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How To Pick Ideal Standard Bath Straight Baths?

The ideal standard bath straight baths are needed when you have a standard-sized bathroom in the UK.  There is no doubt that a bathtub is an essential need of every home. It is an important fixture of your bathroom from providing therapeutic baths to relaxing after a hard day out. But have you ever thought that there are various types of baths exists?  These bathtubs let you indulge in a great bath experience and add to the aesthetics of the bathroom and increase the comfort while you are using them. If you are a first-time buyer, then you will have confused about choosing what straight bath you should choose? Are there any criteria to choose the best bathtub in terms of aesthetics, comfort, and utility? While no set checklist can help you to find the best choice for you, there are things you may consider while deciding for the straight bath.

ideal standard bathThe Criteria for Ideal Standard Bath Straight Baths

Unless you know what actually what you should look for in the ideal standard bath straight baths. It may not be possible for you to decide about it. So, we can set some criteria here first and then review them one by one.  The straight bath that is ideal for you should be comfortable and look good in creating a coordinated look, durable, and highly functional. In addition to that, it should cost you as per your budget restrictions. 

Important Things to Focus for Ideal Standard Bath Straight Baths

Here are the important things that you should keep in mind while choosing ideal standard bath straight baths 

1-Bathtub Style. If you are a first-time buyer of a bathtub, then you will be surprised to know that the bathtubs are available in more variety than any other bathroom fixture. So, the first thing you will have to decide will be whether you want a straight single-ended bath or a double-ended one. This choice may further get into considering a shower or standard baths. You can further find various shapes and sizes to choose from as well. 

2- Material.  Another important thing is a material of a straight bath. Bathtubs come in various materials, from acrylic to plastic and cast iron. Although you can get any bathtub, the material has a high impact on its overall costs and maintenance. Acrylic is a relatively newer material that is cost-effective and durable at the same time. That’s why it is very popular nowadays. We recommend you choose it for your straight bath.

3- Size. As there are all types and sizes of bathrooms in the UK, you should choose one based on your requirements. The straight baths are available in different size that starts from 1400mm to 1700mm. You should get the one that is suitable as per available space. For example, a 1400mm straight bath is ideal for small bathrooms. 

4- LifeStyle

One important thing for the ideal standard bath is that you should keep in mind the needs of users while getting a straight bathtub. If you choose it for a family bathroom, then a double-ended straight bath would probably be a better choice. It is because you can give baths to your children easily into such tubs. In addition to that, it will be more comfortable for any elderly using them. That is why your lifestyle has a determinantal effect on your choice of bath. 

The bath panel has a simple but important function of covering the pipes that may be left visible otherwise. Just imagine you have bought a bathtub which looks great in your Bathroom. If its pipes underneath are visible, its whole look will be ruined. In addition to that, the bath panels covering protects these important fixtures from water splashes. So, if you buy a bath, a panel may also be required depending on your bathtub type and where you want to fix it. Bath panels are available in different sizes like 1600mm bath, 1700mm bath, 1800mm Bath, etc.

Choosing the right bath panel; However, when it comes to choosing the right bath panel, you may need to consider many things, as discussed here, When you buy a bath, you should consider buying a bath pane as well. You should know how much it costs to add bath panels with a bath. The bathtubs which need bath panels include a straight and shower bath. Most bathtubs require bath panels; otherwise, your piping system will not look good. Only freestanding bathtubs are the one which doesn’t need a bath panel. What size of a Bath Panel do you need? One of the first and most important considerations for choosing a bath panel is the size.

Bath PanelThe bath panel size varies depending on the size of your bathtub. You will be glad to know that we have a range of bath panels in different sizes like 1600mm bath, 1700mm bath, 1800mm Bath, etc. What Style and Colour do you need? The next step after deciding about your bath panel’s size is to choose from various styles available. The choice of style depends on the type of look you want to achieve in the Bathroom. You may choose from the bath panels made with wood or acrylic

We have beautiful different color bath panels that include White, Grey, Indigo Grey, Hale Black, etc. The most popular bath panel color is white. That is because white goes well with different color bath panels. The material of Bath Panels Whether you have a 1600mm Bath, 1700mm bath, or 1800mm Bath, you will need to choose the bath panel’s material wisely. The most common material for bath panels is acrylic and wood. Acrylic is an economical and durable material that lasts for many years.

Another benefit of the acrylic baths panel is that it is available in many different colors. While on the other hand, wood gives your bath panels a natural touch. Wood bath panel is relatively heavier than acrylic but makes it easy to create a luxurious and coordinated look.

Bath Panels at The Royal Bathrooms UK Bath panels are an important fixture that is an essential part of bathtubs. You need it in almost every type of Bath except a freestanding bathtub. Its main function is to hide the pipework while protecting the plumbing system from water splashes. However, you must plan about the type of bath panel you need while buying your bathtub to avoid any problems. To choose the right bath panel, you must decide its size as per measurements of your bathtub, color, and material wisely. We have a range of bath panels available in different sizes, including for 1600mm bath, 1700mm bath, or 1800mm Bath. You choose the one you like according to specification or your needs. In addition to that, we have different beautiful colors also available to make it easy for you to create a coordinated look.

Our Ideal Standard Bath Straight Baths a Right Choice for Your Bathroom?

In this article, we have explained various aspects of choosing the right ideal standard bath straight baths. Keeping in view the above criteria, you can easily make the right bath choice for your bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have various types of baths available at reasonable prices. You can visit our website to get the best deals on all bathroom fittings and fixtures

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