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Practical Benefits of Self Inking Stamps

The old adage that time is money may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. There are tons of big ways that you can restructure your business to make your practices more time-effective, but what about the little things you can do and still see an improvement?

If your business regularly uses stamps to fill out documents are mark envelopes, self inking stamps are supplies you should consider investing in. It may seem like a minor change, but all of the benefits will really add up.

How can self inking stamps improve your day-to-day business operations? We’re here to tell you!

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of self inking stamps and why you should have some custom-made today.

Custom Self Inking Stamps Save Time

First, let’s take a look at how self inking stamps can save time. As we mentioned earlier, there are tons of big ways that you can restructure your business to tackle any time-related issues. However, not all time-saving solutions have to be major; some can be as small as a stamp!

Save Time Completing Documents

Businesses in almost every industry have tons of paperwork to fill out every day. There are times when the information you need to include is unique to each document, requiring you to write or type it out by hand. However, there are plenty of times when the information you need to complete a document or prepare an envelope for the mail is repetitive.

Self inking stamps can be customized to stamp things like signatures, dates, addresses, and more. When you create a handful of self inking stamps that cover that repetitive information, you can save yourself both the time and the annoyance of writing down the same thing again and again.

Save Time Hunting Down Lost Supplies

Alright, so a stamp can save you the hassle of writing down repetitive information. What makes a self inking stamp better than a standard stamp?

Ink pads are one of those items that are easy to misplace. Let’s face it: we don’t all have the most organized desks, mail rooms, or offices!

With a self inking stamp, you’ve got a stamp and ink pad all in one. That gives you one less thing to track down, saving you the time you might otherwise waste digging through supply closets and desk drawers.

Custom Self Inking Stamps Save Money

Time isn’t the only thing that saves money. Spending less money, of course, is the easiest way to save money! Let’s take a look at how self inking stamps can save your business money.

Self Inking Stamps Are More Cost Effective

Depending on the size, a self inking stamp can cost between about $10 and $30. This is comparable to the cost of most customizable rubber stamps that don’t come with built-in ink pads. Typically, you can expect to pay an additional $5 to $20 on a stand-alone ink pad.

If your business relies heavily on stamps, these prices can add up over time. You can use a self inking stamp hundreds of times before needing to replace the ink pad. Plus, the compact design means that you’re not losing excess ink (or making a mess).

Self Inking Stamps Cut Down on Spending Waste

Remember the time you’ve saved not hunting down your ink pads? Chances are, you’re also saving money in the same process.

Businesses may not think much about how much of their budget they’re losing to lost supplies. However, just 3% business waste can cut into profit margins by up to 40%. Investing in supplies that are easier to keep track of can save you small amounts of money in the short run that adds up to big bucks in the long run.

Custom Self Inking Stamps Fit Your Business’s Needs

One of the best parts about self inking stamps is that they’re completely customizable. Whether you just need to replicate your CEO’s signature or create a stamp out of several lines of type, custom self inking stamps give you that option.

That means that no matter what industry you’re in–whether you run a local library or a construction firm–custom self inking stamps can benefit your business.

Where to Find High-Quality Self Inking Stamps

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of investing in custom self inking stamps, let’s talk about where you can find them. Nowadays, you’re better off looking for this kind of niche supply online, rather than in stores.

Look for a company that sells self inking stamps that are catered to businesses. They should offer a wide variety of sizes to meet your various stamping needs. They should also offer perks for placing larger orders, such as free shipping, and fast shipping to accommodate your fast-paced business.

Finally, a good self inking stamp seller should also sell ink refills. That way, you don’t have to replace the entire product each time the ink runs out.

Invest in Savings With Self Inking Stamps

When it comes to running a business, the little decisions that save time and money can have the biggest impacts. With self inking stamps, you can do both without having to restructure everything you do. Invest in savings by investing in custom self inking stamps that serve your business’s unique needs.

Are you looking for more business advice? Take a look at our business section and stay on top of the latest industry news, tips, and how-to’s that will help your business move smoothly into the future.

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