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Kickstart the New Year By Adopting Healthy Habits

healthy habits

We need to adopt healthy habits in our lifestyle more than ever. 2020 was full of unprecedented changes and needless to say a harrowing one indeed While it put us on guard, we also went off track from our routine, and our healthy living went for a toss. 

Fitness and exercise became less of a priority as people became comfortable with their work from home routine. No fixed time to eat, erratic sleeping schedule and so on. 

But if you have been looking forward to starting healthy practices, what better time to start than the new year? You have the zeal and motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle and check off your New Year Resolution goals.


Start a Routine

2020 was all about whipping a fancy Dalgona coffee, TikTok challenges, posting memes, odd sleeping hours, binge-watching and eating and going off track from our daily routine. We really don’t blame you, but with things gradually returning to normal, we can change. 

And now it’s time to pull up your socks and maintain a balanced routine. When you fix a routine and stick to it, you feel an air of positivity and feel better about yourself. Knowing that you have your life under control is a different feeling altogether and is the first step towards making changes. 

List of a Few Healthy Habits That You Can Start in 2021

Diet and meals: A balanced morning routine that gives you energy and helps set the tone for the rest of the day is a clear example of consuming a nutritious breakfast. To remain hydrated and to avoid low energy levels, concentrate on drinking water during the day. Add menu prep to your routine and arrange a grocery shopping time if you prefer to catch meals on the go. 


Making exercise a habit: Plan every day a relaxed time to work out, like first thing in the morning or after work. You can also include skipping, brisk walking or jogging in your exercise list. Physical activity is important apart from a balanced diet to keep yourself fit. Make it a habit to rise and stretch regularly while seated at a desk most of the day. 


Work Balance: Work smarter by prioritizing and adding tasks to your to-do list. Try taking daily breaks to support you during the day. To rejuvenate your mind, don’t hesitate to cut off work from time to time. Invest strongly in some form of physical exercise as well, because improving productivity and keeping you fit and safe really goes a long way. It is dangerous to have either. Thus, finding a balance between work and life is important.


Eight Hours of Sleep: Regulate your sleep timings or plan a bedtime routine. Don’t burn the midnight lamp and compromise your sleep. Experts suggest that a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is important to keep yourself fit and fresh. People who sleep for lesser hours often meet with certain health problems and have a lower metabolism. Lack of sleep leaves one crappy, lethargic, and results in a lack of ability and desire to perform any task.


Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated is an important healthy living practice. Water is good to maintain a healthy gut. It flushes out the toxins, maintains our kidney health, helps to ease bowel movement and rejuvenates our health. 

To function properly and for our general wellbeing, our body needs water. Replace water with sugary drinks. Water is 100% calorie-free and has more advantages than you can imagine for your health. We can not feel thirsty in winter, but with water and fluids, we must keep ourselves hydrated.

Per day, you must drink at least 4 litres of water. Before and after eating a meal and just before going to bed, stop drinking too much water for an hour.


Self Care: Self-care is self-love, and there is nothing better than treating yourself right. Practice indulging in self-care practices this New Year. For a balanced mind and spirit, make time for yourself. You should take a relaxing bath, go for a stroll, read something or make yourself a nutritious dinner. For optimum wellbeing, your ‘Me time’ is important. 

Include annual health and wellness checkups as a part of your healthy routine

Building and practising a healthy schedule is a vital aspect of preserving strong physical and emotional wellbeing In addition to the above healthy habit suggestions, make sure your important health screenings, such as periodic checkups, dental checkups and cleanings, and eye and hearing exams, are included in the routine.

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