How to Create a Packaging Strategy for Your Small Business

Are you looking for ways to grow your business? Do you want to encourage additional purchases from repeat customers?

Whether you operate your business completely online or are a brick-and-mortar store that does just a little bit of order shipping, you need a solid packaging strategy.

When it comes to e-commerce, packaging can make or break the customer experience. And in today’s competitive marketplace, customer experience is everything.

So what should you do when it comes to product packaging? What are the packaging tips your business needs not just to survive, but to thrive? Keep reading to learn how to create your small business packaging strategy.

Understand the Value of a Packaging Strategy

The first step in developing a packaging strategy is understanding its importance. If you aren’t sure why you even need a packaging strategy, it’s unlikely you’ll take the necessary steps to set your business apart from competitors.

Packaging Protects Your Products

For one, packaging protects your products. You’ll be shocked at how many customers leave negative reviews about a product because it was damaged in transit.

You didn’t damage the product. The shipping company did. And now you have an angry customer, all because your packaging couldn’t handle the abuse of the shipping providers. So first and foremost, packaging for products protects the contents during rough shipping and handling.

Design Is Everything

The second factor is design. Most companies ship their products in boring, plain brown boxes. Some even use boxes provided by the shipping company.

This creates a lackluster customer experience. They won’t be nearly excited to open up your package since it looks just like every other package they’ve ever gotten.

Instead, you’ll want to create a custom packaging design unique to your business. Not only will this excite customers, but can also help spread the word about your business.

Your customer’s neighbors, friends, or family members may see the package. Now all of a sudden, you’ve exposed your business to a new potential customer for very few cents.

Assess Your Needs

Once you know how important it is to invest in quality packaging materials, it’s time to assess your business and current product line before you order just anything.

Having a streamlined packaging process will help your team and your business save time and money. Rather than having 20 different box sizes, it helps to consolidate that into as few sizes as possible.

Make sure the most common item that you ship has a box perfectly suited to store that inside. Then, determine the larger-sized boxes you’ll need in the event that you ship larger orders.

When you work with a packaging supplier, knowing all of your needs upfront could help save money as well. Ordering every size and every design together will likely enable lower prices.

Also, determine your preferred padding. Nobody ever wants to receive packing peanuts, as they create a mess in your customer’s home.

Are you going to use crinkled shipping paper? It’s effective, but not too pretty. Air bubbles work well and look a bit more professional.

Order From Your Competitors

If you sell products that are very similar to other successful companies, then study up on what they are doing. You don’t need to copy them or work with the exact same supplier.

Rather, you just want to see if they are utilizing any strategies you haven’t thought of yet. Maybe instead of folding large objects to fit into a standard box, they roll them up and use shipping tubes to prevent creases.

It doesn’t hurt to place an order or two from different competitors to see how you can find new ways to improve and create a better customer experience.

Work With a Designer

If you aren’t an experienced packaging designer, then don’t try and do it yourself. If you want the best-looking final product, you need to work with a professional.

Sometimes that means bringing in a third-party designer. Or maybe the graphic designer on your team can whip something up.

Or, research your supplier options. Some may offer design services that can help you save on costs.

Either way, designing packaging is different from other types of design. It takes specific requirements and experience to create a visually pleasing product. Hire a designer, tell them what you are hoping for, and you’ll be glad you did.

Compound Your Brand’s Impact

Now that you have some custom-designed boxes and shipping materials, it’s time to multiply your brand’s impact. How else can you show your customer some love and get them excited about their package?

You can get custom-designed packaging tape to seal your boxes with. It can be as simple as your logo, or it can be a new fun design specifically for the tape itself.

Also, think about what to put inside the box. Sure, your customer expects the product that they order.

But it’s important to think of ways to go beyond their expectations. Throw in some stickers, pins, postcards, coupon codes, magnets, or anything else that doesn’t cost much, but excites your customer.

Even simple things like magnets are effective. Everyone wants more magnets. If you give customers some for free, they’ll likely use them. That way, they’ll see your brand each and every day.

But make sure it’s more than just your logo. Have a fun design made up that customers will actually want to hang on their fridge.

Consider Environmental Impact

The packaging industry is huge. Millions of packages are sent every day in the US. That is a lot of boxes, plastic bags, and shipping supplies that are going to be thrown away as soon as the package is opened.

As a business, it’s up to you to find ways to be a part of the environmental solution, not part of the crisis. Find a packaging supplier that prioritizes sustainable materials.

Choose supplies that are made from recycled materials. And make sure your customer will also be able to recycle those materials.

You can also include a note somewhere on your packaging that encourages customers to recycle. Everything we do in the business world impacts our planet. Do your best to make a positive impact.

Your Customers Deserve the Best

Now that you know how to create your own brand’s packaging strategy, it’s time to make it happen. Don’t be boring anymore. Don’t ship your valuable goods in poor-quality boxes.

Your customers deserve more. If you want to stay in business for a long time, you need to invest in your packaging.

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