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Pursuing Interior Designing

Pursuing Interior Designing: Though enthusiasts wouldn’t be needing much of an introduction to the subject, Interior Designing can be defined as the art & science involved in building a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the given space. Interior designers, on the other hand, help in planning out the layout of establishments ranging from houses, offices, institutions, etc.

A complex subject, Science Stream is generally considered a great match as compared to the Arts stream for pursuing interior designing course. This is because there is a lot of physics, chemistry and finance that one has to deal with during the course of a career in interior designing. Materials like metal, ceramic, glass, cement, fabric, paper in the case of wallpapers, and even plastics go into designing interiors. One should also be adept at the know-how of how each of the materials works, which ones are the best suited for various types of interior setups. Reactions among materials can sometimes lead to mishaps or hazards. Then comes effective cost planning to achieve maximum aesthetical and successful output within a minimal budget. Interior designing is an entirely different ball game for the ones who can walk the talk.

Making it big with a career in interior designing is not all that difficult. Aspirants need to have certain basic skills like creativity, logical and analytical thinking, space economy, colour sense, drawing abilities, visual perception, and thorough knowledge of textures, materials and trends. It is equally important for students and those looking for restarting their career that they obtain training from institutes that nurture them with all of the above qualities. There are many institutes that offer the best interior designing courses such as NIFT Delhi, Pearl Academy, Bangalore School of Design, International School of Design, etc. which allow admissions after a round of entrance examinations and interviews. However, International Institute of Fashion Academy, Agra (Uttar Pradesh) is worth a mention.

IIFA or International Institute of Fashion Academy is one of the leading designing colleges in India. The institute is renowned for its educational as well as industrial training in the interior designing. IIFA provides an enhanced focus on career-oriented interior designing curriculum where development of the society is the result of complex industrial and designing processes. At IIFA we teach effective use of space, the well-being of the target customer, and functional design that symbolize high-quality contemporary designing. Students can confidently pursue an interior designing course that emphasizes professional excellence from the best interior designing institute in North India.

Pursuing Interior Designing

According to, Interior designing is also a lucrative course that can bring about the remuneration of six to eight-figure per month based on the quality and experience of workmanship. Not to forget are the infinite career options available after the successful completion of the best interior designing course from a reputed institute. One can get placed in designations like – Interior decorator, consultant, interior auditor, interior product designer, creative director, interior photographer etc. There are also various areas that one can specialize to become an expert interior designer such as residential design, commercial design, hospitality design, healthcare design, universal design, exhibition design, furniture design, and spatial branding. Hope this was an insightful read and would help in realising your dream career in interior designing.

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