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How To Remove A Stuck Shower Head in 2022

Removing the shower head that is old is required to enjoy uninterrupted flow of water. Shower heads that are old be rusty and your excellent performance may not be as good. When this happens you should replace the shower as fast as you can.

Steps You Should Begin With While Removing The Shower

Step 1: Use A Wrench To Remove A Shower Head

Utilizing a simple tool to loosen your shower head is the ideal way to prevent any damage. A wrench is ideal to remove the shower head and removing it from the arm, however, you could also use pliers to unwind the shower head.

  • Make use of an old cloth to protect the fitting’s connector and the plumbing bolt. This will protect the shower head’s metal head.
  • Make sure you grip the connector with the wrench or plier.
  • Make the wrench turn in the counterclockwise first. It will aid in breaking the layers of mineral or rust.
  • Then you can turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw.
  • The shower head will come loose by using an wrench.

Step 2: Use Lubricant To Unscrew

If your shower head is covered with lots of solid water, it’s possible that a wrench plier will not work initially. Then, you can apply a spray lubricant in order to soften your shower head and create it more slippery.

In the area around the thread apply the spray to lubricate.

Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes and then let the lubricant to absorb.

Try it again using the wrench in the anticlockwise direction.

If it’s stuck, apply more to lubricate it and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Use A Rust Remover

Rust remover can work wonders when you have a shower head that is stuck. If you believe that rust accumulation is the reason behind your shower head that is stuck then use a rust remover to clean it from the inside.

Removers are heavy liquid that contains chemicals to dissolve hard deposits of rust.

Make use of a clean, new cloth and then pour some rust remover on it.

Make use of it to wash the tread. Ensure you’ve used enough to remove the rust-related scratches.

Let it sit for 2 hours. You will notice broken pieces of rust. Clean them before you use the wrench for the second time.

Step 4: Bring A Pipe Wrench

After attempting all of the above steps however, the shower head will not unscrew. You can make use of an auxiliary pipe wrench. Follow the instructions provided here, but make sure that you’re aware when using this tool.

To give the process more efficient it is possible to attach an iron pipe. This will make the handle longer and allow you to make use of it as you please.

By using a pipe wrench you’ll have to lift the arms of the shower. The pipe wrench will assist you to take off the shower arm, and later the shower head.

If you follow these steps it is easy to take off a shower head that is stuck. After this, you will not need to spend time wondering how to get rid of the shower head that is stuck.

But, after taking out the shower head that was stuck and replacing it with a fresh one, you must follow a few additional steps. These steps will ensure that the shower head will not become stuck for the second time. What are these steps? Find out here for the complete list of all.

Cleaning Your Shower Head Is Equally Important

If you are planning to replace the shower head you had previously installed it is essential to clean it. This is a crucial step you must do to be sure that it doesn’t back into the same situation.

Step 1: Soak Your Shower Head In Vinegar Overnight.

To eliminate the mineral build-up and rust off your showerhead completely and thoroughly, you must clean thoroughly. The water alone would not be enough to eliminate all the hard-rust particles off the shower head. Therefore, follow the steps.

  • Make sure your shower head is in the basin of a smaller size.
  • Put distilled vinegar into it, and mix it in together with the water till it is filled while the head of your shower is completely submerged within the basin.
  • Allow the head of your shower to soak in the mixture of vinegar for a night.
  • In the early morning, wash your shower head with cold water.

Step 2: Use A Brush To Clear The Accumulated Rust Particles

After you have cleaned the shower head with the cold shower head, you will notice that there are likely to remain some solid particles within the. When that happens it is necessary employ a brush to get rid of the particles.

It is possible to add a rust remover to the vinegar.

Make use of a wire brush to scrub the treads thoroughly to get rid of small pieces of rust.

Step 3: Cleaning Your Shower Arm To Remove A Stuck Shower Head

Connecting your shower head into shower arms that are not clean can be risky. Your shower head can be stuck if not wash your shower arms.

Take your Teflon tape by removing it from the the arm of your shower. You can make use of a wire brush or an Exacto-knife for removal.

Apply a lubricant or rust remover on the tread , and let it sit for a few minutes.

Clean the rust with the wire brush once the allotted time has expired.

Make use of an old rag or a rag to wash the arm of your shower.

Steps To Reattaching The Shower Head

These are the last steps you must follow when reconnecting the shower head to the arm of the shower. Take these actions to finish the job.

Step 1: Use Plumber’s Tape To Cover The Shower Thread

The application of plumber’s tape is the most crucial thing to do when installing the showerhead. In the absence of it, it could cause leaks, which can cause more issues when taking a bath.

Use enough plumber’s tape to create a 3 layers of cover. The tape should be wrapped in an orderly pattern on the thread of the shower arm.

Make sure that the tape is properly pressed onto the threads.

Allow it to rest for a while to make sure you’re sure that tapes are snug.

Step 2: Attaching The Shower Head

Now is the time to put together your shower arm and attach the shower head in it. It is essential to fix your shower head correctly by following the instructions below.

Fixing the wall mount shower head procedure- The overhead shower head fixing procedure is different from the handheld shower head fixing process.

Set the shower head on the arm, and then tighten it in a clockwise manner to complete the job.

Handheld shower fixing process Shower heads are connected to a hose inside the shower handheld.

Set the shower head close to the arm’s thread. The fixture will be tightened by moving the shower head in a clockwise direction.

Connect the shower hose to the mounting and connect the other one for the shower head. Make sure that you tightened the connectors by using your fingers.

Then, place the shower head on the mount for showers.

Step 3: Switch On The Water Supply

After all the work is completed, it is time to switch on the water supply you shut off prior to commencing the work.

Switch on the faucet and close the water valves when you’ve completed your task.

Make sure to check for leaks around the shower head.

If you find that the shower’s head leaked then open the connector and then apply another layer of plumber’s tape on it and then fix it up in the same way as described in the previous.


We created this guide since the majority of customers are puzzled by the problem of a stuck shower head. We’ve seen that they usually encounter a common issue: how to get rid of the shower head that is stuck.

This step-by-step guide is a must in the event that your shower head gets stuck. We’ve made sure to explain each step in detail, so that you don’t have any issues while going through the procedure.

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