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Play Tower: A Modern Play Solution for your Child

Changes within a society and its structures can have either a compatible or a contradictory influence upon a child’s early development. As a matter of fact, acknowledging the vital importance of a child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth and development, outdoor play is a crucial aspect to look upon. But how when the opportunity of outdoor play has almost decreased by approximately 90 per cent? Most importantly the outbreak of COVID-19 has led to significant differences affecting the daily lives of children. With its recommendations of social distancing, routine schooling replaced by online classes, the opportunity of playing outdoors has simultaneously declined affecting the wellbeing of both children and youth.

Play Towers: A Hybrid Invention

But what if advancement has its impact upon resolving the issue of playgrounds too? Can there be any Outdoor Activity Equipment that ensure the safety of your child too? While early playgrounds were either Natural or Adventure playgrounds or small acres of land comprising of natural objects such as tree stumps, logs and other wooden objects with a child’s exposure to unpredictable weather conditions and dust and dirt, Traditional grounds on the other though colourful with modern plastic or metal equipment like climbers, swings, teeter-totters, monkey bars, merry-go-round, jungle gyms or slides are accompanied with risks that may result in injuring the child while playing in these if such equipment is either poorly manufactured or improperly installed or are not maintained thoroughly. Thus, in either case, your child’s safety plays a crucial role to protect them against injuries as well as pollution.

To make your child’s play way safer and more interesting here’s introducing a modern hybrid solution of both adventure and traditional playground for outdoor play- Play Towers – specifically designed and certified by The British Standards Institution (BSI) and approved by the Association of Play Industries (API) offers children a free and safe space to play. Compared to natural playgrounds, a play tower in itself is an interesting Outdoor Activity Equipment that all children will love, for Play Towers can be of varying structures: A tower for a single or many children to play in: Triple and four towers with bridges, Four Tower with a tunnel, with a Climbing wall, with Swing etc, and you can design it using any theme for instance if your child likes being around nature, you can design your child’s play tower using a natural theme i.e., structuring it using timber and bamboo with accessible objects like a ladder made up of ropes, a wall to be climbed by the children, a ladder, or a different theme using stainless steel construction for designing similar equipment further enhancing the scope of a variety of new equipment.

The importance of Play Towers lies in a number of factors. It’s a free, well-structured space that you can construct even in your own lawn or garden ensuring not just your child’s safety while playing outdoors especially during and post the current pandemic scenario that is affecting every human’s well-being especially children who are unable to play outdoors given the norms of social distancing.

Another factor ensuring your child’s safety provision is protecting them from physical injuries like fracture, bruises and cuts. A play Tower with its inclusive playground design prevents children from becoming vulnerable to risks of injuring themselves.

In the third place, given the rate of an increase in pollution levels, children can become prone to dust particles and dirt making them vulnerable to becoming allergic or suffer from air-borne diseases. A Play Tower, however, is a safe structure offering enough flexibility and countless options to play without the child being exposed to dust particles or unpredictable weather conditions.

Thus, aforesaid, you can be assured that this is a perfect solution for your child’s learning and development not only in reducing risks but also enabling them to enjoy and explore adventures and challenges of the natural environment.


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