Party in Style With These 10 Stylish Las Vegas Mens Haircuts

Party in Style With These 10 Stylish Las Vegas Mens Haircuts: There is no better moment than trying a new look.

Besides, men loathe hair loss resulting from old age or alopecia. It explains why some of them opt for a hair transplant. The good thing is that there are hair trends suitable for men with or without hair.

If you reside in Las Vegas, there are plenty of Las Vegas men’s haircuts to try out. It is not unusual to find yourself asking which haircut you should choose. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to wonder which haircut for men to try out.

Only a man’s hair can represent his true style. What are the trendiest Las Vegas men’s haircuts? Continue reading to learn ten stylish Las Vegas men’s haircuts.

1. Crew Cut

This is a haircut that you can wear in any setting, for instance, at work or school. It is a hairdo that doesn’t bring too much attention to themselves since it is neatly cut. Most men prefer this look since it involves minimal attendance, such as combing it daily.

A crew cut involves minimal shaving of the top hair. Next, the hair on the sides of the head and at the back remains shorter than the above hair. There are several variations of crew cuts to choose from.

The look has been around since the 18th century, and yet the hairdo continues to be famous to this day.

2. Man Bun

The style became famous in 2014 thanks to celebrities like Jared Leto and Zayn Malik spotting it. The hairdo was once ridiculed, but people gradually warmed up to the look.

You can wear man buns in several ways. Some men tie their hair with a hairband. Others choose to braid their hair first before tying it into a bun.

3. Fauxhawk

If you are looking for a bold cut, then this is the hairdo to try out. This hairdo is spotted by men who feel like personifying a little edgy attitude. The look is popular with soccer players and rock stars.

The look is spotted when you are too afraid to wear a Mohawk. A Mohawk is worn by shaving all the hair on the sides of the head. Then, the hair in the middle of one’s head is left untouched.

A Fauxhawk has a less dramatic look since the hair on the sides is not entirely shorn off.

4. Pompadour

What comes to your mind when you see a picture of the late Elvis Presley? Perhaps it is music or his clothes? How about his hair?

Elvis popularized this look in the 1950s. It is no wonder Pompadour was popular back then.

To achieve this look, the barber does not shave your top hair. Instead, the barber uses some pomade which makes your top hair bulge forwards.

5. Undercut

Of the Las Vegas men’s haircuts identified so far, this is a common haircut for men in Las Vegas.

The hairdo is like a cross between a pompadour and a crew cut. The hair at the top is styled such that it bulges forward. Meanwhile, the hair on the lower head is shaved off.

6. Man Braid

This look has been in existence since the Viking Age. In the Viking Age, society deemed long-haired men as a higher social class than short-haired men. Long-haired men thus braided their hair to maintain its length.

Today, the hairdo is not associated with one’s social class. It has become as popular as the man bun. A man can either choose to braid their whole hair or braid parts of it.

7. Slick Back

This is yet another retro look that is gaining prominence today. It is almost identical to the pompadour look. A celebrity who spotted this look religiously was Vanilla Ice in the early 1990s.

In getting the look, the man’s hair needs to be dense with a light texture. It is styled with pomade to achieve the result. The resulting hair resembles somewhat like a column of curtains.

A man may decide whether or not to shave off the lower hair.

8. Caesar Cut

From its name, you can already infer the originator of the hairdo. Roman Emperor Caesar spotted the look in the first half of the first century. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the hairstyle became popular.

It is a hairstyle with short and straight bangs at the front. This hairstyle is suitable for men with receding hairlines. By styling the hair at the front, one cannot easily spot your hair loss.

9. High Fade

It is considered the neatest hairstyle provided you can find a skilled barber. The barber shaves the top hair and lower hair uniformly. The top hair will generally have more hair than the lower hair.

Just like its name would suggest, the hair appears to fade (more hair to no hair). If the barber doesn’t make even lines on your hairline, people can easily spot the error from afar.

10. Bro Flow

Let’s face it; there are times when you find brushing your hair a chore. You may also not want to cut your hair to avoid this chore. Here is where the bro flow comes in.

Surfers and hipsters commonly spot the look.

For this look, the man has to grow out their hair to medium or long lengths. Next, they have to purchase the right hair products for this hairdo. After doing so, they will get an attractively rugged look.

Try the Most Appropriate Las Vegas Men’s Haircuts

We have now established that Las Vegas men’s haircuts suit men whether they have long or short hair. In case you consider a hair transplant, you have discovered that hairdos can mask your hair challenges. Haircuts in a salon are, after all, cheaper than hair transplants.

If you need a haircut to make you stand out from the crowd, don’t feel shy to keep checking this article. It is, after all, common for a man to visit a barber only for them to be undecided on a haircut choice.

We hope this article was an eye-opener to you. Be sure to check our website for the best fashion blogs.

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