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Naturally Calming Herbs For Cats That Work

Naturally Calming Herbs For Cats That Work

When our pets are scared or anxious, it can be difficult to watch them and not know exactly what to do. Oftentimes, it’s not enough to hold them or pet them in order to assuage their fears, which means you as a pet owner need to be ready with a more effective solution to the issue.

While we can’t always prevent our cats from feeling anxious, we can certainly find ways to help them cope with anxiety or feelings of fear. It’s important to know all of the options that are out there, such as calming herbs for cats, that act naturally to help relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

Do Calming Herbs For Cats Really Work?
The most important issue at hand if you are searching for a way to help your anxious cat is whether or not the solution will actually work. You might be somewhat skeptical that an herb would have the power to still your cat’s anxiety, but it’s not all that strange when you consider that many such remedies exist for humans.

While research is still being conducted on a myriad of different plants that show promise in the areas of treating depression, anxiety, and other related issues, there is a strong indication that the combination of beneficial nutrients and certain plant-based compounds may indeed be effective at helping us overcome hormonal imbalances and other contributing factors that lead to anxiety and depression.

The same general theory applies to treating anxiety in animals, including cats. There are certain vitamins and minerals in herbs that play a role in bodily balance, as well as other various phytonutrients that may aid in the reduction of certain symptoms as it relates to anxiety.

What’s especially important to note about calming herbs for cats is that they are safe and work without dulling the senses. Many common drugs that address animal nervousness and anxiety are potent and cause loss of coordination, sluggishness, and loss of focus, which is dangerous. Animals rely on their awareness and reflexes to keep them safe, so it’s always a risk giving them any drugs that take away their full capacity to rely on their natural instincts.

The right high-quality herbal blends are much safer and don’t produce any of these kinds of unwanted side-effects and can be used far more frequently without worrying about any potential issues. It’s important to have these kinds of options open to you as a pet owner, as you want to avoid administering powerful drugs to small animals when you can help it.

Where to Find Calming Herbs on the Web
If you are a curious pet owner who has a cat suffering from anxiety or simply want a reliable way to help assuage your cat’s fears whenever they get spooked from a loud bang or some other disturbance, you should head over to Animal Essentials. There you will find a variety of different herbal blends for cats and dogs that treat a multitude of issues.

In terms of treating anxiety in cats, they have a special Tranquility Blend that works gently and naturally with their body to relieve their symptoms without the risk of side effects. Their herbal blend is made with certified organic herbs such as valerian and passion flower, and is used and recommended by veterinarians.

For an effective and safe treatment for your cat’s anxiety, trust in Animal Essentials to have the kind of high-quality herbal extracts you are looking for. You can’t prevent all of your cat’s fears and scares, but you can help him or her calm down and return to their happy (or moody!) self with the help of the Tranquility Blend from Animal Essentials.

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