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Planning to visit Australia and you’re a student? A crucial process of getting an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover is ahead of your visa process.

According to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the 8501 condition of the Student Visa (subclass 500) states that “The visa holder must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance during their stay in Australia.”

This OSHC plan starts from the day you enter in Australia, you’re insured throughout your whole course time in Australia.

OSCH Plan Covers the Following:

  • Medical treatments, In and Out
  • Assistance in emergency ambulance
  • Prescription Medicines
  • Private hospitals treatment
  • Surgeries
  • In-patient Psychiatric
  • Soothing Care
  • 100% of MBS fee for services like surgery or extended care for an illness
  • 24×7 Emergency assistance

*The services mentioned can differ depending on the different providers and the prices.

Remember: Once you’ve entered Australia, it is important that you activate you Membership card from your insurance provider.

Make sure you check the details on the card match your student visa details after receiving it.

If your information on the card doesn’t match you must contact your insurance provider for the same.

You will need your OSHC card when:

  • Visiting a doctor
  • Arranging admission to hospital
  • Making a claim or make any other type of enquiry.

You will have an Insurance Membership Number on your card, which you will need to show whenever you want to use any of the OSHC benefits.

Always keep your card SAFE, keep it in your wallet or somewhere close to you in time of need.

*You are responsible for any claims that are made by your card. If it gets lost, stolen or someone not covered by your OSHC plan is using your card- Inform your Insurance Provider immediately.

You can order the physical copy of the card or activate your e-membership card. Ahm, Medibank and Allianz Global Assistance offers e-membership card activation which you will receive via an e-mail. You can save this e-card in your phone and show when needed. If you want a Physical copy of the card, you can request your Insurance provider to send you the physical copy on your Australian address. You will receive the card within 10 days.

Insurance Providers like BUPA and NIB offers only Physical Cards.

Allianz Global Assistance Membership Card:

You can activate and order membership card by Allianz Global Assistance My OSHC Assistant App or from student membership Portal. Just update your Australian address and contact number and get request for access of the membership card. You can also get access of E membership card instantly from My OSHC Assistant App. Save it in your phone for easy access.

Medibank Membership Card:

You can get your Medibank e-membership card by going online on and complete your registration by updating the personal details asked of you on the website. Save the digital card in your phone to keep it handy.

Bupa Membership Card:

For BUPA Policy holders, you must register for myBUPA to manage your OSHC account online.

Once you arrive in Australia, you can order a Physical card by updating contact details in myBUPA OSHC account online.

NIB Membership Card:

If you are NIB Policy holder, register on my NIB Account Portal (Online service for NIB)

Once you arrive in Australia, update address and contact details and order the physical membership.

AHM Membership Card:

For Ahm Policy holder, you should open an online membership account and complete registration by updating address details and contact details once you arrive in Australia. You can activate e Card from your online membership account by choosing “VIEW DIGITAL CARD” option. Save the copy of your card in your phone to keep it handy.

And these were all the details you need to know about your OSHC membership card. At AustraliaOSHC you’ll get the best of Plans from Government Approved Australian Health Insurance Providers. You can choose your plan that suits you best for your Visa!

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