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Reviving The Print-Packaging Economy

The unfortunate pandemic, Covid-19 has halted the global economy and India’s economy is one of the economies to hit the hardest. Also, this pandemic has given birth to new values and cultures to organizations all over the world. DIC India is top 10 priniting ink manufacturers in India which is battling with the pandemic, thus creating a whole new atmosphere to deliver solutions and products more efficiently and passionately which eventually will revive the print and packaging economy. Amid the pandemic DIC India is focusing on top 3 priorities: safety first, sustainability of cash flow, and security of the supply chain. Several protocols are created and followed by all the employees to ensure maximum safety such as social distancing, working with mask and gloves on, sanitization etc. at the work place to increase the efficiency and the production by offering many distinct printing inks, lamination adhesive, print end, packaging solutions, chemical resolution materials and much more. The principal focus, during the difficult times, has been to ensure the sustainability of the supply chain, to avoid production loss to the customers.

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During the global economic crises, DIC India is all set to work with the brand owners and converters to innovative packaging solutions, be it a flexible or aseptic packaging. India has a very low adoption of packaging across various sectors, owning to which DIC India, best printing ink manufacturers in India, sees a growth in the future across various packaging segments. Also, the DIC Konnect programme has been continuously advising the converts of the mid-range segment to improve productivity.

DIC India is the most sought after and leading manufacturer of printing ink in India as well as in the world that offers the top-notch quality printing inks, lamination adhesives, print finish, packaging solutions, and allied materials. The company is equipped with the latest computer-controlled printing machines and flow lines, available in the market for binding, along with state-of-the-art digital technologies serving top industry’s newspaper, magazine, etc. The vision of the company is to enrich people’s lives through colours and chemistry that create an identity and enable knowledge.

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