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How to Make Your Corporate Event on a Yacht Happening, Fun and Memorable?



A cruising vacation has always enjoyed the status of the most sought-after holiday experience. And rightly so. There’s magic in the water. It is serene, and refreshing and has the power to rejuvenate your senses. Now imagine experiencing this on a luxury yacht, with the best of amenities at your disposal!

Hosting a corporate event on a yacht can be an incredible experience for your team. It will be a great opportunity for them to bond with each other and build strong relationships. And with the right planning and execution, your corporate event on a yacht can be truly memorable and successful.

Here are some of the most entertaining activities you can include in your corporate event on a yacht:

1. Sailing races

Sailing races in a corporate event are not only a great way to have some healthy competition but also an excellent team-building activity. It will help your team members learn to work together harmoniously and develop communication and coordination skills. These fun races are also great lessons in micromanaging and organizational skills.

Corporate sailing regattas can be designed to suit all ages, abilities and levels of experience. The fun part is that most participants in these sailing races will have never sailed before. They would love the novelty of it and the challenge of learning something new.

You can add even more fun to these boat races by making them theme-based. For example, the Pirates of the Caribbean Boat Race can have everyone dressed up as Jack Sparrow and chugging at copious piña coladas!

Make sure that each yacht participating in the race has a fully-qualified skipper and a mate with extensive corporate yacht charter experience to guide the participants. They can make sure that the competition remains safe and enjoyable for the guests.

You would be surprised how quickly absolute novices start working together like pros when they have a professional crew to guide them.

2. Fishing contests

Are you tired and bored of age-old corporate golf tournaments for client outings? Ask your yacht rental company if they can arrange a fishing contest for your guests during the corporate event. This is a great fun activity to allow your guests to mix and mingle, and allow you a chance as a host to build and reinforce relationships one-on-one with all your attendees during the boat time.

The event starts with great pre-event communication where each attendee is told when to arrive and what to bring to be at ease on their day on the water. You’ll need ranger boats with professional ranger anglers at the help for some quick fishing instruction for the newbies. Make sure you’ve all the essentials – fishing tackle, bait, fishing pros, and beverages and snacks for the guest. A good emcee, tournament-style weigh-ins, prizes, and bragging rights make the event complete!

3. Indulge in the water activities

Some of the most amazing catamarans, sailboats, and luxury corporate yacht charters carry kayaks, paddle boards, windsurfs, inflatable mega slides, banana boats, and so much more. So, get your attendees to put on their life jackets and let them have the time of their lives trying out all these water activities.

Water activities

Great as team-building activities, these watersports promote healthy lifestyles in your company’s employees and promote goodwill, self-confidence, and overall morale in them. We believe that such activities can also increase productivity in the workplace. After all, a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee!

Water activities at sea are an excellent way to get everyone to mingle and socialize with each other in a fun and informal setting. And it will definitely be a corporate event that they will remember for years to come!

If adventure is on your list of corporate event activities, make sure you work around bad-weather days so that you can still enjoy the planned activities.

4. Wine-tasting tour

Wine lovers would jump at the chance to go on a wine-tasting tour aboard a luxury yacht. Explore different vineyards and wineries and taste some of the finest wines while enjoying the stunning coastal scenery. This is an excellent corporate event idea for small groups.

Your wine-tasting tour can be customized according to your preferences. You can choose the vineyards you want to visit, the type of wines you want to taste and the duration of the tour. A professional wine sommelier can be arranged by your yacht charter service provider to guide you through the different wines and educate you about them.

You can add in a cocktail-making competition or a cheese and wine pairing session to make the tour more fun and interactive. This is a great corporate event idea for building relationships with clients and employees. It helps the guests to loosen up and have fun while bonding with each other.

5. Karaoke night

What’s a better way to help the attendees of your corporate event loosen up than discovering who is the hidden talent of your team and who’s on stage to embarrass himself or herself and make others laugh? You can even get it on record. For shy guests, you can arrange private suites with a superb sound system, a karaoke machine, and some of the best dishes and drink selections.

Fun karaoke sessions are a great way to add life to a slow party where attendees can unwinder over some great drinks and chill music. With comfortable seating and a great selection of numbers from different genres and rock stars, you can soon see your guests singing and rejoicing like there is no tomorrow. The coordinator can also join in the fun by acting as a DJ and selecting the songs.

Movie on Yacht

6. Movie night under the stars

Set up a magical movie night in one of the most stunning settings on your luxury yacht for your corporate event with incredible films, food, drinks, and music. Make the most of your yacht’s outdoor cinema system and arrange a movie night under the stars for your guests.

This is a great corporate event idea for summer parties. You can choose from a wide range of classic and contemporary movies to suit the taste of your guests.

Some of our boat movie recommendations include:

  • A documentary called 180° South (2010), where two friends – Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins – embarked on a whirlwind sailing journey to Patagonia in 1968. Besides serious surfing adventures, the movie presents pure, raw nature in all its glory. And when you turn your eyes away from the screen, you’ll be surrounded by the same!
  • Another great choice is Morning Light (2008) where 15 young sailors embark on 6 months of intensive training to compete with the world’s top professionals in the Transpacific Yacht Race. The movie covers a daring competition, the high seas, Hawaii’s natural beauty, and the immense courage of the young sailors.
  • And if you have booked a yacht charter to sail in the Caribbean, you must include Wild Caribbean (2007) in your movie list. Watching this four-part documentary series as you cruise across the islands – Antigua, St. Lucia, Martinique, and more – would let you experience the region in a new light. The natural wonders, indigenous wildlife, and local cultures of the Caribbean come alive in this series.

Pop some popcorn lay out some snacks and drinks, and enjoy the show!

7. Learning something new!

Take a break from the mundane work routine and learn something new and interesting with your colleagues on board a yacht. There are a variety of corporate event ideas that revolve around learning something new like local authentic cuisine cooking classes, amazing astronomy nights, wine tasting, mixology lessons, interactive history lessons, sailing lessons, wildlife and underwater photography and more.

Yacht charter companies offer a wide range of activities that are designed to suit the needs of corporate groups.

You can choose from a range of fun and interactive classes, and hands-on workshops that are conducted by professional instructors.

Learning something new is a great way to bond with your colleagues and create lasting memories. It is also a great way to motivate your team and foster a spirit of camaraderie.

8. Work and play!

Sometimes, you need to work on corporate yacht charters. Thankfully, most yacht rental companies can arrange access to amazing meeting rooms and event venues. This way, you can get some work done while enjoying the stunning views and incredible amenities of your charter yacht.

While on board, you can take advantage of the professional meeting room facilities to conduct board meetings, strategy sessions, product launches and more.

You can also use the onboard gym, spa and pool areas to unwind and relax after a long day of work.

So, if you are looking for a corporate event venue with a difference, consider chartering a yacht for your next event. Yacht charters offer a unique and unparalleled experience that your guests will never forget.

Whether you want to host a small team-building event or a large conference, there is an option for everyone. Just choose the right activities on a yacht that meets your requirements. And get ready to host the best corporate event at sea!

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