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How to Move Household Belongings Safely to a New Home?

Relocating home is the most tiring and stressful event, especially if you are not fully prepared and organised. Shifting or move household belongings require a lot of time, energy and a proper checklist.

Once you have decided on the final moving day, start the preparations. Lack of planning or delaying the move can leave you in a chaotic situation. Most people lose their precious possessions or end up with a physical injury because they start too late.

Create a rough budget and a moving out checklist and hire the best removalists Gold Coast. These steps will ensure a safe and sound moving experience.

However, if you feel confused and don’t know how to get started, read the following tips and tricks and streamline your home relocation.

Here is a complete guide to help you move household belongings safely to a new home on the Gold Coast.

 Let’s Get Started!

  1. Planning is a Key

Don’t wait for the last few days to pack your belongings. It is good to start the process as early as possible. To stay organised, you need to plan and prepare a checklist.

Finalise your moving day and begin the process at least 8 -10 weeks prior. Since moving the entire house is not easy, you need a lot of time and planning.

It is good to include creating a list of tasks along with the timeline to avoid last-minute chaos. If you are a working professional, take some time daily after work and plan your move.

Do not forget to create a moving budget so that you can track your expenses and cut unnecessary ones when required.

  1. De-cluttering is the Next Step

Moving household belongings can be more stressful and expensive. Instead of packing everything, it is good to pack those that you need in your new abode.

This is the best time to get rid of household items you no longer need. Before packing, take some time out of your busy schedule and de-clutter your room one bone. Here is a complete checklist to help you determine what needs to be donated, recycled or tossed:

Start with your kitchen:

  • Expired food
  • Outdated kitchen appliances
  • Extra utensils and cookware
  • Old cookbooks
  • Broken/empty bottles
  • Sauce packets
  • Unnecessary plastic containers and lids.

A Living Room

  • Donate old books that you have already read
  • Toss DVDs, VHS Tapes, CDs and Cassettes because they are old media items
  • Donate old toys of kids if they are in good condition
  • Toss old magazines
  • Broken items
  • Outdated floor coverings
  • Outdated or broken furniture, such as chairs, tables, etc


  • Extra hangers
  • Old or torn clothes
  • Out of fashion accessories and jewellery.
  • Unwanted beddings
  • Old curtains or unwanted items
  • Expired medicines


  • Old cosmetics and expired beauty items
  • Toiletries
  • Broken beauty tools
  • Old toothbrushes
  • Empty bottles of shampoos, body cleaners and conditioners

Make sure you divide items into different categories: Keep, Toss, donate, and sell so that you can easily sort household belongings without any stress.

  1. Book Gold Coast Removalists in Advance

Moving large and expensive household belongings, such as furniture pieces, a fridge, and a piano requires special attention. It is good to book a professionally trained and experienced Removalists Gold Coast which specialises in home relocation.

They can help you move household belongings safely because professionals bring cutting-edge moving equipment and the right truck size to avoid damage. Here are some quick tips that will help you find the best company:

  • Recommendations or referrals can work if you are moving for the first time.
  • Search a good company online
  • Read online reviews of previous customers
  • Compare quotes of at least three companies
  • Ask necessary questions regarding services, pricing policies and customer service.
  • Know everything about moving insurance
  • Check their official website

Make sure you book a good company at least 4 weeks prior to your final moving date. This will help you save a lot of time. Because waiting too long could mean paying a higher price, or you may end up hiring an average-rated company, especially if it is peak moving season.

  1. Arrange Necessary Packing Supplies

Packing is one of the crucial steps when moving precious possessions. Many people prefer hiring a moving company on the Gold Coat which specialises in high-quality packing services.

If you are doing it yourself, arrange the necessary supplies before beginning the process. Make sure you have cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, packing paper, packing tape, zipper bags, plastic bags, moving blankets, towels, a permanent marker, etc.

Tip: Ask your local grocery store or liquor shop for used boxes that are good in condition. This can save you a lot of money.

  1. Pack As Early As Possible

Do not delay the packing process because most people ruin their moving experience due to lack of preparation and last-minute packing. After finalising the moving date, you can begin by packing off-season stuff or the items you won’t miss.

For instance, if you are moving in winter, pack all your summer clothes like shorts. You can also pack items you don’t use frequently. After that, you can focus on other items.

Create an organised plan for packing your home. Start room-by-room to pack all your belongings. Here at thepostcity, you will find more tips on packing your home correctly.

  1. Dismantle Large Furniture Pieces

Start the process by measuring your doorways, entryways and furniture items because not all pieces will need to be disassembled. A coffee table or chairs can easily pass through all hallways and doorways.

Bulky furniture pieces like a dining table, a master bed, and a dressing table need disassembling. So, it is good to read the instruction manuals of the product- this will make it easy for you to dismantle and reassemble the furniture.

Make sure you have proper tools, such as screws, bolts, nuts, and one set of wrenches.

For example:

  1. Remove legs from your dining table if they are detachable and pack them safely.
  2. Keep bolts and nuts in a Ziploc bag and secure it with the furniture using packing tape.
  3. Use bubble wrap, furniture blankets and packing paper to pack furniture pieces.

You can do it with the assistance of your friend or partner or just hire good removalists in Gold Coast for packing and moving bulky furniture items.

  1. Pack Kitchen Appliances

Packing delicate kitchen appliances is the hardest step. You prep your microwave, oven, coffee maker, refrigerator and dishwasher. Clean them thoroughly using safe and sound products. Here are some tips for packing your kitchen appliances safely:

A fridge:

  • Empty and defrost the refrigerator before you pack your appliances.
  • Clean inside and out.
  • Remove detachable shelves and pack them properly
  • Use packing tape to close and seal the doors, so they don’t open while transporting.
  • Tape the power cord to the back of the appliance
  • Pack the entire fridge using moving blankets to avoid scratches. Secure it using packing tape.

Tips to pack an oven or microwave

  • Clean the appliance properly using white vinegar and a warm water solution.
  • Remove shelves and plates and secure the door
  • Pack shelves using bubble wraps and secure them with tape.
  • Remove the plug and tape it to the back of the appliance
  • Pack the entire appliance using packing paper and bubble wraps to prevent scratches.
  1. Wrap your Fragile Items

Nothing can go wrong if you follow the right tricks and tips to pack your delicate household items.

  • Use smaller boxes for bulky fragile items
  • Use an extra layer of packing to protect your breakables
  • Pack your stuff in quality and sturdy boxes
  • Tape the bottom of your boxes for extra support
  • Layer the bottom of your box using soft materials
  • Fill empty spaces in the box
  • Use dividers for delicate glasses

If you are facing difficulties, hire good Removalists Gold Coast and save time, money and energy.

  1. Label All Your Boxes

Do not forget to label all your packed boxes if you want their safety throughout the process. Use a black permanent marker and write relevant names, such as ‘ fragile items’ if a particular box has breakable belongings. You can also write the list of contents available in the box. This will allow removalists to take extra care while lifting or loading delicate items.

Labelling is one of the crucial steps that can organise your post packing process when you reach your new home.

  1. Create an Inventory List

Many people don’t even realise that they lost their precious possessions during the moving process. They came to know after weeks when unpacking their belongings. If you don’t want to miss your items, make sure you create an inventory of all your moving belongings.

Take a note of shelves, small items and documents. Start with major items, such as furniture and large appliances. After that, move to smaller items like tables.

Note: Take photos of your belongings to keep them as evidence in case of an accident or mishap during the process.


These are some of the best tips that will help you move household belongings safely to a new abode. If you want a quality service without causing any damage, hire the best Gold Coast removalists and enjoy the moving experience.

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