Mass Healing Word 5e- Aid for all Heal FAQ

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Mass Healing Word 5e

Mass Healing Word 5e: 

As you call out words of restoration, up to six animals of your choice, which you can see within range, recover Hit Points equal to 1d4 + your Spellcasting Skill modifier. This spell does not affect Undead or Constructs.

At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell utilizing a spell slot of 4th or higher, the Healing raises by 1d4 for every slot degree over 3rd.


What are the attributes of 5e Mass Healing Word?

Three evocation

Casting Time: 1 bonus action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

Classes: Cleric

Mass Healing Word 5e

How do you compare prayer of healing 5e vs. mass cure wounds?

You can’t use Prayer of Healing in combat, while Mass Healing Word 5e can stop a total party kill if several party members hit 0 HP. The main distinction other than hit points treated is that prayer of Healing has a 10 minute casting time. In comparison, the mass recovery word has a bonus activity casting time.


5e Aid vs. Mass Healing Word

Pretty self-explanatory from the title. The Aid 5e spell, in the 3rd level, is a flat +10 current and max hp boost.


I typically have many things happening at once, so long as I’ve had the time to establish how I perform clerics. Suppose I am the storm, which I usually am. In that case, I will have telephone lightning heading (or gust of breeze when we are inside ). And worrying about sacrificing my focus on the throw beacon takes away from what I view as my primary purpose, which is crowd control.

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For those times, I am not a tempest cleric. Spirit guardians are my go-to for massive CC; throw into a religious weapon for right action, along with my presence in battle, is felt reasonably hard. I can not stress my celebration is rolling low on a d4, potentially only curing six wellness.


The only real downside I can see to picking Aid 5e over Mass Healing Word 5e is that you can aim half as many folks with it. However, the maximum hp growth lasts for 8 hours, requiring no concentration. It is a watered-down version of mass treatment wounds considering 10hp is the average for a 1st level cast of treatment wounds—15hp at 4th level, 20hp at 5th, etc.


Ideas? I play clerics a whole lot but have only recently gotten on board the Assist train.

Mass Healing Word 5e

5e Blessed healer and Mass Healing Word 5e

You will get the Healing for your personality just once with each throw of Mass Healing Word. The wording in 5e is quite explicit:


When you throw a 1st degree or more significant spell, which restores hit points into a monster other than you, you regain hit points equal to 2 + the spell’s level.


What are the 12 best healing spells in dnd 5e?

The list of spells that can cure is very narrow. In reality, I hardly had enough to create this record! However, I rated these 12 spells together with all the following criteria in mind:

That not only contains how many hit points you return but also the number of goals you may choose to heal with this. If two spells can heal for 1d8; however, one has six goals, it is a pretty clear winner usually.


Spells that spend higher spell slots means that you’re generally losing out on other, more significant spells. If you’re able only to throw a single 8th level spell every day, is this recovery charm worth it versus a weaker spell in a higher slot?

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Some recovery charms grant additional bonuses, such as treating diseases, regenerating limbs, or giving temporary hit points. All of these factors matter when some spells only heal.

Mass Healing Word 5e

12 best dnd Healing spells:

Healing Word

Everybody’s very first healing charm! As a 1st level spell, it won’t be winning any awards anytime soon. However, it does its job nicely. 1d4 plus your Spellcasting Modifier adds another d4 of Healing. Every single spell slot beyond the 1st is fairly on-par for most charms this early in the match. It gets outclassed as the character grows into more advanced magic.


Mass Healing Word 5e

Source: Player’s Handbook, p.258. One of the first party-wide Healing spells available to Clerics (and only Clerics), Volume Recovery Word doesn’t offer much with only 1d4+ Spellcasting Modifier for up to six goals. And as a 3rd level spell, it’s a pretty hard sell to utilize this over other choices at this level.


Healing Spirit 5e

Source: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything p. 157. A fantastic addition from Xanathar, Healing Spirit, lets you make a tiny moving spirit that heals creatures that pass through it. Or start their turn in precisely the same spot as it for 1d6. It is a flexible spell that lasts for a full moment with concentration. And since it’s a bonus action, you can still cast a cantrip as your routine actions. If you’ve got a Druid or Ranger in your party, it will not hurt to pick up this spell when available.


Cure Wounds 5e

Source: Player’s Handbook, p.230.Remember that time we dissed Healing Word? Cure Wounds is a spell of the same level and may double the Healing (1d8 vs. 1d4). Cure

Wounds 5e’ downside is a Touch spell, meaning the caster can’t be quite distant from his celebration. That is not too terrible of a drawback, though, since this spell is available to beefier courses, for example, Paladins, Rangers, and Druids, who are more inclined to be on the front line. That allows your Bards and Clerics to hang back and save their charm slots for more excellent choices.


