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How to Remove Smoke Odor After a Fire

Did you know that there is an average of 358,300 home-based fires per year? Experiencing a house fire is traumatic and the trauma lingers in the form of smoke.

A house fire can cause a lot of damage and leave an unpleasant smell. So, how can you get rid of smoke odor in the home? There are several techniques to follow.

Read on to learn more.

Air Out the Home

The first thing you should do to get rid of smoke odor in the home is air it out. You can do this by opening all doors and windows. If you have window screens, remove those too to provide better airflow.

To speed the process up, you can also use fans. Point them towards the corners in the room or aim them at doorways and windows to force the smoke smell out of the home.

Deep Clean

Fresh air can help with smoke removal, but to remove it completely from your home, you’ll need to deep clean all affected items. This is a tedious task, but it will be worth it in the end.

Start by washing linens, towels, and all clothes that have been victims of smoke exposure. This includes area rugs, curtains, duvets, furniture covers, and any other fabric materials.

When you get rid of smoke with fresh air and fans, you’ll also want to clean windows, screens, and any window shades. Smoke residue sticks to window frames and sills more than the glass.

You can use white vinegar, dish soap, and hot water to wash windows and other solid surfaces in the home.

Repaint Walls

Paint can retain smoke odor and if this happens to you, you’ll need to repaint the walls to remove the bad smell. Ammonia and glycol can be used to wash the walls, but it is essential to handle these chemicals with care.

Once cleaned and dry, use a primer designed to lock in odors and finish it off with latex paint.

Hire Professional Fire Restoration Services

If the problem continues after you’ve tried all of the above steps, you should let the professionals handle the smoke odor. Keep in mind that you should only attempt these steps after a small fire to avoid staying in a hazardous home.

Fire damage, water damage, biohazard, & sewage emergency clean up services have the correct tools needed to handle a fire emergency and more. Not only do they have the tools, but they have the right expertise to get the job done.

Remove Smoke Odor to Make Your Home Fresh Again

Forgetting the trauma after a fire is not easy, but getting rid of the smoke odor can help. If you want your home to smell fresh and clean again, follow the above tips to remove the smoke smell.

Don’t think you have the time or ability to get rid of smoke odor on your own? Your best bet is to hire fire restoration services.

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