No Provincial Bedroom is Complete Without an Antique Dresser

No Provincial Bedroom is Complete Without an Antique Dresser

The Provincial style is loved for its down-to-earth yet elegant atmosphere, with furniture pieces that are constructed with high-quality materials and an eye for small details. The right antique dresser can truly make your bedroom feel complete and should be considered an essential element to your furniture arrangement.

Dressers aren’t merely important for their practical qualities. They provide a much-needed visual element that compliments the bed and other furniture pieces that you may have in the room. A well-made, aesthetic dresser is not simply a place to store clothes, it is an artistic enhancement.

The Benefits of Adding an Antique Dresser to Your Bedroom

A stately antique dresser can make a powerful statement, providing elegance and depth to a Provincial setting. The first key benefit that they bring to the table is their ability to complement and enhance your other furniture pieces. Without a dresser, many bedrooms can feel empty and plain. By selecting a vintage-style dresser that matches your bed, for instance, you will help create visual harmony in the room.

The next benefit that these pieces of furniture provide is their indispensable utility. While a large closet can certainly help in this regard, we all need places to put our clothes. For certain purposes, a dresser is simply the superior option. Regardless of the style of your bedroom or what your overall tastes are in decor, trying to put together a fully functional bedroom with that “lived-in” Provincial feel is going to be tough without a large and beautiful dresser.

Another useful part of including a dresser in your bedroom is that it can act as a means of highlighting other decor pieces. An attractive piece of antique furniture is the perfect location for an ornate lamp, terracotta pots, vases, music boxes, photographs, and other items. Here you can be as practical or as whimsical as you like. Think about what style elements your bedroom is lacking and how the addition of something as simple as a potted plant or statuary could add a bit of aesthetic charm.

Of course, you can also add decor to your nightstands, but these pieces have limited real estate that you usually want to reserve for smaller and more practical items, as well as small table lamps. Dressers are also more useful for highlighting important decor items because they stand taller and therefore anything featured on them is far more noticeable. These elegant furniture pieces simply provide a great deal of visual utility on top of being one of the most practical parts of any bedroom furniture arrangement.

Where Can You Find an Antique Dresser That’s Right For You?

While there are no shortage of places where you may find an antique dresser, you want one that matches your aesthetic and that represents the utmost in quality. It could take you quite a long time to find a piece like this in the wild if you are only relying on estate sales and flea markets. Rather than rely on these methods, you will have much better luck online at EloquenceⓇ. Their selection of high-quality antiques is unmatched, so if you are interested in including a beautiful Provincial dresser in your bedroom, that’s where you want to start!

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