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Local Website Redesign Company Helps Small Businesses Compete Online

In today’s digital world, having an outdated website can spell disaster for small businesses trying to compete online. Studies show that 75% of small business websites are over 2 years old, and 90% are not optimized for mobile – a recipe for losing potential customers.

Problems with outdated websites:

Outdated website designs can severely hurt a small business’s credibility and ability to convert online visitors. An old-fashioned, cluttered, or broken website suggests the company itself is outdated and incompetent. Even if the business offers quality products/services, their website acts as a barrier preventing customers from purchasing.

Specifically, outdated websites tend to suffer from:

  • Poor mobile optimization – Not designed for smartphones or tablets which now drive most traffic. This leads visitors to leave.
  • Slow page speeds – Images and files are bloated so pages load slowly, frustrating users.
  • Broken features – Contact forms, videos, and blogs often don’t work properly on old sites. This cripples functionality.
  • Clunky navigation – Menus, links are disorganized making sites hard to use. Users exit quickly in frustration.
  • Security flaws – Old websites lack modern protections and can get hacked, harming the business.

These problems combine to cripple conversion rates. In the digital age, small businesses cannot afford to lose potential customers due to outdated website issues. A strategic redesign is required to remain competitive.

Redesign services offered:

To help small businesses thrive online, website redesign companies offer solutions including:

  • Complete website rebuilds from scratch with modern aesthetics. This transforms the entire user experience.
  • Converting outdated HTML sites into customized WordPress sites for better CMS and SEO.
  • Optimizing images/code for faster load speeds. Quicker sites improve user experience.
  • Implementing responsive frameworks for flawless mobile optimization across devices.
  • Updating old site functionality by integrating new contact forms, e-commerce, blogs, etc.
  • Redesigning visuals like logos, color schemes, and branding assets for a fresh look.

The key is tailoring these technical website fixes to each client’s specific business goals and target audience. The ideal redesign both modernizes the website and amplifies the brand’s identity and messaging.

Benefits of a redesign:

An effective website redesign offers immense benefits for small businesses including:

  • Increased leads and sales – By modernizing website aesthetics, functionality, and user experience, redesigns make sites more credible and usable for visitors, driving conversions.
  • Improved marketing ROI – Optimized sites, faster speeds, and mobile responsiveness mean online marketing campaigns reach more target customers, improving return on investment.
  • Cost savings – Hiring web designers to expertly overhaul sites save money compared to small businesses trying to DIY patchwork website updates.
  • Brand image refresh – Updated visuals, branding, and messaging present a fresh, relevant company image that keeps small businesses competitive.

Examples & testimonials:

Local restaurant Luigi’s Trattoria recently had their dated, patchwork website redesigned by a local web design firm. The refreshed site now has a modern, sleek look with engaging visuals of food, easier online menus and reservations, and fast load times. Since the redesign, the restaurant has seen a 21% increase in online reservations.

Luigi’s owner Marco says “Our old website was really letting us down – it looked so outdated and half the menu links didn’t even work properly. The redesign has been a game changer for converting online customers. I recommend small businesses invest in a website refresh to stay current.”

Similarly, local boutique clothing store Moore Fashions had a new e-commerce site built to replace their outdated online store. Conversions increased by 40% in just 3 months after the new mobile-optimized site launched.

As these examples show, strategic website redesigns can bring real success for small businesses that want to effectively compete online.


In today’s digital marketplace, an outdated website can severely inhibit a small business’s ability to compete and succeed online. From declining credibility to lost revenues, outdated sites hurt small businesses in myriad ways.

By partnering with a website redesign company to perform targeted website redesigns and modernization, small businesses can transform their online presence into an asset that attracts customers and fuels growth. A strategic redesign refreshes visuals, optimizes technical features, and amplifies branding to make websites that convert.

Regularly updating your website through thoughtful redesigns is a must for any 21st-century small business. Don’t let your online presence remain stuck in the past. A redesigned site aligned to current trends keeps small businesses competitive both locally and globally in the digital age.

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