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How to Increase Mobile App Revenue in 2021?

Mobile apps are a blessing in disguise in this ever-changing digital world. They help users to simplify their daily tasks and increase their productivity. The global market for developing mobile applications will increase to a whopping $407.31 billion by 2026, growing at a rate of 18.4% every year. Some of the main sectors where a huge growth in mobile apps will be witnessed are E-Commerce, Gaming, Health, and Fitness, Entertainment, Retail, E-Learning, Sports, Social Media, and Travel. With the increase in the user base for mobile applications, entrepreneurs should work to increase mobile app revenue in 2021.

The crucial factors that will influence the boom in Mobile app development

  • Increase in smartphone usage – especially in highly populated nations like China, India, and Brazil.
  • Rapid penetration of the Internet – especially in rural regions with a huge decrease in mobile data costs. 
  • A better understanding of user behaviour – by utilizing advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Blockchain technology.

While we have so many free mobile apps in the market, some of them are paid apps where users have to make in-app purchases to access premium features easily. Paid mobile applications earn a lot of revenue by placing in-app advertisements, charging a one-time download fee (an upfront purchase) from the users, and offering a subscription model (with fees to be paid by the users either monthly or yearly). 

Some key techniques to increase Mobile app revenue in 2021

Do extensive App Store Optimization (ASO) 

  • This will directly lead to more downloads for your mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 
  • The mobile app will benefit from access to a larger user base and better focus on fulfilling the needs of the target audience
  • It would be ideal if your mobile app is placed at the top of each category or listed in the “Most Popular” section.
  • Most users install apps on their devices through word of mouth publicity, by viewing social media trends, seeing advertisements, and through recommendations from their family members and friends. 
  • Focus on keywords of your app, scanning of the metadata, and ensure positive feedback in the ratings and reviews. 
  • Consistency in the app’s visibility can be maintained by keeping a close track of the users’ interests, competitor’s strategies, and market trends. 

Utilize Influencer Marketing

  • Influencers are popular personalities in the social media world and other internet spaces with a large following. 
  • They help in creating positive buzz for your mobile app and ensure more trust from the end-users. 
  • Influencers use smart marketing tactics to encourage the users to use your mobile app leading to better brand awareness and increased traffic.  

Enhance user engagement

  • Send regular push notifications to the users to keep them updated about all the latest developments. Information about discounts, offers, and flash sales must be shared. 
  • It needs to be done strategically as per the customers’ likes and dislikes. 
  • Unnecessary sharing of push notifications will make users lose their cool, and they will ultimately uninstall the app from their devices. This will contribute to a negative brand image that can never be erased. 
  • Personalization can be done through geotargeting. This boosts the conversion rates to a great extent. 

Use the power of Deep Linking

  • It involves the usage of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that displays a sequence of characters to know the physical or logical resource on a network. 
  • Deep Linking takes users to specific links or web pages instead of the normal home screen of a website. 
  • Users will take the desired action, ensuring positive engagement with the app. A casual visitor will turn into a loyal user of the mobile application. 
  • The number of users of the mobile app will gradually increase depending on the scope and aggressiveness of the retargeting campaign. 
  • The plethora of benefits offered by Deep Linking is greater growth for the business, better return on investment, a personalized onboarding experience for new users of your mobile app, and improvement in important metrics like user retention rate, conversion rate, and total in-app purchases.

Offer a better Loyalty Program

  • Existing users must be rewarded with attractive discounts, offers, and gifts for their continuity in using the mobile app. It enables customers to save plenty of money.  
  • The Loyalty program should be changed regularly and new elements must be brought in to increase the Average Revenue per user (ARPU) by promoting more repurchases. 
  • Reengagement campaigns have to be conducted for those users who have stopped using your mobile app after some days. 
  • Taxi apps like Uber offer regular discounts. coupon codes and referral vouchers to improve their user base.

Publish Advertisements 

  • All related advertisement content to your mobile app must be strategically placed by sourcing it from third-parties.
  • Ads can be of different types like rewarded video advertisements, interactive ads in the form of games and entertainment, and native ads. 
  • Video ads leave a lasting impression on the users through their visual appeal. 
  • Take care not to post ads regularly as it will displease users, especially when they are doing important tasks on the app. 
  • Divide your target audience based on their age group, demographics, gender, and preferences. This will help the relevant ad reaches the right person. 
  • Analyze the performance of the advertisement over a period by measuring the PPC (Pay per Click) and eCPM (Effective Cost incurred per thousand impressions). 
  • The effectiveness of Banner ads can be evaluated by finding out the total number of click-throughs. 
  • Offline advertisements can be done by organizing events and publishing information about the launch of the mobile app in the leading newspapers and magazines.

Integrate a Feedback system 

  • Customers will be impressed if you ask them for their opinion and viewpoint. 
  • Conduct polls, surveys, and short interviews to know about their overall experience and their pattern of usage. 
  • Compile all this valuable information in the form of a detailed report to improve the quality of the app based on their suggestions. 
  • Ensure better customer support by immediately responding to complaints and issues. 
  • Integrate a discount or an offer for every user who provides feedback about the mobile app. 

Promote your mobile app on Social Media

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a hub of discussions about the latest trends going on in the world. 
  • Have a dedicated social media management team to implement promotional campaigns successfully. 
  • This will give more shares and recommendations for your mobile app leading to a big spike in its usage. 
  • Make sure your app’s content appears on top of the platform whenever a user opens a social media app. 
  • Include a “Social Media sharing” option in your mobile app for easy sharing of content by users to other platforms. 

To Conclude

Hence, implementing the above-mentioned tactics will increase mobile app revenue to the next level by offering a better user experience. This will lead to greater profitability and increased growth of the business. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep the users constantly reengaged. 

Trust can be built with the target audience by providing more value for using your mobile app and creating a sense of urgency to improve conversion rates. Hence, get started with top-notch on-demand mobile app development now to get ahead of the competitors in the market. 

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