How to Keep Estrogen Levels Normal? Causes& Effects

Estrogen imbalance can create chaos inside a male body. High estrogen levels may even interfere with the natural functioning of male hormones as well.

This is the reason why people search for ways how to Naturally Counter Estrogen Spikes in Men.

You must be thinking if estrogen acts hostile in a male body; then why is it even present in males?

There are in-depth answers for several FAQs like this in the following blog.

Estrogen has its function in the male body. However, it’s the spike in the healthy estrogen level that creates problems.

We’ll cover all the functions and symptoms of high estrogen. Later on, we’ll also tell you about how to Flush out Excess Estrogen Naturally.

Let’s start with going through some important information about Estrogen.

Estrogen “The Female Hormone”

Estrogen, has the common name of Female Hormone. It is the component responsible to regulate all the feminine characteristics of a female body.

However, the tagging of Testosterone as Male, and Estrogen as Female is not 100% correct. Because both these hormones are present in male and female bodies.

Estrogen is the dominant counterpart in the female body. On the other hand, it remains recessive in the male body just to look after a few vital functions.

All the development of functional sexual characteristics in women during adolescence depends upon Estrogen.

Now the question is what role does it play in men?

The next section answers it in brief.

What is the Role of Estrogen in Men?  

Knowing the role of Estrogen is important before moving on to how to lower estrogen levels in males.

Estradiol, a particular form of Estrogen, plays a crucial role in male sexual functionality.

However, testosterone plays a dominant role in male sexual functions. But it’s important that estrogen as well is present in a proper balance.

The joint effects of testosterone and estrogen regulate male sex drive, erection ability, and sperm production.

Furthermore, aging accounts for the decrease in testosterone and increase in estrogen.

An increase in estrogen levels can produce a series of negative effects in a male body. Hence, it’s important to keep the estrogen levels in balance.

To keep the levels in balance, you must know the normal estrogen levels in a male body. Let’s have a look.

Normal Estrogen Levels in Males

Estrogen is present in two variants Estrone and Estradiol in our body. Both have their functions and a healthy limit of existence.

Healthy levels of estrogen in males:

When the amount of estrogen deviates from the above marks, you’ll see the negative effects of Estrogen on male body.

It’s now time to move on to the cause and effects of high and low estrogen levels in a male body.

We’ll see how the estrogen levels fluctuate and what effects they create.

Causes of High Estrogen in Males

Aging is a natural cause behind the increase in Estrogen levels in a male body.

With the increase in age, our testosterone levels decline and the relative production of estrogen increases.

Aromatase Enzymes convert androgens into estrogen. This results in an overall increase of the estrogen content in the body.

A diet rich in refined carbohydrates increases your body fat. Body fat also contains aromatase enzymes that eventually increase estrogen levels.

Some medications may also lead to higher testosterone levels. Few such medications are:

Additionally, stress, obesity, some diseases, and hormonal fluctuations may also cause a rise in estrogen levels.

When estrogen levels go above the normal mark, it stimulates certain effects in a male body. Let’s have a look at the symptoms of high estrogen in men.

Effects of High Estrogen in Males

High estrogen levels impart several negative effects on a male body. The abnormal increase in estrogen levels also includes the risk of diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

Estrogen plays the role of a helping hand in sperm production.

However, higher than normal estrogen levels can slow down the process. This may even lead to infertility in males.

Gynecomastia, or the development of breast tissue in males is also a symptom of high estrogen levels. Estrogen forces the breast fat to grow.

An increase in Estrogen leads to an overall decline in testosterone. This decline may result in sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

High estrogen levels in younger boys can stunt their growth and also delay puberty.

As you can see, estrogen imbalance is not good for men in any way. So it is important to keep the estrogen levels within healthy limits.

There are several ways to naturally counter the estrogen spikes in men.

You can flush out excess estrogen naturally with the help of diet and physical activities as well.

Later on, we will also discuss how to lower estrogen levels with supplements.

How to Naturally Counter Estrogen Spikes in Men?

Now you already know that it’s important to flush out excess estrogen from the male body.

So, here are some ways how to naturally counter the excess estrogen spikes in men:


There are medications like Anastrozole (Arimidex) and Exemestane (Aromasin) that you may use in order to lower the estrogen content in your body.

These are not very effective in reducing Estrogen levels. However, they stop the conversion of androgen into estrogen.

Lifestyle Changes

A few lifestyle changes can help you improve the hormonal balance of the body.

The changes may include:

Living stress-free also helps in improving the hormonal balance. This eventually lowers estrogen levels in men.

However, sometimes all these ways are not enough to flush out the excess estrogen from your body. In such cases, you can use natural supplements to lower the estrogen spike.

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Estrogen is not necessarily a female hormone. It incorporates a few vital functions in a male body as well.

However, it is useful only when it is within healthy limits. Even a slight increase in estrogen levels can induce serious health problems among men.

There are several ways to counter the estrogen spikes naturally. You can use natural supplements to metabolize estrogen as well.

The PrimeGENIX DIM3X is considered the best estrogen metabolizer.

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