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How to Learn Free Digital Marketing Courses?

Want to do a free Digital Marketing Course Online for Free? But you don’t know English at all?

There is nothing to think

I will tell, how you can learn this course in your language 100% FREE. You will also get a certificate on completing the course – How to do free Digital Marketing Course?

This is 100% true. In the coming time, most of the digital marketing will be used for marketing. Nowadays, the demand for Digital Marketers is increasing rapidly.

To make a better future, you should start learning it now. So that in the coming years your skills will take you far ahead.

Are you thinking this?

  • I don’t know English at all
  • Where will I get the money for doing this course, etc?
  • Still, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know English at all. Or you do not have a single rupee today.

You have come to the right place. Because the complete solution of what you are looking for will be found in this article.

Let’s start learning step by step.

Digital Marketing Course Basics – Beginners Guide

Free Digital Marketing Courses

Basic knowledge about the course has been given in this chapter. Because before joining something, it is necessary to have its basics clear.

  • This information will prove to be very helpful for you in choosing the best course – Free Digital Marketing Course
  • This skill will make your resume strong and will work for you in the interview.
  • If you are interested to learn about mobile, then I will also tell you an Android App which will give you a complete course.

First of all, you should know about Digital Marketing Course in brief.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing means promoting your product or service by reaching potential customers through digital channels.

for example;

  1. Promotion on Radio
  2. Showing Advertisement on TV
  3. Marketing on Social Media etc.

On the other hand, all the schemes and skills related to digital marketing are taught closely within the course. So that we can have a better knowledge of it.

Today, instead of reading in a book, most people are preferring to learn by watching it in video format through an online medium.

You can call it a type of art. Which is used to do marketing in the online world. Digital marketing is different and effective from Traditional Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing Course

There are many types of everything. But what can it be? Apart from being free and premium, this course is mainly of two (2) types;

  1. Complete (Standard)
  2. Specialized

But what do they mean? Let us understand these two in detail.

Standard Courses

In this, the overall knowledge of all the topics and terms inside Digital Marketing is given. for example;

  1. SEO
  2. SMO
  3. SMM
  4. PPC
  5. Content Marketing

This type, of course, is best for completely new people. So that they get the overall knowledge about this field.

Specialized Courses

This is the reverse of Standard. Because instead of covering all the topics in this, complete knowledge of any particular topic is given. I mean, by teaching any one subject, you are made an expert in it.

for example;

  • SEO Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course

You cannot just call it a Digital Marketing Course. Because only one topic is being taught.

This experience is considered to be the best for the people. Or those who want to become a master in a particular subject.

Many benefits of doing Digital Marketing Course

Today we have a golden opportunity. Because according to many reports, this demand is going to happen in the future. It has hundreds of benefits, not one or two.

If you have learned an advanced digital marketing course in Rohini then it can grow your business visibility online and take your career to the seventh heaven.

Let us talk in detail about some surprising benefits,

You can become a Freelancer

According to a survey report done by PayPal, people doing freelancing in India are earning an average of $26000+ (Rs 19 lakh) per year.

Survey Data – 2018

This means working on a particular project due to your special skills. You take money for every project.

You can call it a type of profession. This is completely different from the job. Because in Freelancing you do not work in any company, but for the company.

In the job, you are given a salary on the basis of Designation. But in Freelancing, you get money for completing a particular project.

Understand by example,

A man named Ramesh knows how to make a website. He does the work of making websites for other people. In return for making every single website, he takes money from people. In this case, Ramesh has the skill to build a website. Due to which he is earning money.

Skills can be anything, such as;

  • Photo or Video Editing
  • Logo or Graphics Designing
  • Writing
  • The most important thing about freelancers,

There is no BOSS pressure on them. They have the freedom to work.

World’s Top Freelancing Websites;

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Toptal
  • 99designs

Freelancers are available for work on websites. Here you can also convert your skills into money by creating an account. You can earn money from YouTube channel and Blogging

I agree that there is no need to do a Digital Marketing Course to get started on YouTube. But in 2021 you cannot grow easily on YouTube. You will need this knowledge to grow the channel.

Do you know?

YouTube pays between $ 50-100 (Rs 4000 to 7000) for one lakh views in India. On the other hand, India’s top bloggers are earning ₹2,00,000+ per month on average. Along with being quite profitable, both these things are also considered to be a better income source.

There is GOOD NEWS,

If you want to become a successful blogger or Youtuber. The only problem comes in scaling them. This happens due to a lack of proper knowledge and skill. Online Marketing Course is the only solution to this problem. In this, you are taught all the important skills well.

Can do the job with high salary

The salary of an SEO Specialist with 7 years of experience is above $2000-$3000 per month. Salary also keeps increasing as your experience increases.

Not only this, but you can also find the best packages in these fields;

  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Landing Page Building
  • All these come within the digital marketing course itself.

Now you have to see What is the best thing you can perform?

Can open an agency: Let’s say you have 10-year experience in the SEO industry. By now you must have got complete knowledge about it. You must have become an expert in this too. At this stage, you will not need to do a job. So, you can open an agency and provide SEO Services.

Agencies providing marketing services have been considered as a good online business model since 2016. Looking at the figures, this is a Highly Profitable Business.

One more thing,

An agency online business can give you many times more income than a job. Who is this course best for? Not everything is better for everyone.

That’s why such courses should be done by only those people who really need them. Otherwise, what is the need for a coding developer?

This course will prove to be the best for such people;

  • If you want to take a business online.
  • Want to do Blogging or Affiliate Marketing.
  • You want to earn money online.
  • People who want to make a part-time income along with a job.
  • If you have a passion for writing content.
  • Or if you want to become a Digital Marketer.

Do you also fall in this category?

Then you must learn it. Because this course can prove to be life-saving for you. You can make lots of money with this skill.

What Happens in DIGITAL Marketing Course Syllabus?

  • A good course is one whose syllabus includes all the necessary modules along with the latest trends.
  • Along with this, providing important tools and resources is the hallmark of the best course.
  • Before enrolling in any smo course in Delhi, take a look at the Curriculum once.
  • It is mandatory to have these modules in Digital Marketing Syllabus;

Course Modules Contents

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • On-page, off-page, Technical SEO, Google Search Central, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Google, Facebook Ads
  • WordPress
  • Installation, Overview, and Gutenberg
  • Email Marketing
  • Mailchimp or GetResponse
  • Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Data Studio, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Overview and Strategies
  • Website Creation
  • Planning, Designing, and CMS Overview
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging and YouTube
  • Essential Tools
  • Canva and others

You can also check: How do Beginners Learn Digital Marketing Course

It is very important to have these things. The course will be considered incomplete without these modules.

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