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Hunza Tour Packages

Hunza Tour a Best Place to Represent the Nature

Hunza Tour packages:

The Hunza Valley tour is one of the most popular excursions in the world. It is located in the far north of Pakistan. Many believe that James Hilton’s famous novel “The Lost Horizon” was inspired by the Chania Valley. The world describes the Hunza Valley as a “land of myths” and is famous all over the world for its culture, landscape, friendliness, and hospitality. Travelers and adventure seekers from all over the world visit this landmark every year.

The Hunza Valley is surrounded by the peaks of the Karakoram Range. You can see the Rakaposhi peak (7788 m), Diran peak (7266 m), Shishper peak (7611 m), Spantik (7072 m), Altar peak (7388 m), and many other peaks and mountains. Its height is clearly more than 6,000 meters from any point in the middle of the Hunza Valley. The Hunza Valley is home to many types of plants and animals. You will find beautiful lakes, vast mountains, unique culture, history, architecture, wildlife, and glaciers. Need to visit Hunza a beautiful place on earth located in Pakistan? call us on Pakistan Travel Guide to get the cheapest Hunza tour packages. Travel with comfort. Travel with confidence. Travel with Pakistan Travel Guide.


Pakistan travel guide Tour Package:

Pakistan travel guide offers the opportunity to see paradise in the land of Hunza at an altitude of 2,500 meters. Thousands of tourists visit Gilgit-Baltistan every year. Hunza Valley is synonymous with tourism in Pakistan. In 2020, we will take most tourists from Islamabad to the Hunza Valley. However, some consumers prefer air travel from Islamabad to Hunza.

Hunza Tour Packages by Pakistan Travel Guide:

Pakistan travel guide company promotes tourism in Pakistan and offers a lot of travel packages for everybody. Whether it is a family trip or a private honeymoon trip. We are here to give you the best guidance throughout your adventure. The Pakistan travel guide Tour 2020 package fully expands the wonderful calendar we follow saw soft areas of different natural colors. As you roam the Hunza, you can see the history of the surviving pioneers. Take a boat ride through the circular waters of Lake Atababad and take the best panoramic tour before reaching the Sost border to Khunjerab and Pakistan-China.

Best places visit in Hunza Tour:

Ondra Fort, Gulmit

Ondra Fort is 25 minutes from Gulmit. Ondra Castle in Hanza is a beautiful tourist attraction. For more energy, visit Ondra Gulmit Fort and head from Gulkin / Black Glacier to Borith Lake (a three-hour tour, including a 25-minute hike). These amazing places and tourists should include Ondra Fort Ghulam in Hunza on their route.

Borith Lake

Borith Lake is a 30-minute drive from Attaabad lake. It is a peaceful place. It is the best place in Hunza for those who want to relax from a busy everyday life. Near this beautiful lake are white and black glaciers, a 15 to 30-minute drive from a 1 to 3-hour walk. It is the best place to visit Hunza. Lake Porath is the best campsite in Hunza.

Hussani Bridge

Hussani Bridge is a 30-minute drive from Ezaba. Hasni Bridge has 400 stars from one end of the bridge to the other. The bridge is safe, but for some people, it is scary. However, caution should be exercised when crossing Hussani Bridge, as there is still a possibility of accidental falls. It is the more visited tourist place in Hunza.

Karimabad Bazaar Hunza

Karimabad is the main tourist destination in the Harry Valley. If you visit the Hunza Valley, stroll through the old cobbled streets of Karimabad and support local businesses with some handicrafts and other local produce.


The final words:

Pakistan travel guide ordering the best Hunza tour packages depending on your needs. visit nature. Visit the most attractive natural beauty of Hunza with our cheap Hunza tour packages.

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