Importance Of Social Media Marketing in Businesses

In recent years, social media has expanded immensely and has become one of the most important and profitable aspects in Digital Marketing. The world is going digital, around 3.6 Billion people are using social media in 2020.So,it is important for every business to understand what Social Media Marketing is. Marketers who are not using social media in their businesses are probably losing something big. According to a source, about 50% of businesses are not even using social media platforms to promote their businesses. Clearly there is some misconception between the one who knows the importance of Social Media Marketing and those who are struggling with it.

Well if you are the one who are still unaware of what social media marketing is and why social
Media marketing is important for businesses then read out this article.


Social media marketing is the use of various social media platforms to raise visibility on the internet and to promote products and services.
The important social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.



Below listed 5 reasons why social media marketing is important for businesses-

1. Increases Brand Recognition


Increasing brand recognition is important for any business. Think of Social Media as new new way for expanding your brand. You are reaching new people and new demographics by creating profiles on all the important social media platforms. Also, having a social media page for your brand will benefit your business and will also bring more engagement to your business

2.Improves Brand Loyalty


Several studies have shown that companies that are very active on their Social Media platforms have a loyal fan following. Think about it, a customer can reach you directly. Social media is not only for promoting your products, a customer sees these platforms as a medium where they can directly communicate with the business. It’s a very social friendly environment which improves brand loyalty.

3. Higher Conversion Rates


If more people are going to your social media pages, more eyes are seeing your product then there are more chances of getting higher conversion rates. Obviously, if it’s a quality product, there’s good reviews behind it and a good social cloud on all the social media platforms.

4. Increases Inbound Traffic


Social Media also helps to increase traffic to your website. If your business is on all important social media platforms and you are sharing quality content, you are giving people reasons to click on your website which thereby increases website’s traffic.

5. Better Search Engine Rankings


Social Media Marketing is the key for SEO. You can optimize your website using SEO tactics but ultimately Google’s algorithm states that Social media is a big part of ranking. Businesses sharing their content via social media are sending out a brand signal to web crawler that speaks about your brand loyalty .


How to pick the ideal Social Media Platforms for your Business ?


Social media is a vital part of marketing strategy

So how will you pick the best social media platforms? Here are two steps to figure out which platform is ideal for your business-


  • Know your Audience – Try to find your target audience by finding the answers to the questions
    according to demographics.



  • Set your Goals – Once you know your targeted audience, you need to set goals for them. The primary goal is to drive sales by attracting customers.

A few Advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Marketing-


Every business can benefit from understanding the importance of Social Media Marketing . Here are 2 advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Cost efficient – Almost all social media platforms are free. You can easily create a business profile without spending a cent. But if you want to gain targeted traffic ,you can invest in paid social media advertising.
  • Cater large audience- Millions of people are using Social Media platforms worldwide. Start creating and posting good quality content to reach a large audience.


With every marketing master plan, there are always some disadvantages. Here are 2 disadvantages of Social Media Marketing-

  • Negative feedback- People use Social Media not only for sharing content that they love but also to share poor experiences with others about the product they didn’t love.
  • Time consuming – It is one of the major drawback. You have to spend a lot of time in Social media creating new content, posting it and constantly engaging with your audience.



Now-a-days, it is very important for every business to understand the importance of Social Media Marketing. It can be proved as a low cost method if done in the right way.

Start updating the right Social Media Marketing strategy which will increase website’s traffic, brand loyalty, brand recognition and much more.

Other than business, if you love social media and thinking of making a career in Social Media Marketing, the good news is there are plenty of jobs out there.

Get ready and prepare yourself for a successful interview.

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