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Reasons of Choosing Private Yacht Charter Bahamas

Planning for Florida vacation? Choose private yacht charter service to remain thrilled with limitless possibilities. You can relax on such yacht and travel at your own pace.Gradually, private yacht charters are becoming increasingly popular for intimate and flexible vacations. The private yacht charter allows you the freedom to naturally change your mind and stay an extra night at your favorite island or to explore other nearby islands.

Usually, private yacht charters Bahamas are preferred by honeymooners, family reunions or by close friends who want to spend their time together peacefully. Mates looking for an opportunity for fishing in serene waters, deep-sea diving, and water skiing or simply relax on a secluded beach, find private yacht charter for a great experience.

Benefits of Private Yacht Charter Bahamas

Ensure Privacy

Private yacht charter transport less people, most often only friends and family. Beside you and your family members or friends, the only other individuals onboard would be the yacht crew or staff. This might merely include a captain and helpers including a made or a private chef.

Ideal for Small Occasion

Private yachts play crucial role for small business parties, casual meetings, romantic gateways, wedding and family get together. Making a vacation on such yacht will proffer you an opportunity to get closer to your loved ones without intrusion of other people.

Unlimited Activities

Hiring a private yacht charter service during your Bahamas trip will make you indulge in arrays of water activities including swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling and more right off the yacht. Fishing is another activity that you can enjoy with family and friends together. On deck, a yacht often have amenities like outdoor dining areas, and deck for lounging.


When we compare a private yacht with cruise ship, the price is truly cost-effective. A small motor yacht staffed by a crew can be easily hired to make your Florida trip memorable. Such charters cost between $5,000 and $25,000 a week, depending on the size of the yacht. Since it is a cheaper alternative, college youth, office colleagues, family, and newlywedsfind it an affordable alternative to enjoy their dream vacation abroad on a small boat, surrounded by the deep blue sea or a lagoon amidst a cluster of islands in the Bahamas.

Health Concern

If you are a health conscious person, Florida motor yacht charter is a best option to opt. With all the people abroad, it’s truly easier for infection to be spread around. Since a private yacht is small, the owner ensure best cleaning and hygiene and ensure it’s regularly disinfected.

Get ready to realize the exciting prospect of sailing in the Bahamas. Enjoy the popular islands of Bahamas in the right spirit without compromising on comfort.

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