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How to Pick the Best Protective Gear for Onewheels

How to Pick the Best Protective Gear for Onewheels

The best way to pick out the best protective gear for onewheels is to be comprehensive about it and extra cautious. While you might occasionally see people riding a unicycle, a scooter, a bike, or some other wheeled machine with minimal protection, this is not a path for you to follow.

Skill doesn’t matter here, and neither does experience. That’s why when people fall, trip or experience an unplanned dismount it’s called an “accident.” Skill only goes so far in preventing accidents, and the rest is covered by preparation.

Among the ways to prepare for the unforeseen is to be as ready as possible, and the safest way to be possible is to prepare with protective gear. In addition, don’t skimp on it. While you might not be required by law to wear any protective gear, you should always wear a helmet at the absolute, bare minimum. In fact, you should make it a habit to wear all of the gear we cover in this article.

Whether required by law or not, you should never get in the saddle without wearing a helmet. While the majority of scrapes, bumps, and bruises might occur to the elbows and knees, the majority of serious injuries that occur involve the head. Never ride without a helmet, ever.

The helmet is your single most important piece of onewheel safety gear, and that’s not just the case if you’re riding a unicycle. It’s the reason that bikers and skateboarders wear them too, among others. You can never be too safe, especially when you are riding a machine that has no handlebars.

After you have assured yourself you are wearing a helmet that is protective and comfortable, you can move onto other important safety gear, like pads for your knees and elbows. When you fall off a unicycle, or off of anything, really, your instinct is to reach out and break your fall. While you don’t necessarily reach out with your knees, they sometimes take the brunt of a fall if only because they are closer to the ground.

Your extremities are going to be the parts of you that get scuffed up the most, so your knees, elbows, and hands are going to take on the ground before the rest of you gets there. For that reason, you should cover yourself adequately with pads and guards. After you have picked out a helmet, move on to picking out a pair of elbow pads and knee pads.

While not absolutely necessary, many riders wear gloves and wrist guards, too, in order to protect their hands against abrasion as well as against falling. It doesn’t hurt you to wear them, and in fact, it can protect you. Add them to the list.

After you have covered yourself with a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and probably gloves and wrist guards you can get into other protective gear like the shin guards that riders sometimes wear. Occasionally, your shins will come in contact with the crown of a unicycle, and shin guards help to protect against this- but they will also cover you if you fall.

Besides these, good shoes and sunglasses will cover most of the rest of what you need to be safe while riding. If you’re looking for the best protective gear for onewheels, this is a good place to start.

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