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Local SEO and ranking factors to scale the Google SERP

Local SEO what is it and what are its benefits

Local SEO is the optimization of the presence on search engines at local level: here are the ranking factors to know to climb the Google SERP

Local SEO is a very useful tool for optimizing the presence on the search engines at the local level of an activity, but to do this you need to know what the main ranking factors are . Here is what you need to know to follow an effective local SEO strategy, making the most of its many potentials.

Local seo what is it and what are its benefits

Local SEO is a specific branch of SEO that is dedicated to the optimization of local businesses on search engines , with the aim of making people search for a specific geographic location find the business online. This search tool works with location qualifiers such as city and state and is valid for searches “near me”: Google detects the geographical position of the person doing the search and returns specific results for that location.

The advantages of local SEO Services are many and it is important to know them to understand the many potentials it offers. First of all, those who choose this type of business can have lower costs than other types of marketing tools, in addition there are many consumers who do specific searches on Google on their local community. It should not be underestimated that doing local SEO brings more traffic to the reference website of a company and responds positively to the needs of users who make a specific search at the location level.

For all these reasons, many companies have seized this opportunity and have decided to optimize their business for local searches: to follow a correct strategy it is essential to know the ranking factors of local SEO .

Local SEO ranking factors : what they are

The ranking factors of local SEO must be known in order to implement a correct and effective strategy, with the aim of scaling the Google SERP as much as possible . According to some research, the most important factor is Google My Business, followed by links, reviews and reviews.

Google My Business

The Google My Business service is essential to facilitate local searches, helping users when they need it most and offering them a positive browsing experience. Properly optimizing the information in the Google My Business listing is the first step to take to implement a local SEO strategy .

Back links

The link juice teaches us that links are fundamental in seo because the creation of links between the pages of the same site or of several authoritative sites is one of the main factors that Google uses to classify search results. A web page that receives many links from other authoritative sites tends to be considered pertinent for users and therefore scales the SERP: this logic also applies exactly to local SEO.


Another ranking factor of local SEO NYC are customer reviews , which can also influence the actions of other users . For Google, reviews have become increasingly important for the positioning of local businesses, so it is equally important to respond to user reviews and comments.

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