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Digital Marketing

How to Increase Your Revenue with AI-Powered Email Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, Internet Marketing has become a smart way of influencing the target audience to opt for a particular product or service. And, with so many technological advancements, you have better opportunities to grow your business these days.

Email Marketing is a powerful medium to convert interested people into potential customers, and the latest AI-based technique has found its way to step up your marketing game. In an era where people rely on external devices to get things done like Alexa or Siri, email marketing techniques should not fall behind.

Using Artificial Intelligence in email marketing campaigns has become a new way to boost sales, and here is why it is happening.

How is Artificial Intelligence convenient for Email Marketing?

AI-powered email marketing has its own set of possibilities in the industry where your contemporaries are constantly trying new tactics to improve their revenue. Since every business requires a huge chunk of investment, in the beginning, business owners naturally look for returns after a certain point. Email marketing was already beneficial to help in conversion, but with AI-powered procedures, it has become relatively easier to connect to the target consumers on a daily basis.

Additionally, with AI, you can easily analyze which people are searching for particular products and provide them with the solution right away. To master all these advanced techniques, opt for some professional content writing services to learn from scratch.

Some benefits of AI-based email marketing include:

  • Cost Reduction: You do not even need too many people to create those engaging email content or conduct campaigns. AI takes care of that part, costing you way lesser than the usual.
  • Lead Generation: Since Return on Investment is the ultimate priority, it is important to know who your target customers are to reach out to them. AI-powered email marketing campaigns allow you to detect those who have relevant interests your product or service offers.

How to utilize AI-powered Email Marketing Campaigns

Online marketing is evolving with every passing day, and the execution of new technologies is unlocking more opportunities to grow the business. AI-powered Email Marketing Campaign is one such technique that has created a remarkable place to enhance marketing strategies. Have a look at how you can utilize this strategy to gain better revenue.

  1. Optimizing the Subject Line

Gone are the days when a group of people used to brainstorm ideas to include in the subject line to make it compelling to the receivers. Depending upon their browser history and behaviour, it is easier to make these campaigns successful and gain loyal customers.

With the latest technology set-up, AI can understand what kind of subject line will attract a specific audience group. For instance, in the below picture you can see how these catchy subject lines immediately draw your attention.

subject line

  1. Personalized Newsletters

There is no point in conducting research and implementing ideas to create something different if it cannot attract target consumers. The study shows how personalized newsletters are turned out to be beneficial for online businesses.

The advanced feature of AI includes customizing an email that meets the requirements of a particular customer. This way, you can send multiple emails to different kinds of customers by excerpting data related to their past behaviour.

  1. Adjust timings to send emails

In order to create a loyal customer base, it is equally important for paying attention to the time you are sending these emails. If the timing is not perfect, they might not even open the mail you have created with the utmost creativity. So the idea is to monitor customer behaviour and explore the best timings that convince them to check their emails.


AI helps to discover these ideal timings to send these emails by going through analytics. As shown in the image, a large number of people go through their emails after 12 pm and the maximum activity happens from 2-5 pm. Therefore, maintaining these timelines automatically improves the chances of conversion getting higher.

  1. Reaching out to the maximum number of consumers

Since there are so many advanced features AI possesses, it gets relatively easier to reach a wide audience. Even though the main motive is to present the main campaigns, AI also conducts mini-campaigns to keep the cycle going.

This way, customers are always notified about the brand offerings. Hence, it automatically improves the click-through rate. Additionally, AI has a useful feature to clear email databases containing old contacts and updating them with new data.

Monitoring user activities has become easier with Artificial Intelligence, which also has a more significant role in revenue generation. So, if you are still looking for new ways to make your business stand out, it is time to give this a shot!

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