Prayer of Healing 5e

Source: Player’s Handbook, p.267.Prayer of Healing is one of the first “big” healing spells. Clerics have access to, as another level spell. It is a pretty great heal (out of combat that’s ) that allows you to cure up to six targets for 2d8+your modifier. Plus, as you spend spell slots over the 2nd level, you get an additional d8, allowing the charms to scale pretty well into the subsequent levels. One of the big draws against it’s the very long cast time. Ten minutes makes it unusable in combat.


Aura of Vitality 5e

Source: Player’s Handbook, p. 216. This little number provides two of the crucial criteria for a good healing spell: Range, as well as foliage. Any target within 30 feet can find a 2d6 heal as a bonus action, which means a lot since this is a Paladin-only spell. You may have to keep concentration for the duration of the spell (which, let’s be fair, should be relatively straightforward as a Paladin). However, the flexibility and power of the spell are pretty excellent.


Hero’s Feast 5e

Another weird spell is a healing spell, Hero’s Feast. It allows you to summon a making of delicious food for your party that takes an hour to complete. (twelve individuals signifies your DM is most likely yelling after every session). After that hour passes, all participants get 2d10 temporary hit points and heal the same quantity. Hero’s Feast 5e is not a spell you will ever cast in combat (it takes ten minutes to throw it, not to mention that the hour-long Feast). Nonetheless, it offers a beautiful enthusiast to your party before some huge dramatic fight.


 Vampiric Touch 5e

A draining lifestyle does heal you. So this charm makes a list on technicality! Once you connect with this, you get to cope with 3d6 damage and cure for half that sum. Plus, you can make this action over and above for a full minute if it’s possible to maintain concentration in the melee range. The biggest drawback of the Vampiric touch 5e spell is that the range.

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Power Word Heal 5e

Source: Player’s Handbook, p. 266. The most powerful healing spell that D&D offers, Power Word Heal, enables you to heal a target for maximum hit points. And of course, it also removes charmed, frightened, paralyzed, or stunned conditions from the target. So it is pretty rare that this charm helps in any campaign.


Heal 5e

A single target has to cure 70 hit points with no rolls required, only the 6th level spell slot invested in throwing it. As a bonus, it also ends blindness, deafness, and any diseases affecting the goal. It is hard to argue with results like these.


Mass Cure Wounds 5e

The midfield alternative for curing your party, Volume Heal Wounds, provides a reasonably good cure (3d8+ Spellcasting Modifier) for up to six goals, with no casting time! It’s an excellent spell for Bards, Clerics, and Druids that can cast 5th level spells. No casting period, no expensive components, a relatively wide range, and a moderate heel make this among the most significant Healing spells out there.


Regenerate 5e

Source: Player’s Handbook, p.271.In my opinion, the most potent healing spell available in 5th Edition needs to be this one. Regenerate not only enables you to cure for 4d8+15. But the goal also regrows or re-attaches any limbs which were severed (not counting heads, that is an entirely different spell).


On top of this sizable up-front heal, the goal also heals ten hit points every minute. It is for an hour-long duration, for another 60 points healed on top of the initial roll. Bards, Clerics, and Druids have access to this Seventh-degree spell, so any party should get this in time.


What is Mass Heal 5e?

A flood of Repairing energy flows from you into hurt creatures around you. You reestablish up to 700 Strike Points, divided as you choose among any number of animals you can see within range. Creatures healed by this spell will also be cured of all Diseases and some other Effect, making them Blinded or Deafened. This charm has no Effect on Undead or Constructs.


What are the attributes of Mass Heal 5e?

The attributes of 5e Mass heal are as follows:

9 TH evocation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V S

Duration: Instantaneous

Classes: Cleric


A flood of healing energy flows out of you into hurt creatures around you. The creature healed by this spell gets cured of all diseases and any impact that makes them blinded or deafened.


What is Scroll of Mass Healing Word 5e?

Detect Magic Aura


When you see a magical thing while the Detect Magic spell is active, you’ll see certain auras based on the colleges of magic at work from the merchandise. To get a “Scroll of Mass Healing Word 5e,” auras include:



It is an ebb and continuous flow of opposing blues and oranges


Scroll of Mass Healing Word 5e:

Attributes of 


Rarity: Very 



Sanity Category: 

Mainly Consumables

Page Number: 


Aura of Vitality 5e vs. Mass Healing Word 5e

Mass Healing Word is just better than Healing Word if more than 1 PC is down concurrently. That is pretty dire. Depending on your DM and the experience, it’s probably more likely one of those PCs is lifeless. It seems like you need to have run away two rounds ago.


Multiple party members moving down at the same round is rare. Aov has far more curative power over time than MHW (you’re able to keep bonus action-ing it on individuals after the battle ends).


I’d go Aura of Vitality 100% every time.


Cure Wounds is also a bard spell, so if you’ve got that and two go down precisely the same round, you could always Heal Wounds one and AoV another. You’ll lose your principal actions, unlike MHW, however, in that rare situation. It’s well worth it, and also, for the other 99% of adventuring, AoV will give you a lot more bang for your healing buck.

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