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How to fix horizontal blinds oneself?

These days, day and night blinds are becoming more and more popular. Horizontal blinds, this is a popular type of construction, but unfortunately have a property break. Popular models horizontal blinds (aluminum, wood, plastic and cassette system insulation).

The main classification of horizontal blinds

1) Breakdown of non-writing.
2) replacement of lower locks
3) replacing the control cable.
4) replacement of the lifting mechanism.
5) replacement of the turning mechanism.

Repair of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are also popular and have all the positive features. The most popular models of vertical blinds (plastic, aluminum, rope, fabric and multifactore blinds)

The main classification of vertical blinds:

1) Open the lower link circuit.
2) Open the rotary adjustment chain.
3) “Breakdown runner.
4) failure of the control mechanism
5) Rope tearing.
6) Breakdown Lamella holder (shoulder)

We also produce additional features:

  • Purchase of lamella at height.
  • Purchase of upper cornice width.
  • Plastic and aluminum holes.

Blinds repair

Rolled blinds, modern model or traditional curtains. Wide collection of monophonic and colored fabrics with different degrees of termination with special impregnation properties (non-flammable and moisture resistant)
Popular models of rolled blinds (Classic with open tube, cassette box, mini system, ZEBRA closed classic and box.

The main classification of rolled blinds:

When buying blinds, many are not interested in the rules of operation of the systems, which leads to a breakdown of rather fragile designs.

If you can navigate the structure of the product, repairing the blinds can be done independently. In most cases, the part or lamella needs to be replaced, so when buying a design, it is worth paying attention to whether spare parts are included in the kit.

Breakdown of vertical blinds and ways to remove them

  • To repair vertical blinds, you need to know what breakdowns and for what reason it happens most often.
  • Damage or rupture of the control cable. If the separation point is simple, you can simply restore integrity by gently sewing the two ends. However, the practical option is to replace the part. To do this, the cartridge opens, which contains the control system, the remnants of the old part are removed, and the new one is neatly installed through a special hole.
  • When the vertical bars are damaged the item is simply replaced. This is a simple but required process, especially if the lamella is arranged on a chain rather than attached to it.
  • Can it itself reduce the length of the slats. To do this, you need to do all the necessary calculations, apply labels, cut off unnecessary and skip the bottom of the control circuit.

If the repair of vertical blinds requires replacement of the entire cornice of the partition or many components, it is better to consult specialists. They will keep the job fast and efficient, pose optimal information. Only professionals can cope with the reduction in design width.

In some cases, professional horizontal blinds are even more expensive than purchasing a new system. Therefore, in the case of a problem, it is recommended to evaluate the breakdown and, in the absence of the possibility to determine the design, to consider the possibility of purchasing a new product independently.

Complex repairs are allowed when damaged new systems will be much more expensive. The same approach is welcome when repairing custom-made structures.

Reproduce horizontal blinds you can perform in these cases

The lower slats are not parallel to each other. If there is no deformation of the boards, it tells about the transition of the lifting wire. We will have to work with the ropes until the sockets are in the right position. If necessary, the ropes are attached with clamps.

The boards do not move relative to their axis. The reason for the breakdown must first be determined. If you just climbed on the tilt cord, you have to put it back in place and fix it. When moving mechanisms are hired, they are lubricated with oil. If the leading information (wheel or pin) has jumped out of place, they are returned to the correct position.

When the lift cord stops This indicates improper design handling. If the item jumped from the castle, it must be returned to its place. Sometimes you can just pull the cord at different angles and the item itself will rise to the desired position.

If the control lock is triggered snd the system can not be missed, you need to strongly but not pulling, pulling the cord down, and then send it.

It is also possible to change the single crossbars. However, it is worth noting the color of the panels: they can create a sharp contrast. To avoid this, sometimes several crossbars are replaced immediately.

Repair of rolled solar structures

If you damaged the fabric, the blinds remain only to completely replace them. Given that the system of structures looks best with the “Native” on the web, it is recommended to purchase a new system.

If the problem is a climbing mechanism, it can be solved by yourself. In this case, the cassette opens or removes the canvas from the roll, and the cause of the division is removed.

Replace a broken cord is completely easy. Just do not connect the two ends, it is better to replace the item completely.

If the problem is that the canvas is easily adjacent to the glass surface, you should check the guides and loads at the bottom of the curtains.

When there is a problem in setting the design to the frame, the system is disassembled and the optimal type of fastening is selected.


Blinds should not be repaired if you follow the rules of operation of the sun protection systems and check the quality of the components first. Cheap models won’t last long, so there’s no need to chase down false savings.

Once you have established a breakdown that is impossible to eliminate yourself, consulting a professional will be very powerful, but it is worth considering that repair crews can and do go beyond the complexity of the problem. If this is possible, it is better to initially purchase systems with a warranty, this will save money and expand the package service.

But blinds are made up of many parts and it is quite natural that some of them fail periodically. Do not rush to discard the entire design, as it is usually sufficient to replace only one damaged part. And because of that, there is no need to contact professionals. Try to fix the vertical blinds with your own hands. You will need desire, a little creative melting, and minimal experience with the simplest of tools. And all the necessary parts that you can always buy in a specialty store.

Replacing the connecting circuit

The lower chain consists of small plastic balls through which a leak is posed. With a carefree turnover, it will quite often break, but also replace it with a new job.


  • We bought a new part in a specialty store, its previously calculated length. To do this, you need to measure the width of one lamella and multiply it by your total.
  • Then, without removing the blinds from the cornice, we remove the damaged chain and insert a new one in its place.

Replacing the control circuit

  1. The design of the control circuit is the same as the lower link circuit. If you pull hard, sooner or later it will inevitably stop. Replace the control circuit will also not be a lot of work, but it is necessary to follow one condition: before disassembling the runners to replace them, you must put it in the open position. Then:
  2. Set the length of the new chain. It is equal to the length of the slats.
  3. We unscrew on the corner side cover and remove the plastic gear.
  4. We will remove the damaged circuit and put a new one in its place.
  5. Put the gear back in place.
  6. We create a side cover on the cornice and check how each slat is rotated.

To sum up

In this article we described the most popular types of blinds and told how to fix oneself. Follow these steps and your blinds will be durable very long.

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