How To Fix Transmission Fluid Leak? Know From The Experts

Unless you didn’t know, your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for manipulating rotational force from your car’s engine and then transferring the force to your vehicle’s drive wheels. You should know that without a functional transmission inside your vehicle, your vehicle would not be making any movement at all.

Therefore, it’s almost a well-known fact that the transmission forms a vital part of your car and in most cases, only your engine costs more to replace than the transmission. This is the reason why you should always ensure that there is enough fluid to lubricate and cool down your vehicle transmission. Any potential leaks can starve your car transmission from the much-needed fluid that it desperately requires, resulting in a massive repair cost bill. However, in case you do notice a transmission leak, our suggestions will help you fix the same, using genuine car parts in Christchurch services.

Why Does Transmission Leak Occur?

Most of the times you can detect a transmission leak when you’ll notice droplets of liquid underneath the transmission. It should be realised the manual transmission fluid look honey-coloured or semi-transparent. On the other hand, automatic transmission fluid resembles red in colour – especially when it’s clean & fresh.

A transmission fluid leak can occur due to the following factors:

Transmission Pan Gasket Has Worn Out

You should know that most automatic transmissions out there contain a pan that tends to act as a fluid reservoir. It’s the gasket that helps in providing a seal between the transmission and the pan. Over time, this gasket can quickly wear out and thereby lead to a fluid leak.

Transmission Cooler Lines Are Faulty

It should be perceived that automatic transmissions come with cooler lines that are connected to a dedicated cooler to cool down the transmission. The cooler is usually located inside the radiator. Often times, these lines can quickly develop leaks, thereby leading to fluid discharge.

Porous Or Cracked Transmission Housing

Even though this issue might not be as common as the others, it’s still possible for a fluid leak to occur via a cracked or porous transmission. When the transmission housing is cracked, then it’ll be the time to replace the same.

How To Fix A Leaky Transmission?

The first job would be to raise the vehicle from the ground with the help of a jack stand and then proceed to clean the transmission with an ideal solvent. Once you pinpoint the leak, you can go ahead and replace that part with a suitable alternative. You can proceed to consult an online repair database or manual for the same if you’re not sure what to choose or use.

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