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Import Data from Apple Mail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013

Import, Move Apple Mail Emails in MS Outlook PST Format with Manual & Automated Tool

Apple Mail is the default email application on a Mac system – Mac, MacBook, iPhone. If you have been using Mac Mail for work for long, and in cases when you consider or require to move on a Windows system, you would have to import data from Apple Mail to Outlook because of the fact that you cannot use Apple Mail on a Windows system.

The task of MBOX to PST – Apple Mail to Outlook migration – can become confusing and difficult for most of the users, as there is no direct method for such a conversion process.

In this blog, we will mention two specific methods using which you can move from Apple Mail to MS Outlook, and the first method is manual and automated is the second.

Move Data from Apple Mail to MS Outlook Manually

For the job of manual migration, the necessity of a few other tools is required for particular reasons. Apple Mail saves the mailbox data in the MBOX file format and MS Outlook saves mailbox data in the PST file format. In MS Outlook the support for direct import of the MBOX file is not permitted.

However, tools like Eudora and Outlook Express are necessary. Manual MBOX to PST – Apple Mail to Outlook is a multi-step process, therefore we will go through every step one after the other respectively.

  1. Import Apple Mail MBOX File
  2. Create the MBOX File
  3. Move Messages to Outlook Express
  4. Move Mailbox from OE to MS Outlook

Step 1. Import Mac Apple Mail MBOX File

With this manual process, you can import data from Apple Mail to Outlook and its various editions available such as Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019 on a Microsoft Windows machine; follow the steps below:

  1. Open Apple Mail.
  2. Hit on the File >> Import mailboxes
  3. In Import Data From the list, choose Files in .mbox format, and press the Continue.
  4. Now, Browse for the MBOX file in a specific location on your Mac machine.
  5. Select MBOX and hit the Continue.
  6. Upon the process achievement, hit on the Done.

Step 2. Create the MBOX File

At this stage, you must install the Eudora application for Windows to create Mac Mail to Microsoft Outlook PST file format.

  1. Change the extension to .mbx. For example, XYZ to xyz.mbx
  2. Now, move the file (.mbx) to Eudora’s directory.

Navigate through this path for exporting the file to Eudora’s directory.

C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora

  1. Open, Eudora application >> choose .mbx
  2. Close the application; the file will be created.

Step 3. Move Messages to Outlook Express

  1. Launch, Outlook Express
  2. Click on the File menu, select the Import then click on the Messages.
  3. Choose Eudora from the list of email applications >> press the Next
  4. Browse the .mbx file (for presentation) and choose it and press the OK.
  5. Hit on the Next >> Next, and then Finish.

Step 4. Move Mailbox from OE to MS Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook for Windows
  2. Hit on the File tab, select the Open
  3. Choose Import and Export.
  4. Select “Import Internet Mail and Addresses” and then hit the Next
  5. Choose Outlook Express 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, or Windows Mail
  6. Checkmark the Import-Mailbox checkbox and press the Next.

Completed! Import data from Apple Mail to Outlook via manual technique has done, and you can continue using the same mailbox in MS Outlook which you were using with Apple Mail on Mac system.

Import Data from Apple Mail to Outlook – With MBOX to PST Automated Tool

Well, the manual process does work well. In the end, you would get the expected result, but the drawback of free methods to import data from Apple Mail to Outlook is, it will take too much time for the complete conversion process to achieve, and you would need to download extra tools – Eudora & Outlook Express. And setting these additional applications for Windows would take some more of your crucial time making the process even longer.

As mentioned above, you get the expected result with the manual conversion process, but it doesn’t ensure to keep the integrity and hierarchy of the MBOX file.

Therefore, to avoid all these situations where chances of data loss are often possible, it is suggested to use an automated tool for the import process from Apple Mail to PST Outlook. The tool would not only help with data loss and file integrity but will save a lot of your time with sufficient functionalities to improve your overall MBOX to PST conversion experience.

add .mbox files

Cubexsoft MBOX to PST is an attractive find on the internet. The software turns the task of MBOX to PST conversion into an easy process of a few clicks. With the option of choosing a single MBOX file or multiple for moving to the PST file at once, the total time necessary for migration decreases effectively.

Also, you can implement the filter(s) on mailbox folder(s) as per the necessary which helps in narrowing down the overall file size after conversion, and the software provides support for all editions of MS Outlook.

The Concluding Words

The importing process from Apple Mail to MS Outlook is not a simple task, and for some users, it might be a little problematic and difficult. Step-by-Step applying in the given order is suggested to avoid an uncertain loss. Alternatively, you can try a professional and automated MBOX to PST software.

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