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How to get diamonds quickly in Minecraft 

Minecraft is a sandbox-style game in which players explore huge computer-generated worlds full of caves, cliffs, oceans and monsters. Players can collect materials from the world to build houses, villages, cities or even entire cities. To make larger projects, it helps to have the best tools. 

Diamond tools are the strongest tools in the game, and the diamond mineral is the rarest material in the game. Collecting diamonds quickly can give you a quick start against the hordes of monsters that appear in Minecraft at night. Right-click on a workbench and create a shovel, an iron or diamond tip and several torches. Use your shovel to dig directly into the surface of the world and switch to the pickaxe if you come across material that is not dirt. 

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Diamond blocks can only be between the first and the 19th. Layers of the map can be found. So dig straight down until you encounter ground rock, a dark gray material that does not break, no matter how long you mine it. You are now on the first level of the map. Dig horizontally with your pickaxe and lay torches while looking for visibility until you come across a rock with bruises. Right-click on the rock with the bruises with an iron or diamond pick until the rock breaks. This creates a diamond stone, which is then transferred to your inventory when you approach it. Continue digging and laying down torches until you have collected all the diamonds you need for your project. 

  • Tips: If you come across a naturally formed cave, you should explore the cave, as it is often easy to discover exposed diamond blocks in the walls, ceiling or bottom of the lower levels of a cave. 
  • Warnings: Do not dig diamonds with a woodpick or stone pick, as this causes the diamond block to break without creating a gemstone. You can only mine diamonds with tools made of iron or diamond quality.

How to find Minecraft diamonds quickly and easily 

The gamer will only find the popular and very rare Minecraft diamonds in the lower layers of the block world in the form of diamond ore, which has yet to be processed with the iron or diamond pickaxe. Less often, the player can find the valuable raw material in chests of desert dumplings, mines or village forges. So in order to get diamonds quickly, the player has to dig a lot. Layers five to twelve are best suited for this. 

So that the player knows at all times whether he is digging correctly, he uses the F3 key to check his position: the Y-coordinate is very important and as soon as it shows him a value between five and fifteen, he digs perfectly. In order to be well prepared for the mineway, the gamer needs many torches, namely over 100 and a lot of food, a sword and a pickaxe, whether it is made of diamonds or iron. 

The rapid mining of Minecraft diamonds and its use 

The found diamond ore must be processed next. In order to disassemble it into its nine individual parts, the player melts the diamond block in the oven. This disassembly into its components goes without loss of resources and can be undone at any time. If the player has the individual diamonds, he can start building armor, diamond tools (diamond swords, shovels or axes), turntables, magic tables or fireworks stars. 

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Useful tips about the valuable raw material 

Often several diamond ore blocks are next to each other. For the miner, this means that he should take a close look as soon as he comes across a block. Furthermore, lava, the archenemy of diamonds, can also be found in the lower layers of the Minecraft world. For this reason, care is required and it is recommended never to dig directly down, but only parallel and tunnel by tunnel. 

However, where there is lava, diamonds are also hiding. So it’s worth taking a careful look at more carefully as soon as you get lava. For more efficiency in mining diamonds, taking a crafted diamond pickaxe is ideal. For this, the gamer enchants the pickaxe on his magic table and adds the “Happiness” ability to it.

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