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Real Estate

Impact of the energy crisis on real estate

Energy crisis are basically the shortage of energy supplies in any area. Islamabad real estate is also affected a lot by the energy crises. Many of the energy resources are renewable but it depends on how you utilize them. Other than fossil fuels almost all the energy resources can be recycled and they do not release any greenhouse gases. For this, many alternate solutions are recommended to safe the environment clean. Some of them are biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy.

Whenever the energy crisis comes all the people suffer a lot, especially the industries, factories, and companies. The main cause of the energy resources shortage is the overconsumption of resources. Too much use of the gas, oil, and coal burning will pollute our environment. Many diseases also arose due to them, mainly brain and respiratory disorders. Renewable energy is the energy that is generated from natural resources.

When you are decided to buy a studio apartment or a house, then must check the location. It must be away from the factories or industries. The waste extracted from the factories, nowadays released into the water trunks and then it causes water pollution. The environment around the factories is not suitable to live in, the fuel smoke coming from these factories causes respiratory diseases. 

The generation of electricity by the process of nuclear fission is eco-friendly. But, its cost is very high. In this process, electricity is generated by the breaking of the uranium atoms and producing energy. During fission the heat is released then this heat is used to run the turbines. And the movement of these turbines generates electricity. It has no bi-product generation that will be harmful to our environment.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan:

Pakistan facing a severe energy crisis nowadays. It happens due to the chronic losses and undistributed supply of electricity. The energy crisis lost production and economic growth. The rate of electricity is increasing and in this situation, it is our foremost duty to save energy resources and use alternate generation methods of electricity. Wind energy and solar energy of them are all environment-friendly methods for the production of electricity. This will also reduce the pollution of the environment.


In Pakistan four renewable energy sources are present. These four are hydro, solar, biomass, and wind. Although the initial cost of starting these projects is very high. You face some problems in the installation, but once they are installed and start working. You will feel blessed to have this.


Effect of the energy crisis on the Real estate:

Real estate is the marketing of Property. People generally invest their money in real estate marketing to get benefits in the future. But, there is also a risk of loss in this business, so always keep the money for any good or bad times. All over the world, energy crises are increasing day by day, especially in Pakistan.

 Lower rates attract the customers/investors more. If the rate of everything is high then automatically the rate of the property will be high. This will discourage people to invest in any property. In this situation, this crisis also affects the real estate market in many ways.

  • Prices of the properties are rising due to the increase in the utilities.
  • It also badly affects the construction companies. Rising the rate of everything increases the rate of cement, sand, bricks, and all that things.
  • People stop to invest. Because due to inflation, they are hand to mouth and fulfilling the basic needs of the family hardly. In this situation how they can invest?
  • Having cash will erode the worth if it stays in your account for a long time. But for investing you need a large amount.
  • The energy crisis is worst for the people who are waiting for approvals for their undeveloped lands, such as interest rates, electric supply, and gas connection. They need to be worried about things. Islamabad real estate not facing this issue nowadays, they almost approved all of their property.
  • At the beginning of the construction, developers/ builders need to work hard.
  • Management will become more complex because of the electricity crisis and many real estate companies want to hire staff for energy consultation.
  • Project feasibility will be affected, due to the postponed approvals.

Why do people Prefer to live in an Apartment than a house?

The lifestyle of the people is altering day by day. In the past time, there were certainly no huge buildings or houses. But now everyone wants to enjoy life, living in a peaceful place to relax. Islamabad’s atmosphere and beauty fascinate the people to come and stopover there. It is surrounded by the Margalla hills, and the vision of these mountains from the enormous building of Islamabad is outstanding/remarkable. People want to live in these huge buildings to appreciate nature.


Some of the key features, of why the people of Islamabad are excited about Apartment lifestyles are these:


Living life in an apartment is unpretentious. This led to a life that has less hassle and is blissful. You can focus on your life goals and figure out your priorities easily. Having your own home is not a bad thing. But some people struck their selves in it and lost the happiness of their life. Don’t compromise on your health, physical and mental both. In B-17 Islamabad many apartment projects are starting, in which all the basic amenities are accessible. And the gym, pool, and kids’ play area to diminish stress and enjoy the moments of your life.

Less Material

Apartments are generally smaller than the house. So let’s stuff can accommodate in it. This makes you about, what things are important in your and your basic need. You just keep these things in your home. Living with less furniture and toys created a less mess.


Acquaintances flourish in the small space. The connection with your friends, family, and faith boosts up. You can set a proper time for them, and offer your prayers on time. This makes the world a happy place to live. Strong and fewer connections are enough.


Community halls are present in the Apartment buildings. They have weekly activities where people can meet and enjoy the different games. You don’t need to go far to enjoy it. Adult conversations are easy to find. Have a friendly environment and behave well with your neighbors. Talk with elders, sit and hear their [past stories to learn the lesson.

Financial Flexibility:

If you have on no account that much money to live a luxurious life. Then buying an apartment or living in an apartment can give you the charm of it. It shapes your expenses everywhere the lifestyles. You can spend money to live in different apartments in different places. Somewhat then outgoings money to buy a home in one place. Eat well food and spend money in enjoy life.


You will feel happy if you are true to your values and yourself. You don’t need to do the same things that others are doing. Make your own goals, and work hard to achieve the goals. It can be your permanent residence.


When you are living in any place, then cleanliness is the most important thing to consider. If the living place is small, then it saves your time to clean it. The peace that will come after cleaning the apartment is different.


Maintenance of the apartment is in the hand of the owner of the apartment if you are living on rent. Cloud Tower-1 builders promise to provide the maintenance staff with basic service. Like any issue related to electricity, and pipe fitting.

All the real estate companies are pressured to do contracts with DTI and Eskom for saving electricity consumption. A complex situation is created. It is the responsibility of the property owner to save the electricity requirements and coordinate with the clients by explaining the pros of saving a cost because of saving energy. Installed the saving energy appliances to reduce the cost. In MPCHS Islamabad, cloud-tower1 is the energy-efficient building that is going to be started soon

Due to the boost in the energy crisis, tax incentives, legislation, and government policies are enhanced. The economic cycle is followed by real estate prices. But, this is not a big issue for the investors, they can reduce this risk by getting REITs and following the other diversified holdings. These are not related to the economic cycles and withstand downturns.


Advantages of Energy Crisis for real estate:

Rates are high, and the new developments are stopped. This provides multiple opportunities to the real estate investors as the demand for space increases and which leads to an increase in rentals. Real estate investors are now accessing energy-efficient technologies and working. The cost of the energy-efficient system deployment will be of higher cost but it will save your future expenses.

If the building has multi-tenanted then providing an interrupted supply of electricity and gas is one of the biggest issues. On the committed capital cost, it is not obvious to generate the capital cost that will help to provide uninterrupted power. It is not obvious to provide full backups to all the tenants living there. Contact Islamabad real estate company to get the apartment/flat for sale that is energy-efficient.


I hope this article will clear your all doubts about the impact of the energy crisis on real estate. Although it has some benefits, disadvantages are more. Use energy-efficient appliances and save energy. If you have any confusion feel free to ask.

If you are looking to buy apartments for sale in Islamabad then we have a great opportunity for you because The Cloud Services going to Pre launch his 27th Floor building with the name of Cloud Tower-1. For more information visit: or contact at: +92 340 311 3333.

Thanks for reading!

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