How to Create a Blog on WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you still on the fence about starting a blog? Let the numbers speak for themselves!

More than 409 million readers view 20 billion blog posts per month. Plus, 5 million new WordPress blogs are created in one quarter alone.

If these facts aren’t enough to convince you, businesses enjoy 13 times the ROI of companies that don’t blog.

WordPress takes blogging to another level with its plugins, themes, and security features.

Learn how to create a blog on WordPress with this helpful starter guide. vs.

One of the first issues new bloggers run into is the choice between and

While both of these options are WordPress platforms, they’re uniquely different. is the online hosted version, whereas is the company’s open-source platform. blogs are built online and hosted through the company’s shared servers. blogs are created offline, and you’re responsible for hosting your site.

Since comes with built-in hosting, it’s a good choice for fresh beginners. is ideal for bloggers with more web development experience. Both platforms let bloggers install plugins to improve the user experience.

Find an Excellent WordPress Host

There are plenty of WordPress hosting solutions. Take a deep dive into managed WordPress hosting, Google Cloud Hosting, and dedicated server hosting to start.

Choose a host that can handle incoming traffic. Server crashes lead to costly downtime issues. New visitors won’t return if they see an error page.

Most blogs need only 1GB of space. Many new blogs need even less space to start. Look into tiered hosting solutions that let you increase hosting space as needed.

You may want to consider dedicated hosting. Many hosting services use shared servers, so you have to share servers with other sites. Dedicated hosts let you lease an entire server to yourself.

Install Your Plugins

WordPress blogs are known for their plugins. Plugins transform simple blogs into fully automated experiences.

For example, you could turn your blog into a professional eCommerce site. Install a newsletter plugin to grow your email contact list. Use security plugins to safeguard your blog from hackers and spammers.

Think about the site you want to create and research plugins that can help you reach your goals.

Formatting Your Blog Post

Your blog’s aesthetic is vital to the user experience. The blog posts themselves also need the right look to grab attention.

Start with a short, catchy headline. Include a few H2 subheadings to guide the content. Bullet points, numbered lists, data visualizations, and compelling images are also a must.

Readers’ eyes need to rest, so avoid large blocks of text. Use short sentences and ensure paragraphs are only one to three sentences long.

Remember to write in an active voice; this style is more strong and authoritative.

Long-form content works best. Ensure blog posts are no less than 1,000 words long. Three thousand words are even better.

Discover How to Create a Blog on WordPress

This starter guide is just the beginning. Refer to these tips as you learn how to create a blog on WordPress.

The more resources you have at your disposal, the better. Follow the blog to stay updated on the latest tips.

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