How to get your lost love back permanently?

Love is a beautiful thing. But sometimes, things can get complicated, and we often find ourselves in situations where our partner has left us for someone else or just found out they don’t want to be with us anymore. There are many different reasons people feel the need to break up, but no matter what the reason is, it’s important not to lose hope because there are experts who can help you sort this problem out.


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Besides, there are also specific ways, suggested by the experts, to help get your love back. Getting the love of your life back does not always have to involve psychic methods, mantras, or rituals but can also be achieved through belief. Therefore, here are a few ways that may help you get your ex back and sort your relationship problems for life.


7 Best ways to get your lost love back 


  1. Make your intentions clear.

This is where you can finally let them know that you want to get back together with them and that the person who they see right now doesn’t matter to you anymore. This is the time where they might feel bad about what they’ve done after breaking up with you two months ago or maybe not, but now’s your chance to make it work! Tell them how much they mean to you and how much you want them back in your arms.


  1. Show your ex how much you’ve changed

Tell them the changes that have happened to your life since they’re not by your side anymore. This is to show them that you have changed for the better. You should also show them how much they mean to you, so start looking good/handsome, change your attitude and always remember to take care of yourself.


  1. Get Your Priorities Straight

Even though it might seem like the essential thing in the world to get your ex back, this should not be your primary focus. Instead of spending every waking hour thinking about how much you miss them and what might have been, try finding a distraction instead. If you’re having problems sleeping and eating, or if you find yourself constantly distracted by the thought of your ex, step back and reassess everything.


  1. Make them feel special. 

After the two months that you’ve actively shown interest in them, it’s time to get closer again and make them feel special. Tell them about your memories with each other, so they will remember why they fell in love with you in the first place. This way, their feelings for you might start to come back, and they might want to give your relationship another chance.


  1. Use love spells

The first way to get your lost love back is by using a love spell. Love spells work when cast correctly and under the right circumstances, and they can do so much for you if you cast them correctly. However, many people have misused these spells and ended up in embarrassing situations rather than strengthening their relationships.


  1. Communication

Make sure to initiate talks with your partner when they are angry; communication is essential even if it’s small talk, but keep communication open between you both for future references. Many people have the problem of initiating discussions when they are angry. However, it is advisable to do so because you still have hope with your partner, and if you ignore them, they could start talking to someone else, resulting in more problems.

  1. Catch their thoughts 

While thinking about someone, especially if it has been too long since you spoke, can make them feel a sense of loss for you. In the same way, your thoughts about them right now may be making them feel sad at the idea of not being with you. So take 5 minutes right now and visualize how it would be if they were here with you. Why do this? Because when your subconscious thinks that your happiness is mainly dependent on someone else, they will usually attempt to bring you together.


Can lost love come back?


Well, yes. Even though we can’t possibly claim the answer right with proof yet, getting your lost love back is possible if you keep believing in your passion and ex-partner.


Most relationships end up with unpleasant reasons such as:


  1. Overthinking
  2. Lack of trust 
  3. Lack of communication leads to misunderstanding
  4. purposely/unknowingly making your partner jealous
  5. Controlling nature
  6. Awful behavior towards your partner
  7. Often breaking of promises


Thus, think about what went wrong between the two of you.  if it’s not too late to make things right.  After all, it’s better to try than to regret not trying at least once for life.


How to make your lost love miss you?


  • Use social media smartly.


Update your relationship status, change your profile pictures, put up stories and upload photos with unknown faces more frequently.


The easiest way was social media. Make someone curious about you and your life is by using social media as a critical weapon. Just one semi-friendly picture with another woman/man, and that’s enough to send you at least a text message.


  1. Avoid their calls


While you hang out with your new or imaginary friends, avoid taking their calls or answering any of their messages. This is one of the powerful ways to get him running back to you after separation.


After you avoid taking their calls or messages, they’ll start contemplating things in their mind. Sometimes my mind thinks, why is she not answering, is she out with someone, doesn’t she love me?!


  1. Leave your ex alone for some time.


Trying to reach them time and again after the breakup will give you nothing. Instead, try to be at peace and let the love magic do its work. Leaving them alone generates curiosity to know why they aren’t responding or in touch. Also, If you two have some connection still left between them, they will try to reach out. But first, let you and your ex comprehend what went wrong between the two. And then You both find a good way to apologize and make things right again.


  1. Spend some time around him


What if you both are separated? There is always the slightest chance that has the power to make things right again. And leaving them all alone during this hardship won’t get you anywhere.


Thus, figure out times where you can at least be around him, like during school classes, tuitions, or even at a restaurant.


  1. Share your memories spent together on social media.


Reminding the good times spent together. the hardship you faced along to be in this relationship. There are some of the ways that can help your ex-love miss you badly.


Also, remember, it’s not always about them; it can also be about you, and only you. You can go to both of your favorite cafes and spend time there alone.  upload both of your pictures to relieve them. Hence, it’s not always necessary to do things to get your lost love back.


Now that you know how to get your lost love back, if anytime you feel you have a helping hand by your side, feel free to contact Gane Rashi, the expert of psychic reading.


He specializes in voodoo spells, love spells, getting the lost love back, black magic removal, and more. With his hereditary psychic powers, he assures that the problems are solved permanently in no time.

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