Looking for a Coworking Space with a Professional Phone Answering Service?

Did you start your business to do, well, business? However, have you have found that you’re doing everything except growing your business? From leaving the office to send mail, scheduling appointments and answering all the phone calls all day long, it is difficult to manage. You may feel like you have to be available 100% of the time, and it can feel like suddenly you aren’t making that much of a difference at all.

Thanks to the fully serviced and equipped co-working spaces at workspace365, you can benefit from a professional phone answering service and never have to worry about annoying administrative tasks again!

Say goodbye to mail duties

Workspace365 provides many professional services such as mail-handling. This service means that their reception staff will be there to sign and accept deliveries for your goods and hand-deliver them to your office. This option is also available to those that use their virtual office package as well. They can either forward your items onto your respective address or keep it for you to pick up.

No more answering phone calls

Their professional phone answering services means that you will have access to a professionally trained reception staff who will take and receive all phone calls from your clients. They will answer each call under your company name and divert all your calls to either on your personal or business line. What if you’re too busy to answer any calls? Then they will simply send you an email with a message.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Tour one of their premium co-working spaces today and benefit from mail-handling, a professional phone answering service, on-site administration and so much more. Visit or call 1800 967 5669.

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