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Sticker Printing Singapore

With the growing popularity of sticker printing in Singapore for all uses, it is no surprise that sticker printing has become an increasingly popular industry, although basic stickers can be printed at home. But the quality and durability are nothing compared to what you can buy online. Few people have printers that need the required ink or paper quality to make durable stickers.

Sticker printing, like all technology, has improved enormously over the years. It is no longer limited to stickers, black on white, rectangular and thin, but rather to print on paper. Wide range of grades and weights with endless color options. Not to mention the many sticker shapes and sizes.

Types of sticker printing

Screen printing: The oldest and still most popular printing method is screen printing. It’s a simple process that uses synthetic screens to transfer images onto sticker paper. For simple and typical printing on a limited number of stickers, ink is pressed across the screen onto the stencil paper. The process must be repeated for each color used. A single color template is cut out and printed on the paper. The template is then cut in a second color and which color is pressed into the folder.

Sticker paper This process is repeated until all colors have been transferred and the design is complete.

Letterpress: A relief pattern using a press and movable type is called letterpress printing. The raised reverse surface is inked and pressed into the sticker paper to get the correct image. This usually applies to small, basic one-color projects.

Flexographic: a much faster printing process, flexographic allows the printing of larger quantities of sticker printing singapore. Used in commercial printing. In flexography, a prototype print is made and then used to print the image on the sticker while the sheet is rolled onto the paper. This is the most popular process for sticker printing.

Offset printing: In offset printing, the image is transferred from the plate or rubber cylinder to the paper. Offset printing gives the printer a wide selection of color options and excellent color output.

Four-Color Process: This process separates the colors of the original image into CMYK formats – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. A separate file is created for each color and printed with special ink to make the image on the sticker look the same as the original.

Digital printing: The most advanced printing format is digital. You can make changes up to the last minute, including changing colors. In digital printing, ink sticks to the paper instead of seeping into the paper. Digital printing is often not suitable for large volumes. But they are mostly used for personal printing for the home or small business. However, the digital commercial print format sends images straight to the press without plates. This makes the process cleaner and faster. But the images are still transferred by pressing.

Using a professional sticker printer

You might think you can print your own stickers if you have a digital printer. And that’s the truth, However, the durability and quality of stickers are greatly affected by what you get with a professional sticker printer, regardless of the professional sticker printing process. Professional printers can print tens of thousands of colorful stickers. Professional sticker printers are widely available on the Internet, offering a wide variety of stickers and custom sticker options.

What You Need to Know About Bumper Sticker Printing

Bumper stickers are used all over the back of the vehicle. (Designated Locations) to folder mounts, walls and desks, and many other surprising locations. Used to promote schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, bands, organizations, and countless others. In fact, in the promotional world, bumper stickers are the most popular choice. What do you need to know about sticker printing if you want to print certain parts according to your wishes? What do you need to know about sticker printers that offer bumper stickers?

Printing and delivery time

One of the biggest concerns when buying a sticker is the amount of time it takes to print and ship the product. If you are in this situation, it is important that you look for a company that offers the fastest possible time. Better bumper sticker print shops tend to print and ship within 24 hours. This ensures. Yes, you will receive stickers on time for any activities you may have planned.

Building the bumper sticker

Of course, one of the most important aspects of bumper sticker printing is the construction process and the printing itself. What material should the stickers be made of? How weather resistant should the stickers be? Which printing method should be used to make your stickers?

To answer that last question, you must first look for a company that specializes in flexo printing. What does this mean? Flexographic is a printing process that uses a flexographic sheet. Many other types of printing use sheets that are stiff and inelastic. Flexible plates are the best choice for printing on soft substrates such as vinyl or plastic. It is also a good choice for printing on non-porous surfaces and is widely used in the food processing industry.

For sticker material, you should look for a printing company that offers high-quality vinyl or clear vinyl for stickers. This ensures that the sticker can withstand a lot of weather conditions without fading or cracking, and the sticker is flexible enough to use on almost any surface.

As for the color question, you probably already know what color stickers to use. However, the best option is to find a bumper sticker printing company that comes in 25 colors to choose from. (It’s rare) you’ll be able to find a color scheme that works great You should also look for a company that offers color matching as this will be very useful for you.

Sticker shape

Bumper stickers come in many styles. Of course, you will find traditional narrow square shapes, but you will also find ovals, rectangles, wider squares, circles, and even special shapes like stars, ribbons, hearts, and shields. Each of these shapes should be available to you and come in different sizes. Make sure that your bumper sticker is the right size for your use and that it has the shape as you drew it.


Since the number of stickers required per order can vary widely, you should find a bumper sticker printer that offers the ability to order a wide variety of quantities. You should also make sure that the print shop offers a discount for the higher prices as the quantity ordered increases. This will help you get the correct number of stickers without damaging the bank.

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