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How to Get Rid of Mice?

Sometimes people really like to see the cute, clean and white kind of mice that love to run on a wheel. It’s kind of a funny and entertaining thing to see them running fast on the wheel, but in this article we are not talking about that cute mice. What if you will see those nasty mice that gnaw each and everything in your house and spare no efforts in destroying your property? To avoid such situation you must follow the tips we have discussed below. But, before that you must know how to know if you have mice at home.

Here are the common signs of mice infestation you need to watch out for: –


If the mice are inside the attic, under your bed or in the basement, at night you will likely be able to hear them moving around. You will hear a scratching sound, chewing noises, etc.


You need to check for mouse droppings usually ¼ of an inch long under drawers, cabinets, or the places near the food is stored.

Gnaw Marks

This is the major sign you can look for to know whether you have mice in your house or not. Because rodents’ teeth never stop growing they look for something hard to chew or gnaw to tri, their teeth. Thus, they leave marks on doors, packaged goods, pipes, baseboards, etc.

Well, these are the common signs that say you have rodent infestation in your house. But, you must know how to get rid of the mice from your house. Here are a few simple things that you are should do to keep the rats away from your house.

  • You may have seen the rats to enter your house below the door frames, so to stop their entry install door sweeps.
  • You can put screens over chimney vents and other openings from where mice are entering.
  • Mice are god gifted to squeeze their body and get enter from even a minor hole. So, seal up all the cracks and small holes outside of your home.
  • Keep the food in air-tight containers.
  • Keep your house neat and clean and clutter free, because mice likes to hide in the clutter.
  • Also keep your garden neat and clean, trim grasses and bushes away from your house.

With these tips you can easily keep the rats away from your house. And if the mice have already started living in your home then you need to take better course of action in order to remove them completely from your home. So, you should call the rodent control experts. There are many pest control services in Delhi that can help you get rid of the mice. Using different technique and tricks the pest control expert will help you get rid of mice. Give them a call and tell them what signs you’re seeing or hearing, and the pest control expert will get you on your way to being mouse-free.

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