access or reach. This you may call a nightmare if the project is run by or is owned by you.

SEO involves a few folds. These may be listed as;

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Content
  • Guest-posting
  • Backlinking

Let’s discuss these briefly before entering into the focused discussion.

  • Keyword Research

Keyword Research refers to the step where a person carefully analyzes and compares and learns what words do people search on the search engines, of which the engulfment into the website or application’s content would let the search engine ‘crawl’ or ‘run through’ the website when they search engine tries to produce results for such user with relevance to use of such words. This is where you would want to let the website get crawled all it can, and thus catch the engine’s eye.

Depending upon the otherwise relevant factors, the ranking on the result lists would birth.

This is a complex stage, as this stage would not only impact the website or application’s content but the Guest-posting too, which we are going to learn shortly after. The words that are abundantly used can produce a ranking for you that is somewhere around 9000+ on the list. A point where no one even tries to go…

And a keyword that is not widely used can place you on top, but the keyword may never be searched, hence, placing you on top but blind to the user. Therefore, you may want to use the keywords that are not too highly or scarcely used. There are some businesses that use new keywords and create, through other marketing techniques, such an environment where their keyword is searched so much that their website or application gets crawled heavily and results in the landing on top of the search engine.

  • Website Content

The next step involved in SEO is website content. Remember, SEO’s goal is to get the website crawled organically and without the paid promotions.

According to whatever the SEO keyword research has resulted in, the website’s or application’s content is determined, designed, and drawn. This involves the content from the name of the website to the last footer and contact statements and more. That is, from the very prominent to the very last corner of the website, whatever and wherever may the need and design of SEO require and reside.

This means that after the keyword research is done, the website’s or application’s content (wherever found or drafted) shall incorporate these keywords to create an SEO driven content which, in turn, shall boost the website organically.

The headings, the banners, the charts, the images with writings, the details that are provided about the businesses, the details that are provided for the product that is sold or otherwise alienated, the services provided, the inner pages of the app or the website, etc. all are a part of SEO Content Writing.

Keeping the above-mentioned in the mind, it must be noted that while incorporating the keywords into the content for the website or the application, these words should not be arbitrarily inserted. The sentences or the statements or the questions posed or mentioned using such keywords should make sense and sound smart while maintaining the integrity of the intended keyword. That is the art that is to be taken care of. Remember… the search engines are smart and they will know that you are trying to play too smart and fool it, it will backlash hard, mind it!

  • Guest-Posting

The third step in the execution of SEO is the Guest-Posting, this is an interesting step. Here, you write articles, blogs, and such other writings, utilizing the keywords used on the website or application’s website. This is the second type of SEO content writing. This incorporates the utility of three goals, basically;

  • Firstly, to escalate the level and ranking of the keyword itself.
  • Secondly, to direct traffic and populace to the website.
  • Three, to build a stronger stance for the website with backlinking.

Without beating about the bush, let’s dive into the backlinking, which is the most important goal of the guest-posting.

  • Backlinking

Backlinking is done by way of guest-posting and is meant to show the presence of the application or the website on other websites, portals, etc. This is done by hyperlinking particular text or particular parts of the text of the article, blog, or such writing that is being posted. This, firstly, redirects the user to your website. Secondly but foremost, is a determinant factor for a search engine that your website and its name are being used on other websites by different users and portals, hence proving your website or application’s credibility, reputation, and integrity. This is an assurance for the search engine that your website or application is trustworthy and can be recommended on higher ranking, purporting authenticity of your products, services, knowledge, and teachings.

My name is Harry Nixon, a computer science graduate who also specializes in digital marketing. I’ve been working as a technical content writer which is one of my key strengths as a freelancer. I do in-depth research on every topic I choose whatever it may be. An enthusiastic writer ready to share my experiences and research with the world.

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