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Important Computer Skills to Teach Your Child

In the modern environment, technology is continuously advancing, and as a result, computers are core aspects of your work and educational environment. Computer skills are bound to rise in demand, and there is an urgent need for your child’s preparation. According to Forbes, computer-related employment was expected to increase by 22% by the year 2020. By engaging in training your child on computer operation, you empower him/her to showcase these skills in solving complex tasks. In the end, these skills make your child tech-savvy.


Here are the essential computer skills to teach your child.

1. Using a Mouse and Computer Touchpad

A computer mouse or touchpad is responsible for selecting, opening, and closing computer programs and windows. Given its functions, it is considered a fundamental skill that you should teach your child first. These features help your child navigate the home screen when choosing the windows they want to use. Therefore, without this skill, your child cannot operate a computer.

2. Operating a Computer Keyboard

After successfully operating a computer mouse, you should teach your child typing skills. With this skill, your child can enter information into the computer and engage in online research. Mastering typing skills at an early age gives your child more time to perfect these skills, increasing his/her competence in transcription and typing related jobs in the future.


When teaching your child, you should focus on his/her hand and finger positions. In perfecting this skill, you should engage your child in fun typing games, online tutorials, and assessments. These strategies will enhance your child’s correct spellings and high typing speed.

3. Creating, Sending, and Opening Emails

With the advancement of information technology, emails are common communication tools within formal and informal environments. Your child needs these skills to connect with you and his/her friends when necessary. In the future, your child will work in a formal setting, and as such, this skill will enhance his/her connections with other employees.


You should teach your child the right email etiquette when writing and responding to emails. Besides, your child needs to know how to create personal email addresses and components of fraudulent emails.

4. Basic Coding

Here, you should inform your child about the operation of a computer. If your child is interested in a computer-related career, such information will help create a career foundation. For instance, you should teach your child about coding’s basic building blocks. Ultimately, your child will have a solid foundation in preparation for future computer complexities.

5. Basic Computer Maintenance

Computers require proper handling and maintenance in case of operational issues. You should take your child through the processes of plugging in, switching on a computer, and solving fundamental computer problems. Your child will enhance the art of professionalism through proactively fixing and maintaining his/her computer. Minor maintenance issues cannot hamper your child from using his/her computer in the long-run.

6. Proper, Safe and Smart Internet Use


Safely navigating through the internet is a vital element for your child. He/she requires the internet for entertainment and online communication. Early knowledge of the right and wrong aspects of the internet plays a significant role in your child’s preparation. Therefore, take your time to teach him/her about opening and browsing through different webpages.

7. Microsoft Excel and Video Editing Basics

Even though these are advanced skills, you should gradually introduce your child to learn about them. Early introduction of your child to spreadsheet software helps him/her make lists, calculations, and simple charts. As your child gets used to the excel sheets from a young age, it increases his/her competence in the future working environment. Also, to enhance your child’s video editing skills, you should introduce him/her to various video editing software. These will expand your child’s skills in preparation for future computer careers. Ultimately, your child will only perfect these skills rather than starting to learn them from scratch.


The current generation is tech-savvy. Given the advancement of technology, it is crucial to train your child on the basic computer components. Apart from personal use, these skills prepare your child to face the future work environment. Given the anticipated increase in demand for computer-related experts, your child will easily navigate through computer careers due to the strong foundation.

Therefore, you should teach your child various computer skills, including using a mouse and computer touchpad, operating a computer keyboard, and Microsoft excel and video editing basics. It is not difficult to find affordable materials, resources, video guides, or free printable activities; you just need to look for a little guidance, set up a place and a schedule that works for your family, and start your child’s education in a fun no pressure kinda way.

In particular, during lockdown or difficult times a new skill to learn can be the best distraction. You can also teach him/her proper and smart internet use, essential computer maintenance, and email aspects. With these skills, your child will be competent and professional in a highly competitive business environment.

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