How to Export Emails from Outlook to Office 365 Technically

Do you want to export emails from Microsoft Outlook to Office 365? Then you are at the perfect place that will surely help you to overcome from Outlook Migration issue for Office 365.

Since Microsoft O365 has no export or import function for transferring emails or other data, therefore users face difficulties in the migration of Microsoft Outlook PST files into Office 365 admin account. So read this article till the end, and get multiple techniques to solve how to export emails from Outlook to Office 365.

MS Outlook is a good mail client but according to business purpose, Office 365 is more useful so lots of users & organizations are such who are searching for a quick solution to solve how to export from MS Outlook to Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is a webmail app and easily accessed on multiple devices. It has lots of advanced functionalities that provide a more effective & useful environment for handling data. Let’s understand the importance of Office 365.

Benefits of Office 365

  • Users can handle Office 365 at anywhere.
  • Offers reliability & Re-bust security.
  • It provides subscription-supported payment options.
  • Users & organizations can simply collaborate without any interruption.
  • Users can receive access to the largest apps.
  • Users can work with what they need.
  • Users can handle Office365 on 5 systems at once.

How to Export Emails from Outlook to Office 365 Manually

Because there is no direct migration method available to export emails from Outlook to Office 365, we found a manual technique that is capable to transfer Outlook data to OWA cloud account. But before following it, you should know about its some limitations –

  • It is very lengthy so takes lots of your time to export Outlook PST to O365.
  • It is useful for technical users so home users cannot follow it easily.
  • If any step is skipped then your database may lose.
  • Sometimes, it fails due to sudden issues.
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t save proper information.

Manual Technique to export Outlook emails from Office 365

First of all, you have to export Outlook data files as PST file option then users can transfer PST file in Office 365 by shipping drive method –

  • Open Outlook on your desktop screen.
  • Select Folder which wants to save as PST.
  • Go to File Menu and choose the Open & Export option.
  • After that choose to export to a file.
  • Then Choose a location and provide any name.
  • Click on OK button.

After that, you get PST file from Outlook then tap to know how to import PST file to Office 365. Read more >>

Direct/Automated Solution

If you don’t have much time to spend on the manual technique then you can try the advanced Outlook migration tool that is a reliable solution to directly export Outlook data files to Office 365. It enables to directly export of configured Outlook files to Office 365 and convert PST files to Office 365 also. It has the “I am admin” function to export Outlook data files to other user profiles of the O365 admin account. For users’ assistance, it supports the change language option which helps to convert Outlook files to Office 365 cloud account in your selective language – French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Italy, etc. So you can also save your Outlook files in your desired language. It provides single migration for all files and saves your lots of time from one by one processing. It supports all Outlook editions – 2019, 2013, 2016, 2010, 2007. If you need to know for how to export emails from Outlook to Microsoft Office 365, then follow the given steps –

  • Download the Outlook migration tool on your desktop screen.
  • Select Outlook files by provided three options – (Add Files & Add folder) options help to select PST files from the source location. (Load Outlook Profiles…)the option helps to load configured Outlook data.
  • After selecting data, the app provides all selected data in a list with a check-box, choose files by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Go to saving options and choose Office 365.
  • A new window will appear there with some options, provides login details of Office 365. Choose other desired options Change Language, Ignore System Folder Hierarchy; I am admin; Copy to default folders; etc. Click on the Convert button.
  • It starts connecting to the server and the Outlook to Office 365 migration will start with a green progress bar.
  • It completes migration processing with a successful message. Then you can check the migration result of Outlook to Office 365 cloud account.


Therefore, you are capable to export Outlook emails to Office 365 manually and alternatively. If you want to take a trial then you can also take a trial test of both techniques. Both solutions can move email data from MS Outlook to Office 365 cloud account. The manual is free of cost and the Automated solution is capable to export 25 emails from Outlook to O365 for free of cost. So if you are having a need and want to export Outlook data into Office 365 then you can try any explained procedure.

If you need to transfer MBOX emails to Office 365 then you can read this blog >>

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