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Norton Antivirus is the popular antivirus software with satisfied customers. It has an affordable Norton Antivirus price with great features. such as firewalls, anti-spam, and parental controls that make it a good contender for the best antivirus software. Couponcage is the best coupon and promo site that provides unused fresh vouchers to needy users.

The Norton Antivirus Price comes in 3 different packages that are priced accordingly. For example, Norton Security Deluxe costs $69.99 per year or $89.99 for two years. Norton Security Premium costs $79.99 per year or $109.99 for two years, which makes it an affordable option if you are looking to purchase antivirus software for your home computer.

What is Norton?

Norton Antivirus is a security solution that can protect your devices from viruses, malware, and other threats. It comes with a variety of features that are aimed at delivering the best protection for your devices. It offers many benefits, such as cross-device protection, access to Norton Antivirus Insight, and more.

The price of Norton Antivirus starts at $39.99 for 1 year of protection on 5 devices or $59.99 for 1 year of protection on 10 devices.

Features of Norton also has:

  • There is a firewall
  • Aphrishing protection is provided
  • Parental controls are available
  • A secure VPN (virtual private network) is available
  • We maintain cloud backup services
  • Privacy protection
  • Webcam protection
  • protection against identity theft

Norton Review: Quick Expert Summary

When it comes to choosing an antivirus program, there are many options available on the market. However, not all of them are created equal. Norton Review Antivirus Software is one of the most popular and well-known brands out there, and for good reason. It offers excellent protection against all kinds of threats, including viruses, malware, and more. Not to mention, it’s also very affordable.

So if you’re looking for a top-quality antivirus program that won’t break the bank, Norton Antivirus is a great option to consider.

Norton is veritably good, but it is n’t perfect. Norton’s desktop app is a little cumbrous, and its mobile protections are resolve across several separate apps, which is enough annoying. And while Norton’s VPN offers excellent security features like a no- logs policy, 256- bit AES encryption, and a good network of waiters worldwide( as well as access to spots like Netflix and Amazon Prime), it does n’t work with Hulu or Disney, it does n’t allow torrenting, and it’s not as presto as standalone challengers. That said, Norton’s VPN is still among the stylish antivirus- whisked VPNs on the request.

Full Review of Norton Antivirus Price: 360

Most rival antiviruses lack those extra features that Norton 360 offers.

Even on the smallest subscription, you receive a firewall, anti-phishing protection, a password manager, and 2 GB free cloud services in top to a top-notch anti-malware engine. Webcam protection, a VPN with no bandwidth limits, dark web monitoring, parental controls, and up to 50 GB cloud services are all included. If users subscribe to Norton Antivirus Price 360 Deluxe, Norton’s best-value subscription. As part of the Norton LifeLock packages, States customers also can get access to Norton’s comprehensive identity theft protections.

All of Norton’s plans are comparable in price to competitive programmes like as Bitdefender, McAfee, and TotalAV. But all of them come with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.

Price of Norton Antivirus and Security Features

Anti-Malware Engine: Norton Antivirus Price uses a massive malware directory as well as heuristic analysis and machine literacy to descry malware and give an excellent position of contagion protection. It offers a variety of contagion scanning options plus real- time protection to keep malware from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS bias.

For my testing, I downloaded a database of nearly malware lines, including contagions. Exploits, worms, trojans, backdoors, keyloggers, rootkits, zero- day attacks, ransomware, spyware, cryptojackers, and PUPs ( potentially unwanted programs).

What are the Norton New Security Features?

Norton caught 100 of the malware lines on my fragment with a full system checkup — there are only a sprinkle of challengers that can boast a analogous malware discovery rate( like Bitdefender).

“Yearly Subscriber to Our Renewed Products” The Renewal Psychology of Personal Constructs: A Reader’s Guide and Guide to the PCQ* $175.00 Sophisticated Course in General Psychology. However, the Evaluate of General Psychology $115.00 The rates for standalone and add-on subscriptions to the Manual are listed below. They may change, but we will always send you an email prior to billing to let you know. If you added additional services to your main subscription, your renewal price is the sum of your main and add-on frequency distribution prices.

The annual Norton Security Deluxe membership for 5 devices ($99.99/year) and add Norton Secure VPN for 1 device ($49.99/year), your renewal price is $99.99 + $49.99 = $149.98/year.
If you can’t find your subscription, please contact us.

On my Computer, Norton’s full disc scan took about 15 seconds, which is comparable to the speed of most othe top competitors. 

Norton also has number of other scan options, including:

  • Quick scan – Looks for malware in common places like temporary files, running processes, and system files.
  • Smart scan Runs short scan, checks for privacy concerns on the WiFi network, and performs brief system tune-up.
  • Custom scan – Scans folders and disc locations that you specify.
  • Norton insight identifies questionable files that require specialised scan.

