How To Stay Calm Under Stressful Circumstances

Life can be extremely stressful in some situations, and in the current circumstances of COVID-19, the pressure on the mind can be tremendous. Things are going haywire in every aspect, whether it is regarding health, social life, profession, finance, and even your relationships.

There is an atmosphere of fear and panic everywhere, which is affecting each and every individual on the planet. Hence, losing mental peace is not a surprise, and can you can often get frequently restless. However, keeping the composure of your mind is important, or else, the stress can negatively impact your mind and body.

Stressful situations can make you disturbed and even affect your capability of making rational decisions. It can hurt your productivity and your concentration level as well. Hence, it’s important that you try to stay calm no matter how stressful the situation might be.

It is not an easy thing to do, but by following some of the steps mentioned below, you will be able to retain calmness of your mind even in the most stressful situations. To know what they are, have a look at the suggestions given below.

Take a deep breath

When you are stressed or excited, your palpitation increases and your breathing shoots up as well. Taking deep breathes and slowly helps in preventing the release of stress hormones in the body, making you feel relaxed. Focus on your breathing to distract yourself from the thing that is bothering you.

It shall help you to concentrate on the things happening currently. Breathe through your nose all the way to your belly. Hold it for a second, and slowly exhale via your mouth. Repeat this few times until you find yourself relaxed.

Get sleep

The pandemic can make you stressed and anxious. Besides, there are other things too in life, which can make you restless. Nevertheless, you should not compromise with your sleep in any situation and see that you get your daily sleep quota aptly.

Lack of sleep can cause health issues in you and make things more stressful. Hence, a good night’s sleep can help you to overcome your stress and also maintain your mental health’s wellbeing. Switch off electronic devices, spray aromatic oils in the bedroom and darken the room completely for a good night’s sleep.

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It is one of the most ancient and effective ways of calming your mind and fighting stress. Through meditation, you can take control of your emotions and prevent negative thoughts from bothering your mind. While meditating, chanting of ‘OM’ mantra can be specifically helpful.

It can help to cleanse your mind from negative thinking and induce positivity in your brain. Pick a quiet and calm spot for meditation, and the best time to do it is early morning. 

Vent out your anger or anxiety

Storing anxiety and anger within you for some reason can make you more restless and stressed. It increases the cortisol level excessively that can increase the stress and negative emotions in you. Hence, it is essential to let out your anger or anxiety to calm yourself down rather than storing it within you.

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