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Keeping your office clean and tidy is a challenge for any business, no matter its size. Keeping an organized workspace not only makes the area more pleasant to be in; it also increases productivity by helping team members find documents and items faster. An unkempt office can also have a negative impact on employees, lowering their morale and impacting performance. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 11 must-have items to keep your office space clean and healthy. From ergonomic chairs and lighting solutions to noise-cancelling headphones, these products will help you create a productive working environment that feels good – as well as keeps looking good – every day.

Light-blocking curtains

Working with bright lights throughout the day can cause eye fatigue and headaches, and it can also disrupt your sleep patterns. Getting adequate sleep can have many benefits for your health, including improved cognitive function, reduced risk of certain diseases, and lower rates of absenteeism. To reduce the impact of light on your team’s health, consider installing light-blocking curtains in your office. Light-blocking curtains can help reduce glare and minimize the impact of natural light on circadian rhythms. For an extra layer of privacy, consider installing curtains with blackout lining. Blackout curtains are designed with a thick lining to block out all light. You can also consider installing curtains that filter out blue light to reduce the impact of artificial light. Depending on the type of fabric you select, these curtains will also help improve air quality in the office by filtering out dust and other allergens.

Desking solution

To help your employees organize their workstations, you can consider installing a desking solution. Desking solutions can include a variety of items, such as drawers and shelves, that allow team members to store their items in plain sight. Dedicated desks that include storage solutions can also be useful for improving workspace organization. When choosing a desk for your team, keep in mind that you’ll want something that will support the work habits of your employees. For example, if you have team members who stand while working, you’ll want to select a desk with a sturdy frame that can support a standing desk. You’ll also want to think about the amount of space each desk will take up.

Storage cabinets

To help your employees store larger items, you can consider installing a storage cabinet in your office. Storage cabinets can also help you organize your office, making it more efficient and accessible. If you choose to install a storage cabinet, you’ll want to make sure it blends in with the rest of your office furniture. You can accomplish this by selecting furniture made with the same materials as your desks and credenzas. You’ll also want to consider how much storage space you’ll need. You can help your employees stay organized by providing them with filing cabinets or other storage containers.

Ergonomic chairs

Strong and flexible office chairs can help your employees maintain good posture while they work. When selecting a chair, one of the most important things to keep in mind is fit. You’ll want to make sure the chair you select fits the shape of your employees. You can accomplish this by measuring the chair’s dimensions, such as seat width and depth and back height. Once you have these measurements, you can refer to a sizing chart to find a chair that will fit your employees’ bodies. A chair that fits your employees’ bodies can help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, such as back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. It can also help improve your employees’ productivity by allowing them to sit more comfortably at work.


Moistening wipes can be useful for reducing the amount of cleaning employees need to do in your office. You can use moistening wipes to clean up common messes, such as spills and sticky items left on desks, as well as sanitize workstations. Moistening wipes can be particularly helpful when used in combination with desking solutions, which provide added storage space. By placing moistening wipes in desk drawers, you can help reduce the number of time employees spend cleaning up common messes.

Ultraviolet Sanitizer

An ultraviolet sanitiser can be useful for sanitizing computer equipment and other items that are often in close proximity to your employees. UV sanitisers can be effective at killing bacteria and viruses. UV sanitisers are often used in hospitals and other health care facilities, as well as other types of businesses, like IT offices, where infection prevention is important. In order to effectively sanitize your office gear, it’s best to use a UV sanitiser with a timer, which will allow you to program it for several hours at a time.

Noise-cancelling headphones for office meetings

Noise-cancelling headphones can help reduce the amount of background noise in your office, which can be especially helpful when hosting team meetings. When selecting a model of noise-cancelling headphones, you’ll want to consider the type of noise you want to eliminate, as well as the type of headphones your employees prefer. For example, if you want to reduce the amount of ambient noise in your office, you can consider investing in noise-cancelling headphones with active noise cancellation, or ANC. ANC headphones use sound waves to reduce the volume of the surrounding noise. You’ll also want to consider the volume level you’d like to hear in your office. Some headphones come with volume controls that let you adjust the volume level you hear, regardless of what volume level the person wearing the headphones selected.

Office suits and masks sanitizing sprays

Sanitising sprays can help you clean and sanitize commonly touched items in your office, such as keyboards, mice, and desk drawers. The items you choose to clean with a sanitising spray will depend on your office needs. For example, if you want to clean your computer equipment, you’ll want to select a spray that’s free of allergens. You can also clean and sanitize your office suits with a sanitising spray. This is particularly useful if you wear your office suit in different settings, such as at home or in the field. If you have team members who often wear their office suits in multiple settings, you can also consider installing automated sanitising stations for your suits.

My Take

Keeping an office clean can be an ongoing challenge, but it’s one that’s well worth it. Keeping your office clean can help improve employee health, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. To help keep your office clean and tidy, consider investing in light-blocking curtains, desking solutions, storage cabinets, ergonomic chairs, moistening wipes, an ultraviolet sanitizer, and noise-canceling headphones for office meetings, office suits, and masks sanitising sprays.

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