Intelligent and smart advanced firewall

Norton includes a Smart Firewall, which outperforms the built-in firewalls in Windows and macOS. Norton detected every single network breach in my exploit tests, including a few that my Windows firewall missed.
ARP and DNS spoofing protection, SSL man-in-the-middle attack detection, port access detection, and a tonne of customization options for sophisticated users are all included in Norton’s firewall.

You may define access rules for any programme on your computer, as well as traffic rules for all of Windows’ built-in apps, such as Network Discovery, File and Printer Sharing, and Remote Desktop Connection. Most users, on the other hand, will choose to leave the firewall alone (for example, when connecting to a public WiFi network, File and Printer Sharing is disabled).

Furthermore, Norton gives a list of 136 unusual protocols that malware may employ to connect between devices on a network. Norton’s firewall monitors all of these protocols for suspicious activity and alerts users if any of these must be disabled owing to a network-based malware threat.

How does Norton Software’s Safe Search and Safe Web protect you?

Norton’s Safe Web browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) protects against phishing sites and includes community evaluations for suspected web pages as well as a “Isolation Mode” for online banking. Norton Safe Search is a search engine that determines whether or not a website is safe.

The Safe Web browser extension offers excellent anti-phishing security, detecting nearly all of the phishing sites in my tests, including those that Chrome and top competitors like McAfee missed.

“Isolation Mode” is another feature of Safe Web that protects users’ financial information. When you visit a financial website, Secure Web will give users the option to place your browser into Isolation Mode. Which will block any browser-based incursions and render the computer window “read-only”. Ensuring that no maliciously crafted scripts or viruses may change or steal information from your screen. Hackers can sometimes steal user information by remotely recording the financial data on the screen. Therefore Secure Web’s Isolate Mode makes it almost impossible fer attackers to capture any of the data on your screen.

Safe Web

For my testing, I navigated to my PayPal account, and Safe Web offered to put my browser into Isolation Mode. When I accepted the request, my browser was completely cut off from the rest of my system — I couldn’t copy text from my browser, screen capture, or even paste info into my browser.

Norton’s Safe Search feature is a secure search engine that categorises search results into three categories. Safe, potentially harmful, and dangerous. Safe Search, unfortunately, isn’t very good. Several pirate websites were wrongly identified as secure during my tests. It supplied grey “untested” notices for the majority of websites that are genuinely safe.

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with Norton’s Safe Search because it’s inaccurate, identifying dangerous sites as safe and vice versa. Norton’s Safe Web browser extension, on the other hand. Offers strong anti-phishing protection as well as a safe sandboxed browser for financial transactions.

Which Norton plan is the best?

The best option for most users is Norton 360 Deluxe.
It offers a wealth of capabilities for up to five devices running Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. If you simply need to safeguard one device, Norton 360 Standard has practically all of the same capabilities.
In the United States, Norton offers three packages that include LifeLock’s identity theft protection. Users who want the greatest protection should use Norton 360 with LifeLock Extreme Plus. Except the most identity theft coverage plus protection for an infinite variety. However, most users in the United States will be completely content with Norton.

Are iPhones, Android phones, and Chromebooks supported by Norton?

Yes. Mobile apps for iPhones, Android phones, and even Chromebooks are available from Norton.
iPhone and iPad users.
  • Because viruses cannot infect iOS devices, Norton 360 is more of “security app” than an antivirus. 
  • still suggest Norton for iOS because it comes with Wi-Fi security, secure VPN, a password manager, LifeLock identity theft protections, and Norton’s excellent Safe Family parental control app. 
  • Mobile apps for iPhones, Android phones, and even Chromebooks are available from Norton.

Designed for Android users. Norton 360 has all of the same security features as Norton’s iOS apps, but it also includes a malware scanner that examines every app or document you install any malicious software.

Chromebook users only. We’ve received some conflicting letters about Norton’s Chromebook coverage, and contacting Norton will tell you that. Norton isn’t built for Chromebooks although this is true, chromebooks are built to run Android apps and have access to the Google Play Store. Although Norton Mobile Security on Chromebook appears odd. Taking up barely a third of the screen in the style of a smartphone. Therefore, the app scanner, Wi-Fi scanner, VPN, password manager. Norton Safe Family parental controls all worked flawlessly when I tested Norton on my Chromebook.


Norton combines one of the greatest anti-malware engines with a wide range of internet security capabilities. It making my top internet security package on the market today. Norton offers outstanding online safeguards, deep web surveillance, and application control. As well as efficient security apps for Android and iOS. US users may additionally take advantage of LifeLock’s robust identity. Theft protections, which include up to $1 million in legal and financial assistance. Also, visit Couponcage for more info & find your favourite brand category coupons. Norton offers a terrific value for both individuals and families. Starting at INR780 per year, and you can test it out risk-free with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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