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Natural Causes of Leaky Roofs

Roof leaks

Roof leaks are a usual or frustrating thing that every homeowner may face once in their life. Improper and unstable roofing always devalues your building. It also negatively alters the looks of the building. Therefore, a leaky roof is a big issue. If you want to fix a leaky shelter, it is essential to understand the causes and apply proper strategies to mend it. 

Improper installation and use of substandard material could cause damage to the roof. Except for these factors, some natural causes of leaky shelters are given below:

Singles deterioration:

Shingles deterioration is top of the list among the causes of a leaky roof. No matter the quality of material used or how well the shelter is installed, this problem occurs at some points. Here are some causes of shingle deterioration:

  1. The aging of materials is a natural process.
  2. Profound changes in temperature cause shingle destruction.
  3. Improper roof installation can cause leakage problems.
  4. Lack of air circulation causes damage to the shelter.
  5. High ultraviolet radiation damages shelter surfaces.
  6. The use of substandard materials can lead to leakage.
  7. Lack of water barriers allows the roof to leak.

Even if you use high-quality materials in roofing, the shingle can deteriorate anytime if not appropriately installed. To ensure perfect shelter installation and perform regular maintenance, go for a professional roof contractor in Los Angeles to help you. They are well trained and skilled to deliver varieties of roof services with care.

Local weather conditions:

Weather conditions in your area affect the health of your roof. For example, severe weather causes rapid deterioration of shingles. If your roof is made with materials that are unable to compete with extreme weather conditions, it can easily damage the shelter:

  1. Intense winds: Winds cause blowing away of shingles, especially in case of improper shelter installation. When a shingle is blown away by a gust of wind, the entire area of ​​the roof is weakened. It requires using more robust materials in roofing for buildings in windy areas.
  2. Heavy rain: Sometimes, during heavy rainfall, the eavestrough of your roof becomes unable to clean all the water; if it happens, you will be living under the pond. Water tends to collect on the roof surface and penetrates under the shingles.
  3. Heavy Snow: Heavy snow falling in winter causes severe damage to roofing. Heavy snow puts serious pressure on your roof. When the snow starts to melt or bow, water builds up in its place. materials
  4. Ice Genesis: It’s nature’s law that water turns into ice after it freezes. If water is present between the layers of roofing material then ice formation will cause the roof to break away. This process causes leakage of the top.
  5. Fast melting of snow or ice: We know that the slow melting of snow or ice allows water to carry away safely. On the other hand, in case of too fast melting of ice, roof’s eavestroughs could work slowly due to rushing of too much water. In this way, the ice melting causes drain blockage and leaky roofs.

Damaging Outcomes of a Leaky Roof

Leakage can cause many problems on your home or property. It’s more than just the frustrating feeling of placing a bucket under the drop while raining. It has many negative consequences that you need to be aware of. Here are some of the damaging outcomes of a leaky roof

    • Attic & Ceiling Problems

The first thing that affects by roof leakage is an attic and its insulation. It damages the attic and potentially harms the ceiling below. Its side effect indicates in the form of some easily visible signs such as the ceiling paint will stain or the plaster will bubble. In some cases, damage to adjacent walls, light fixtures, and fans.

    • Mold & Mildew Problems

Perhaps the most harmful result of a leaking roof is the growth and spread of mold. This mildew will gradually spread into the attic and ceiling wall with accompanying damage. Worst case scenario, attic mold can infiltrate the rest of the home. This scenario contributes to poor indoor air quality can affect health with long-term exposure.

    • Increase Fire Hazards

Most Roofing systems usually have electrical wires and electrical connections in them. If the shelter is leaking, short power lines can pose a fire risk. Leakage is not always immediately noticed. If water gets into your attic, it may take so days for the moisture to appear on the ceiling or around lights. During this time, there may be bubbles in the power lines or corrosion that can develop a short circuit or fire over time, even if you think the leak has stopped.

    • Electric shock and death

During a leak, sometimes switches or electronic equipment get wet. Touching these wet electronic items can result in dangerous shock, injury, or death. Keep all family members away from electrical switches and standing water on nearby land.

    • Higher Utility or Power Bills

Another unfavorable effect is the failure of attic insulation. When insulation is wet, thermal performance is reduced and potentially affected forever. The resulting higher temperature leads to higher cooling bills.

    • Structural Damage to The Property   

A roof is the primary part of every whole structure. Lots of leaks on it can damage the ceiling, joists, and walls of the house. Water only corrodes wood, so the long-term consequences of a rook leak are never good. So leaks can damage your entire structure and make it vulnerable to rain.

It is essential to properly understand all these factors that cause a leakage before hiring skilled professionals to fix it. Sometimes, the damage is so harsh that repair cannot help much. You are lucky to belong to California because many professional companies offer roof replacements in Los Angeles.

Keep An Eye Out For signs of leaking ceilings

Shelter leaks require quick action and fixation. Get it fixed immediately even if the leak isn’t bad yet. Most homeowners noticed a stain on their roof or nearby wall. Most homeowners noticed a stain on their roof or nearby wall but thought it wasn’t serious. So it is essential to inspect your top twice a year especially in the fall and spring. Here are some telltale signs that show you need to check your roof to prevent damage from turning into a fixable problem:

On the inside, you may notice:
    • Dark spots on the wall or ceiling.
    • Flecks where outside light shines through.
    • Sagging of the roof.
On the outside, you may notice:
    • Missing, discolored, rotting, cracked, or buckling shingles.
    • Blocked or slow-draining gutters or downspouts.
    • Loose material or wear out around chimneys or vents.

Keep a regular eye on your home components. If you notice any of these signs, you should immediately inspect them through professionals.


Roof leaks need immediate action in the form of urgent home improvement work. The first step in dealing with this is the identification of the particular cause. Performing regular shelter maintenance can help to determine the main reason for leakage. Therefore you can identify these problems before they develop a crucial complication.

Routine inspections of the shelter are your best defense against leakage problems. It is a preventive approach that can identify issues early on. Leaks can be identified before things get out of hand, and before multiple crises emerge. So professional attention is the best strategy.

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