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How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring | The Post City


  1. Cleaning of green spaces and vegetable gardens
  2. Plantations of shrubs, bulbs, and plants of all kinds
  3. Think about your amenities and amenities

The end of winter and the beginning of Dec, in general, are the ideal times to start preparing your garden for spring. To enjoy an aesthetic and vigorous garden at the beginnings of spring, when the days begin to lengthen and the temperatures rise, it is essential to make some preparations.

Cleaning of green spaces and vegetable gardens
Rains, hail, storms, frost and thaw, snow, winds, so many bad weathers that are unfortunately the daily lot of the fall and winter seasons. The dead leaves littering the floors are themselves distorted by the low temperatures, weeds have invaded the borders and the vegetable garden, the trees and shrubs have been broken by the weight of snow and strong winds also make plans to Resin Drives around. It is therefore necessary to get out of the comfort of the house and prepare your green spaces for the arrival of spring.

Picking up dead leaves on the lawn and flower beds with a lawn broom, cleaning ornamental ponds, pulling weeds, and pruning trees and shrubs, all tasks that must be carried out well to allow vegetation to reborn. It is then that it will then be possible to practice new plantings to enhance the spaces. Buying plants online can be a great way to find essences and plants that will harmonize perfectly with your exteriors.

Plantations of shrubs, bulbs, and plants of all kinds
At the end of autumn, it is the ideal time to carry out the planting of your shrubs or the flowers which will come to push with the arrival of the beautiful days.

You will find online a multitude of species and varieties for your happiness and the beauty of your garden. Perennials, shrubs, climbing plants, daffodils, tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, or anemones, the choice is immense for an aesthetic and colorful garden.

Before any new planting, it is essential to prepare your land by aerating it and providing it with all the nutrients necessary to ensure the proper development of your plants. Turn the soil over by digging it up and enrich it with organic matter from your compost, or enriched topsoil that you can easily find online.

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Think about your amenities and amenities
If you want to decorate your exteriors to enjoy a landscaped ensemble when spring arrives, it is also time to think about the different arrangements to be made.

Dig a small ornamental pond with aquatic plants to accommodate small residents when the sun returns;
Install nesting boxes to accommodate the birds that will brighten up the place;

Create new borders around your vegetable garden and access paths with Chinese steps or terrace tiles, the range of possibilities is enormous and only limit your imagination.

For the vegetable garden, it is also the time to start sowing your seedlings, in a place sheltered from the cold and the wind, such as inside your garden shed. Tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, salads, it’s time to sow your seeds so that you can replant them as soon as the last periods of frost are behind you.

It is also the time to germinate your potatoes in a dry place and in the dark to be able to put them in the ground when the time comes.

If you want to enjoy your garden and see the first colors bloom with the arrival of spring, it is necessary to prepare yourself for it by bringing it special care and giving it every chance to amaze you in spring and after.

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